1. A

    Filter dataset with multiple parameters

    Hello there, this request is far beyond my capabilities of excel and I'm hoping that it can be done. I have a dataset as an example below: <tbody> A B C D E 1 <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>Email address <style...
  2. B

    Personal Workbook Locked For Editing *Only* When Running Macro and Not When Stepping Through

    I have a macro that interfaces with SAP. The SAP portion is for it to run a report and open it in Excel. Excel takes over and activates the workbook, then saves it in a location and converts the file type from .MHTML to .xlsx. When I step through the macro using F8 along the way, I have no...
  3. R

    Personal file not displaying

    My personal file appears in the project window of VBE, and accepts new coding, but the spreadsheet itself does not come onto the monitor. Any suggestions, please?
  4. paquirl

    If I embed a macro into a worksheet, can others utilize the macro without having PERSONAL open or macros enabled?

    I want to embed a macro in a worksheet and others in my department be able to utilize the macro without having any knowledge of macros and without having to open a PERSONAL workbook open.
  5. Marty Plante

    Sync and/or backup Personal macro workbook

    I want my personal macro workbook to reside, or be synchronized to, a location within SharePoint. I have searched off and on over the past 2 years and cannot find a decent response. My hopes are to store all VBA code in the Personal wb, but have that same code in my other pc's if not...
  6. S

    Highlight cells when a person is younger than 55 years, based on personal numbers

    Hi, I have a column with personal numbers with the format YYMMDD-XXXX. In some cases there are 2 personal numbers in the same cell and then the format is YYMMDD-XXXX / YYMMDD-XXXX. I want to highlight all cells in this column (column C) where the person is younger than 55 years. The personal...
  7. leopardhawk

    #NUM! error

    Regarding this formula: If there are dates in E8 (September 23, 1953) and H8 (April 1, 2017) the formula is returning "Started pension at 63 years and 6 months of age.". This is good. If both cells are blank, the formula is returning "Started pension at 0 years and 0 months of age." which is...
  8. leopardhawk

    Need help with DATE relating to a date of birth

    Hello forum friends, need help with this formula as it is returning a result of 19919 if I enter a date of birth in 'personal information'!E5. I entered May 6, 1954 in 'personal information'!E5 hoping to see a result of 2019. =IF('personal information'!E5=0,"",'personal information'!E5+69)...
  9. J

    VBScript to Open File and Execute Macro in Personal Workbook Module

    I am having trouble writing a VBScript file to replicate a macro that I manually trigger at the same time each day. I have tried tweaking several examples provided but none of them quite work for my situation. My objective it o schedule a batch file in Task Scheduler to run a script which...
  10. J

    problems creating personal macro workbook

    I have Excel 2013. I go to to a workbook. Click on developer tab. I click record macro and store macro in personal macro workbook. A popup says personal macro workbook in the startup folder must stay open for recording. i click ok. Another popup says unable to record. click ok and close the book...
  11. T

    Run VBA Code in new instance of Excel

    Hello, I can export a report in Excel format from an application, but it opens the report with a new instance. I can then rejig the layout to my liking, but I'd like to be able to do this with VBA. What's the best way, if any, to do this, given it's a new instance of Excel, other than copying...
  12. J

    Making macros public available

    Have created a few macros, which are currently store in my personal macro workbook. I want to make the macros available for many users in my company, but I keep updating the macros. Can I export the module from my personal macro workbook and store them on our shared drive. What is the best...
  13. C

    Automatic birthday emails

    Can you advise in very simple terms, how I can get a spreadsheet with our colleagues birthdays to automatically generate a personal birthday email please?
  14. S

    Locating the Personal workbook with a twist

    Greetings, I recently updated my excel software to 2019...long overdue...anywho, when I copied my workbook files I transferred a workbook named Personal.xlsb from a different machine running excel 2003. The personal workbook was included in the files that I transferred, but was of a different...
  15. S

    Excel Sheet opening

    Hi, My company moves us the Office 365 and I have developed an issue. I have a personal workbook that has several macros in it and when I open another excel file the personal workbook opens first the the selected one opens. The issue I would like to fix is when the requested file opens it...
  16. E

    How to use personal macros that will work each time any excel file closes

    I've writtenamacro in my whose purpose is to ask me, when I try to close thefile, whetheror not all tasks have been completed within that specificfile. Rather than addthis to the numerous excel files I get into each day, I'dlike to add it to mypersonal workbook. The problem I’m having is that...
  17. J

    Personal Workbook

    I have some macros that I want to use with any spreadsheet so I put them in VBAProject (Personal macro Workbook). Everything was good. Then for some reason, a new project was added and a macro was moved. Here's the "before": VbaProject (Budget 3.xlsm) Microsoft Excel objects Sheet1-...
  18. C

    Cant run macro on desired sheet

    New to the board and macros. I have a macro I am running from my personal workbook. It runs on whatever workbook / worksheet I focus on. But during the process it creates temporary worksheets and it is doing so in the personal workbook. If the sheet is closed the temps stay in the personal...
  19. B

    PERSONAL macro workbook not opening

    Hi, I have an issue where if I open excel as a blank workbook, my PERSONAL.Xlsb file opens in the background as it always has. However if I open any other workbook, that file no longer opens. This has only started to happen in the last couple of days (think I installed some windows updates) I...
  20. J

    Microsoft Word: Personal macro book

    Do anyone know if there is a similar personal macro book in microsoft word, where it is possible to store default macros?

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