1. K

    Using Negative Percentages in formulas

    Hi Everyone, I’m trying to create a formula that uses both negative and positive percentages and doesn’t have any false statements. I would like it to be if cell G10 is >= -30% then G12 should display “partial response”, if G10 is <-30% then G12 should display “stable disease” or if G10 is >+20%...
  2. B

    Calculating percentages - error

    Please help I am trying to calculate data and find the increased or decreased percentage between weeks: see below : <tbody> <tbody> A1 A2 A3 <tbody> Actions on Page (this wk) </tbody> Actions on Page (last wk) total action % 1 0 0.00% </tbody> </tbody> In A3 i currently have the...
  3. A

    Max function Type Mismatch

    I have this code below that I can not figure out why its given me a this error. lbSL are userform labels that display percentages. Please help. Thx Range("Z1") = WorksheetFunction.Max(100, CDbl(lbSL)) - CDbl(lbSL)
  4. H

    Percent (%) displaying on linked sheet on one PC but not on another

    I have a workbook, where I have several sheets that links to items on sheet 1 Sheet1 contains values as well as percentages The values and percentages are displayed correctly on the linked sheets on My PC, but the percentages are displayed as values on the linked sheets when copied on to...
  5. A

    [H] Formula for getting the average percentage of average percentages

    Hi Guys, A little bit of help. =(B2*C2+B3*C3+B4*C4)/SUM(B2:B4) This is my formula for getting the average percentage of average percentages but what is I have more than 3 rows that needs to average? Let's say 100 rows of average scores. How do I shorten my formula? Thanks! <tbody> SKILL...
  6. D

    Display Formula Result as Percentages

    Hi All I cannot reduce the decimal places in the below formula Can anyone help? <colgroup><col width="119" style="width: 89pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 4352;"> <col width="107" style="width: 80pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 3913;"> <col...
  7. D

    Adding percentages

    I have a file that on one tab has countif statements that yield percentages and on another tab I have linked certain cells, what I need help doing is I have 2 cells on tab 1 that I need to combine the percentages on tab2. Cells K3 and L3 currently 40% and 7% on tab 1 need to be combined on tab 2...
  8. C

    A bit stuck

    Hi Guys, I am trying to sum and average certain cells along rows but cannot work out the easiest way to do this. Example: Row A I have different percentages in row A which i want to sum total and average. To do this i need to sum only all the cells with the percentages in and average once...
  9. 5

    Speedometer with -% and +%

    Good Afternoon :) I know that Speedometers are not everyone's cup of tea, but I was after some assistance, please. I've searched this forum for an answer but nobody has asked the question, so here goes... I have managed to put a speedometer together but am stuck on negative and positive %...
  10. D

    Likert Scale to Percentages of Particpants

    I was given a data set with a Likert scale (rating 1-5). The data set has around 270 participants, and 8 questions (all with the rating of 1-5). The data has been coded (so it looks like it was taken straight out of Access- including the auto number feature on the far left). However, I need...
  11. P

    T-Shirt Sizing of Data Set

    Hello, I have a range of percentages from -6% to 8% that each correspond to a dollar amount. I need to group these percentages into different buckets,about 8 or so. Once grouped, I want the buckets on the ends to hold less dollaramounts while the buckets in the middle will hold more. Is there...
  12. D

    Format Code for Data Labels to hide zeros when both Value and Percentage are selected as Label Options

    I have a spreadsheet in Excel 2013 where I have a pie graph that displays percentages as the data labels. I had a custom format code, 0.0%;-0.0%; ,to hide zeros from the chart, however a request came through to display both percentages AND values. Now my custom format code is not working for the...
  13. Outdoorsman80

    Budget calculator for Excel?

    Hi, I'm trying to get my head around building this into our finances sheet and not sure where to start. What I want to do is have something like this - I want to specify a accounts with percentages and want to specify say a surplus of cash, and then divide...
  14. A

    Calculatinng Percentages

    I need some help calculating percentages. I have 30 rows, each row may hve a 1 or 0. I would like to calculate the percentage of 1's out of the 30 rows. I am essentially using this as an on time delivery. I get the 1 and 0 by comparing dates, if my start date is greater than my finish date...
  15. C

    Line graphs with data point as markers

    Hello! Got a question on Excel line charts. Is it at all possible to create a simple line chart to show percentages, but replace the 'marker' with data points? For example, i have 40%, 50% and 60% in a line graph but instead of showing markers in various shapes, i want to show the actual...
  16. M

    Sum of % in Pivot Table

    I’m not sure if this is possible on a pivot table, but I’m hoping if someone knows they could help me out. I have net sales and cost of sales. The material margin is the difference between the two. In our business we like to see it as a percentage. I can either get the sum of the two and...
  17. D

    Pivot Table % with a difference

    Hello I have a question regarding pivot table percentages I have PivotTables similar to the below QTY. % row1. 15. 15.00% row2. 10. 10.00% row3. 75. 75.00% The percentages are set as percentages of grand total, I would like to be able to add...
  18. 2

    Adding percentages that are produced by formulas

    I can't believe you can't just add percentages with the usual =SUM(A1:A10) formula!!! The percentages I want to add are all created by formulas, not typed into the cell itself. The total percentage at the bottom of the page is adding up the individual weightings from a number of entries. How...
  19. D

    Index Match Sum problem (possible array formula)

    Hi folks, I have data with a number of dates and percentages and I'm trying to find the date where the sum of the various percentages passes a certain threshold. For a very simplified example, suppose my data looks like this: Row 1 (from A1:Z1) are month labels from 1 to 26. Row 2 (from A2...
  20. K

    Inverting percentages

    Hello, i am new here. i am trying to find a formula to invert percentages. Example - if a payment is paying out 125% correct, i need it to reflect 75% correct. if it is paying 199% correct then i need a formula to read it as 1%. i hope someone can help! Thank you

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