1. D

    Help fix Extra Spaces and other errors

    Hi, So I've been working on like 20 different CSV files, these are all products we sell, the task was to find specifications for each product, the specifications columns could range from 3 to 20. Some CSV files contain 1500 products others 100, different CSV because of the different categories...
  2. K

    IF(ISNA...) with VLOOKUP on another worksheet to return "M" if not present on other worksheet?

    Hi, everyone, I have two worksheets with a list of students on each one, "lib_checkin" and "lib_hah." Only some of the students on "lib_checkin" are listed on "lib_hah," along with the period that they have a class. If they ARE listed on "lib_hah," I want to return the value of what period...
  3. J

    Fiscal Period by Date

    Hey everyone, I'm drawing a blank here. I have a workbook for a company that runs on a 13 period fiscal year rather than monthly periods and I need to look up the period based on the date. What formula can I use to look up a date and return the period? I have the following: <tbody> Start...
  4. C

    Implement a dynamic "lookback" period?

    Hi, I have a time series data set and I am trying to perform calculations based on different flags/conditions. However, I need the macro user to be able to input a "lookback" period which will cause the if statement used to determine that flag/condition to check if the condition was true at...
  5. R

    Year to Date Totals - Automatic formula adjusting

    I've got a spreadsheet containing customer counts for each period of various years. As part of our periodic review process, we look at the year to date counts for a given period, compared to the same time frame for previous years. Currently, I adjust nine rows to include only the desired...
  6. N

    Check date falls between period

    I have a table as follows Row 1 03-Mar-20... 03-Mar-21... 03-Mar-22... 03-Mar-23... 03-Mar-24... Row 2 02-Mar-21... 02-Mar-22... 02-Mar-23... 02-Mar-24... 02-Mar-25... Row 3 T1... T2... T3... T4... T5... .. up to...
  7. G

    Number of days of week between two date range by month

    Hello, I am looking to get the following result: So basically I need to figure out how many turnaround( airplane comes in gets services and departs with another flight number to different destination) I have between two dates and week days. For example: Start End...
  8. P

    Array formula with criteria

    Hello, I have an array formula that I want to update to make it more useful. {=(PRODUCT(1+$a$2:$a$28/100)-1)*100} That calculates the investment return for an entire time period, lets say 2006-07. I want to change the formula so that it will calculate the return only for the values within a...
  9. A


    Hello, I'm looking for a formula that would accomplish the following. If the date in worksheet (DRP Payable "J") is between the start (A3)and end date (D3) of the pay period listed in (Pay Period Report), I would like to list the results of J,G and H from DRP Payable to be listed in Pay Period...
  10. G

    VBA time trial

    Hi everyone, i have found some vba on the net that creates a time trial for workbook, it is also ment to create a logfile. But it is not creating the log file for some reason, if any one can have a look over the code and possible help correct this problem i would be appreciative. and if...
  11. J

    Help: SUMIF

    Dear excel brothers and sisters, need your help please on something that perhaps is simple problem :) 1) I have a cash flow that runs on periods: ROW 1 - PERIODS: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / ROW 2 - CASH FL: 1 / 1 / 1 / 1 / 1/ 1 / 1 / 1 / 1/ ROW 3 - CELL: A3=5 2) My goal is to sum...
  12. S

    Determine monthly impact of production from start and finish dates in VBA?

    Hi there. I have a range of factories that make product. Those factories will shutdown for maintenance for some period of time, and I wish to show the lost production by month. I have created a spreadsheet with excel formulas, but it is slow for large datasets (say 50,000 rows with shutdowns...
  13. P

    Extracting numbers before a certain word or symbol in a long string of Text.

    Hi. I am looking to extract several numbers from a string of text like the following: "For the period beginning January 1, 2018, Supplier's fees for Services may be increased annually effective each January 1 upon 60 days prior notice to Customer. Any increase shall be based on actual increases...
  14. D


    Hello everyone, Here is my problem, I have the following spreadsheet: <tbody> A B C NC 1 Name 01/01/19 01/02/19 12/31/19 2 Franck F IC O 3 Larry O O F 500 Patricia F F IC </tbody> The data in it has to be used in another spreadsheet which looks like...
  15. J

    Returning Home

    Is there a way to get a workbook to activate a certain worksheet, say Sheet1 "A1" after a set period of inactivity? Thanks Jason Bing EDIT: I know you can get a workbook to save and close after inactive time. But I need it to return to a home page?
  16. S

    Allocating revenue cash blows on a straight line basis over a fixed period

    Hi, I have been given a task at work to allocate the revenue inflow from sales between a given start date and end date. The key known variables are: Start date End date Frequency of billing Total number of bills Amount per bill Total amount of cash flow during the period What would be the best...
  17. J

    Annuity draw-down over 25 years period

    Hi gurus, I will be very grateful if any one of you can assist on this. One of our team members who created the below has left the company and when we recover the file, we realised the formulas are totally gone! And none of us are able to work out the formula. Appreciate if any kind soul can...
  18. gravanoc

    How to Calculate Number of Sales Reps needed based on Expected Clients

    I have a problem I'm trying to analyze. We have to do an analysis on how many new sales reps to hire based on the number of expected onboarded clients. The dynamic part of the problem is that when we hire a sales rep, they have a 2 quarter training period, after which they are able to make a...
  19. W

    Calculating Percentage Change

    Hello, I am trying to standardize the way my organization calculates % increases for Revenues and Expenses. Depending on the report, we display it as either a simple increase or decrease OR we display it as favorable or unfavorable. For example, if Expense in Period 1 is $10 and Expense in...
  20. A

    Excel 3D Sumif Formula

    Hello, I am fairly new to excel and formulas and am trying to learnt he best i can :) I am a bit stuck on a formula which I can't seem to work out... I have a spreadsheet of invoices we have sent out to our customers for each pay period, I have a tab for each pay period with a list of names...

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