1. F

    Extract text from URL

    I have over 40,000 url similar to this one below What I want to do is create a listing title automatically from the above link so it reads: ANNE HATHAWAY A4 GLOSSY PHOTO PRINT #10 *FREE P&P* So basically I am taking the name and number...
  2. J

    Help creating a graph

    Hello I need help creating a graph, I have a photo of what I need - what is the best way to display a photo on the forum? Thanks Jay
  3. J

    Adding Paranthesis Around Multiplied Numbers in a Textbox

    Hi, I need help with creating a code where in equations that I am making, parenthesis would go around the multiplication, just like in the picture below. Here is the photo:
  4. M

    insert photo into cell baseb on a person name

    Hi does anyone know if it’s possible to insert photos into a cell based person name adjacent to the cell. EG I have a number of cells, range C7:C27 that get a person name pasted in using a VBA Code and what I would like to see happen is in cell, range AA7:AA27 are the photos of that person...
  5. M

    VBA Code to resize photo

    Hi is there a code that will resize a photo saved in a fold on my desktop so I can automatically drop it in to a cell that’s already sized say 50 x 50 thank you
  6. M

    VBA Code to insert a picture into a cell

    Hi does any one know if you can insert a picture, file name say Tom, into a cell. So if I have the word Tom in a drop down box in cell A1. I would like the picture of Tom to appear in cell B1 and sized to fit in a cell say 100x 100. And if I change the name to say to Jack then Jacks photo will...
  7. B

    Input Photo Macro

    Hello! I am looking to create a macro that will input a photo intoa spreadsheet in a certain location. Ifound the below from a different user online: Sub GetPic1() Dim fNameAndPath As Variant Dim img As Picture fNameAndPath =Application.GetOpenFilename(Title:="Select Picture To Be...
  8. I

    Could you check my code please

    In my worksheet i have a code where when i type a number in a cell in column A its matched photo of which i have named the same as the entered number is automatically placed into the same row but in column B So A50 i type 123456 when i leave that cell automatically the photo 123456 is now shown...
  9. J

    VBA Code for Resizing Photos/Objects

    HI! Can anyone help me with figuring out the VBA code to unselect "Lock aspect ratio" and unselect "Relative to original picture size" and then resize all images and object in the active worksheet to a specific height and width? Thank you in advance. -Julie!
  10. B

    Conditional Formatting and Relative References?

    Hello, I am no Excel master to any degree so I may be overlooking a really clear and obvious answer, but I'm trying to solve the following problem: Basically all I'm doing is tracking a set of videos on a particular YouTube channel and what their projected viewcounts will be in the future. I...
  11. chrisguk

    Match Text to grab value

    I know this is probably a really easy formula but my excel skills have dwindled over time since I havent been using it. Anyway this is what I am trying to achieve: Cell A1 I have a Text Value Photo Cell B1 Value is a payment for example 5$ These columns are a running list of payments which...
  12. B

    Photo Email

    H There, I have the following code that looks up a photo based on column A and places the photo in column L. The problem is when I email the file the photo's are not emailed. Is there any way to fix the photo's? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim myPict As Picture Dim...
  13. G

    Formula for Comparisons and Subtraction

    Good Morning, I've posted a photo so you can see what I'm doing but basically... I want to compare two columns and then subtract the numbers next to them if they match. I want to compare column K and column N, find the matches and then subtract column L from column O to paste into column Q...
  14. M

    Excel error because of macro

    Hello i need your help : At work we need an excel file whit a comment photo for each thing as you can see in this example: To do this we use this macro : Sub PictureInCommentSize() With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker) .AllowMultiSelect =...
  15. C

    How do I apply a style like this to a pivot table?

    I have been trying to build out a spreadsheet that will digest key data from a sales report then generate a form that will identify wins and opportunities for each sales consultant individually. I have been able to sort them using splicers but it doesn't look this good. How do I apply a style...
  16. Z

    hyperlink to view multiple picutres

    I have a hyperlink and I want to view all photos in a folder I've tried =HYPERLINK("d:\pics\Prob\*", "photo ") =HYPERLINK("d:\pics\Prob\*.jpg", "photo ") =HYPERLINK("d:\pics\Prob\firstpic.jpg", "photo ") The first two say can't open specified file The last one works and opens the picture in...
  17. B

    Photo lookup

    Hi there, It has been a very long time since I have been on here :( I have a problem which I do not know where to start. I have a cell (a5) where I can change the part number, and I am trying to lookup to a photo that will be in any one of multiple folders and return the image to cell a20...
  18. I

    Insert photo code

    Evening, I would like some advice on a code to insert a photo into a cell using the command button Some info for you. CommandButton2 Path to image is C:\Users\Ian\Desktop Photo name will always be BAR CODE 1 Photo to be inserted into cell A18 Worksheet is called EBAY Basically press the...
  19. I

    Can you check my code please

    Hi, Code is supplied below. There is a couple of things ive noticed. In cell A i type say 12345 when i leave that cell i see the error message which advises photo 12345 does not exist,then yes/no box. If i click No the msgbox closes & then the photo is inserted into the cell. If i click YES the...
  20. I

    Msgbox question

    Please can you advise how to re-arrange the way the msg text is shown. The current code in use is shown below which reads "33 Photo Doesn`t Exist" I would like to have it read "Photo 33 Doesn`t Exist" MsgBox Target.Value & " Photo Doesn't exist! ", vbCritical, "No Photo Found"

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