1. Ivan Howard

    Interrupt SaveAs on All new files using Personal.xlsb

    Hello all, I have had a look on a few forums and can't find the answer to my question. Please can someone give me a hand? I have Microsoft's Sensitivity Labelling software running and it requires that I select a label before I can use SaveAs for any new files. This poses as 'issue' in two...
  2. mehidy1437

    Personal xlsb file size seems too big.

    Hello Experts My personal xlsb file size is 17.4 MB, it seems the size is too big. After exporting all module in bas format, all the macro files size is only 505 KB Why is it so? Is it okay to have a xlsb file with 17.4MB or more? My all macro is in a personal xlsb file. I have a total 70+...
  3. A

    Run VBA Code when opening Excel file aka Workbook Open - For all files PERSONAL.XLSB

    Hello community, I have a code that I would like to run when an excel file is being opened. To stress it out - I would like to run the code when any excel file is run, not a specific one (nevermind what the code does) So, I need to do two main things: 1.: Insert the code in Private Sub...
  4. adrienne0914

    PERSONAL.XLSB file issue

    I had to move my personal.xlsb file to another folder because of a conflict with IBM Cognos. The problem is that my macros don't show up right away in the macro menu. I've specified to open all files in the drive where it's located at startup. I've listed the drive where the file is located as...
  5. M

    OneDrive AutoSaves! Prompt user on opening every file to save a copy

    I use OneDrive for most of my files since I need access from to them from multiple computers. I have several files that I frequently opened just to change and save with new file name, keeping the original intact. If I forget to do this after a few edits, autosave kicks in and my original file is...
  6. B

    Seeking Effective Approach to Using Personal.xlsb on Multiple Machines

    I'm using Office365 on several machines that all run Windows 10 Pro. I login to those machines using a Microsoft Account and I have all the syncing options that I can find set to sync. My OneNote stuff syncs as do my spreadsheets. Changes on one machine show up on another machine even in the...
  7. M

    How to create a macro add-in with customized ribbon?

    Please Help! Hello, I have a VBA module with 50 + macros located inside of personal.xlsb. I have customized an elaborate ribbon that links to all of these macros. I am trying to port this setup into a new workstation. I just made a copy of the personal.xlsb and put it in the xlstart folder...
  8. M

    VBA - run code on close of all workbooks (PERSONAL.xlsb code)

    Is it possible to create a code in the Personal.xlsb file that runs when ever you close excel? almost like the save message on close of excel? I want to run a code that disables an addin everytime excel is closed. please help
  9. T

    Personal.xlsb visible but not opening.

    Hi all. I hope you can help me as I am having a bad, bad day I was editing a long macro earlier in VB editor and when I returned to it, my macros have all disappeared. The PERSONAL.XLSB file is still visible in C:\Users\tt*******\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART which I hope is a...
  10. Dr. Demento

    Sub quits on Dropdown.OnAction assignment

    I'm running a sub from PERSONAL.XLSB that assigns a DropDown to the active sheet. Below is how it's being assigned. Dim ddFilterDropDown As dropdown ' Add a new filter dropdown Set ddFilterDropDown = rngDest.Parent.Shapes.AddFormControl(xlDropDown, _...
  11. J

    Worksheet Reference using Personal.xlsb

    Hello: I am building a macro that works with multiple other files. It is contained in the personal.xlsb file. However, when I refer to the worksheets in the other files, I'm able to use the Name property -- for example "New Sheet" -- without a problem. But when I try to use the CodeName property...
  12. I

    Referring back to calling spreadsheet from presonal.xlsb

    I have a bunch of macros that I keep in a personal.xlsb spreadsheet so they are avaialble to all of the workbook I use. When in a macro in personal.xlsb, I refer back to the calling spreadsheet using activeworkbook. That works as long as I only have 1 spreadsheet up but if I am using excel and...
  13. Small Paul

    PERSONAL.XLSB has Disappeared

    Hi For some reason, I can no longer see my PERSONAL.XLSB file which holds ALL my macros. It was working this morning but then stopped! When I try and open Excel I get the warning "Excel is running into problems with the .....personal.xlsb add-in. If this keeps happening, disable the add-in...
  14. B

    PERSONAL macro workbook not opening

    Hi, I have an issue where if I open excel as a blank workbook, my PERSONAL.Xlsb file opens in the background as it always has. However if I open any other workbook, that file no longer opens. This has only started to happen in the last couple of days (think I installed some windows updates) I...
  15. X

    Calling a macro with a variable from “Personal.xlsb”

    I have a macro in Personal.xlsb called Public Sub Get_Name(shName As String) When I use below sub to call Get_Name from Personal.xlsb, I get an error at the Application.Run "Personal.xlsb!Get_Name(shName)" Public Sub Set_Name() Dim shName As String shName = ActiveSheet.Name...
  16. P

    Thinks binary file is open

    I set Excel at startup (via File->Options->Advanced->General) to open all files in a folder F:\Excel Startup, which contains the binary file Personal.xlsb and nothing else. Recently I get this error trying to open any Excel file - A document with the name 'Personal.xlsb' is...
  17. D

    can't create a button from Personal.XLSB Excel VBA

    Hello, i have a strange issue with Personal.XLSB where it won't let me create a button from there. if i use the code below within the File instead of Personal it works every time. the code i am using is: ActiveSheet.Buttons.Add(47, 43, 41, 35).Select Selection.Name = "Test"...
  18. B

    Excel crashes when Personal.xlsb is hidden

    Having an issue with Excel crashing when Personal.xlsb is hidden. I am currently running Office 2016 on Windows 7. Have several macros in the Personal.xlsb file that are hidden so when I open excel I get a blank sheet but can still access the macros. The problem. I am switching to a new...
  19. S

    VBA - Double click and change colour

    Hi There, I'm newby so please forgive my stupid questions. I got this code from internet (maybe from this site) which works perfect in PERSONAL.XLSB. My intention is to use GENERAL for all open excel file where PERSONAL.XLSB contain this code: Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal...
  20. M

    Need my Personal.xlsb saved on a network drive instead of c:\\XLSTART - Possible?

    Need my Personal.xlsb saved on my network drive as we are required to use network drives for all files. I tried moving my file but it does not show up under View Macros. Is this possible?

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