1. C

    [Noob] Data Validation with dynamic, depending picklists

    Hello MrExcel comunity, hope you can maybe help me with a requirement I have. I'm fairly new to Excel and VB and english is not my first language, so i hope you can understand everything allright. I have this Excel sheet with a lot of depending, dynamic picklists, think of it like a sort of...
  2. E

    Is a dashboard/summary view possible within a book?

    Hi All, "Long time listener, first time caller," I have a question that I'm hoping someone will be able to direct me on some best practices or solutions for. I work in marketing and I've been tasked with determining whether or not a dashboard/summary view is possible within our content...
  3. D

    Excel Data Validation - Create Dependent Lists

    I've been doing some searching on the web and I have been unable to get any info on what I want to do. there are links with the fruit examlpe and the country/ city expmple but they fall short on what I need done. Here's my problem. I have this table in EXCEL what I want to do is have a cell that...
  4. P

    How to select non consecutive colums out of a hugh batch of data?

    Hi guys, my problem is the following: I have a list ("list1") of 20,000 genes and another list ("list2") with a selection of 480 genes. The list containing 480 genes is providing the names only. The actual gene information is in the list with the 20,000 genes. I don't want to pick every...
  5. K

    Pick List Question

    Hello - I am trying to develop pick lists for a questionnaire I am putting together using Excel. Here's what I am trying to do: Picklist would show: 25% - if income < $25,000 30% - if income between $25,000 and $40,000 and so for But... the values I use from the picklist for calculations...
  6. S

    Multiple Pick-List Boxes???

    I have a huge workbook with many hidden worksheets where data on a form (worksheet #1) pulls data from. The form has a picklist that has over 400 names (currently, when a name from the picklist is selected the data on the form updates for that person). My task is to break it up to where it is...

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