phone number

  1. C

    Help merging database with template

    Help me merge these please? Template: First Name Last Name Email* Mobile Phone* Country Block Communication Employee Email Contact Tag 1 Example: John Example: Doe Required Example: Required Example: (123) 456-7890 (Only if Email column is blank) Example: US (Select from...
  2. A

    Extracting phone number for each cell

  3. R

    How to sort cells in a column that contain the pattern XXX-XXX-XXXX

    I have a long list of contact information that I'd like to sort by ones that have a phone number in the name column. An example: Bob Johnson Joe WALMART John Smith 555-555-5555 There are numerous entries but I'm trying to sort a column so I can group the entries that have a phone number like...
  4. L

    Nested Functions

    I am trying to make an equation that reformats international phone numbers. For instance, if this is the input: +44(0)1111111111, I would like to make an equation to remove the "+", remove the "(0)" and add "011" as a prefix to the number. For example +44(0)1111111111 would become...
  5. C

    VBA Textbox For Phone Numbers

    -In my Userform, I have a textbox where a user is to input their phone number -Upon clicking the Submit command button in the Userform, the phone number is then inputed into a table cell -I want the Phone Number column to be formatted: (###) ###-#### Herein lies the problem: -The phone number...
  6. G

    How to keep phone number format as cell values

    Hi, I have a applied a phone number format to a grouping of cells, but the cell values still remain as plain numbers without my formatting. I see this because when I click on each cell, it is displayed on my spreadsheet in my desired format (123) 111-1111, but in the function bar, it still shows...
  7. S

    Phone Number Data Validation

    Hello, I need to validate a column of phone numbers in excel. The fact that phone numbers in Australia start with zero and also I need the final format to be (eg. (02) 4943-2891), is causing me problems :(. I found the following videos on YouTube:
  8. U

    Phone Number Format based on country

    Hi Guys, I have an excel with a column of phone numbers in varying formats. I need a system to clean the numbers based on country code which is stored in another column. For instance lets say the phone number column contains: 4921030012722 +49 (2103) 00 12722 12103001282 +1 (210) 300 1282...
  9. A

    How to hyperlink multiple phone numbers

    I have an Android phone and I have an excel sheet with a list of names + phone numbers. I would like to be able to click on the phone number in the excel spreadsheet on my phone and it will open up the phone app, and then I can hit "call". I figured out how to do it for 1 number, but the problem...
  10. T

    Validating Phone Numbers (including international) without VBA?

    I have a form for entering customer information, and I want to validate whether an entry is a valid phone number. I need to accommodate international phone numbers as well as differences in formats. Most of the time we'll be copying/pasting stuff into this field, so I do _not_ want to force...
  11. M

    set a default format for phone number

    Can I set the default format for phone number? I know the Format Cells feature of MS Excel. But I want some extensive kinda requirements. Like if user enter phone number +1 923-456-7890 then it should automatically formatted by removing extra spaces, special characters and the country code...
  12. P

    Extracting name of person, Phone Number, and Address from a column of cells and paste into separate Cells

    I am using Excel 2010 and 2013. I have a list of names, phone numbers, and addresses in 1 column. Each cell contains a persons name, Telelphone number, and Home address. John Doe (xxx) xxx-xxxx yyyy Street Name City Name Postal Code Currently the list of information is in Column B. I would...
  13. T

    ExecuteExcel4Macro Conditional Formatting - Phone Number Format

    Hi all, I tried searching the form to see if I could find an issue similar to mine - I came up empty. I'm trying to apply the phone number format ([<=9999999]###-####;(###) ###-####) to each phone number cell in column D if the cell in column N is equal to "United States of America". Here is...
  14. A

    converting value to phone number format

    Does anyone know how to use vba to format a phone number to the correct format? For some reason when a user enters a phone number with this format: (###)###-#### my script will not change the value to the correct format of: (###) ###-####. The only format difference is the space between the...
  15. A

    Phone Number Validation

    I have been working on a script to check if a user have entered a valid phone number into an InputBox. If they enter invalid information then it should keep looping until they enter valid information. Right now the following script only loops twice and lets invalid information pass through...
  16. R

    Extracting from Word

    Good morning all! I'm trying to figure out a way to get excel to a name and phone number from multiple different word worksheets. For example, my end goal would be a list of names in first column, phone numbers in second column and have that information extracted from a file of word documents...
  17. A

    Working with phone number

    Hi, I am a beginner in VB. I need help in phone number formatting in excel VBA. Below is my requirement. My requirement is. I am getting phone numbers in one sheet in row for eg A1:A50 I need to prefix std codes if needed. for example if number is 25736305 from bangalore. I need to add 080...
  18. trevorbranton

    Format Telephone Numbers

    Hi All First of all, if this has already been posted and resolved, SORRY!. I could not find it when searching. My question is quite simple, yet, I cant find an answer/solution as yet. I wish to enter a phone number in to excel (using 2007 version) in the following way, (01234) 456789 (5...

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