percentage difference

  1. AweSome15

    Generate Random Binary Number within specific requirement i.e. percentage etc.

    Hello everyone, I wrote formula to generate binary number (0,1), as obviously it had generated as I expected (as can be seen). My questions are: 1. How can I formulate, whenever it generated '0', it would stay for at least/minimum two rows (included the generated number), but when it generated...
  2. W

    Conditional Formatting within percentage range

    I'm trying to highlight cells within 5% of goal green and those that are outside the range to be highlighted red I tried to use conditional formatting formula and wrote it as the following, but it's not working out. =(ABS(A2-$A$1)/$A$1)<=0.05 Where is my error? Also, where should my anchors...
  3. M

    VBA - Compare string of text to another cell with text and give matching percentage

    Hi Guys, I have an issue that i would like to solve. Have been looking on the internet but haven't been able to find anything that does the trick exactly. To form the picture of the problem: I have a program that runs a query search for me, it gives me back the description and url of a page. I...
  4. K

    Increase amount based on percentage formula?

    So I have a formula I'm trying to build to track my bonus at work. Right now, the formula looks like this: =IF((C4/B4)>=90%, IF(G4<4.99%,500, IF(AND(G4>=5%,G4<=5.99%),450, IF(AND(G4>=6%,G4<=6.99%),300, IF(AND(G4>=7%,G4<=7.99%),250...
  5. L

    Excel Equation

    Please forgive me, I am not a mathematician, so this simple equation has me stumped how to put it in excel. A1 is -15% and B1 is 41%. How can I add these to show the overall increase? October was 7,074 November was 6012 % of change is -15% November was 6012 December was 8488 % of change is 41%
  6. H

    Calculate Percent of total used from total available.

    I know this has to be simple, however have multiple projects and just can't clear thoughts to get this right. Here is what I am trying to do: I want to find the percentage of credit used of available credit. Example: On your credit report, there is a utilization of credit lines. Your Credit...
  7. H

    CONCATENATE & Percentages

    Hi there, I wish to concatenate a integer and text in one cell. I wish to convert the integer into a percentage and round it down to 2 decimal places. Here is my current formula: =CONCATENATE(((Tabular!E99-Tabular!D99)/ABS(Tabular!D99)*100)," % and text") However, I am left with a number...
  8. R

    How can I compare two range of data and view percentage difference

    Hi, I want to look at our shop vs website sales and see if we have any products that sell in store and not online. I've seperated the sales into two different sheets (one shop, one web) with the same format as pasted below. Can I use a formula to compare the volume of products that appear in...
  9. M

    Calculating investment returns using "PRODUCT" function?

    Hi, I'm getting 2 slightly different answers with my returns, why???? Initial investment (say) $2,000,000 % monthly returns(1-4): 0.65%, -0.6%, 0.87%, -9.36%. If I use the "PRODUCT" function to obtain an answer to my overall monthly returns its -8.53% Actual monthly returns (1-4)...
  10. A

    Comparing Text Between Cells

    I want to compare the text in two cells and with the result of the comparison manifesting as a percent that explains the accuracy between the text in the two cells. For example, cell A1 would have the words: "Mostly Cloudy/Breezy" Cell B1 would have the words: "Breezy"...
  11. andrewb90

    get data from another cell only once

    I have two cells that give me a percentage. One is a cell that is the average add on sales percentage for the month and changes every day as new info is entered. On each day of the month I have one cell that reflects the current percentage calculated on another sheet and the other is the...
  12. M

    Calculating % of Change Across Multiple Years, with Occasiona 0 Values

    Hello everyone, I'm a bit of a novice at this, so hopefully someone will be able to help me. I am working on a project wherein in must track the percentage of growth across the lifespan of items in 1 year, 3 year, and full lifetime spans. The sales figures for the item are arranged in...
  13. R

    #DIV/0! Error and percentage difference solution.

    Hi All, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I have not got a problem (this time), I use this site a lot and decided that I would give something back. <o:p></o:p> This is a formula that I have worked out for when you need to show a percentage...

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