1. E

    Simulate a slideshow - image changes on click

    I have a spreadsheet with tons of images and have to demo said spreadsheet to clients. Instead of scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, is there a way to click a button, or use a dropdown to change (load/remove/replace) and image? I would prefer to load the image from my desktop, rather than...
  2. W

    Convert .jpg files to PDF

    Hello, I currently have thousands of folders with each of them having up to 10 .jpg image in them. My goal is to create a macro that goes over all folders, and for each of them, converts all .jpg files inside it into one PDF (1 img/page). I have successfully made the macro for one folder, so...
  3. L

    Using VBA to open Insert picture from file on Double click

    Hi everyone! I ran into some trouble trying to open the insert picture from file dialog box when double clicking a specific cell and then inserting the selected picture into the double clicked cell. I was able to get a basic code working where if you double click a cell in a range, then gives...
  4. S

    Excel VBA - Email Charts and Photos

    Hi, wondering if there is VBA to email charts and data in a range that can vary. And also photos with text below. I've tried a few things but I've had no luck. Below is my code for email, but pictures don't get sent. Sub CDO_MTD_BY_VENDOR() Dim rng As Range Dim iMsg As Object Dim...
  5. A

    Copy pictures that user uploads to a "Database" sheet before clearing form, using VBA

    Good morning everyone, I am making a new sheet to use at work so that multiple users can record any errors or issues on the production floor into a "log" that can be referenced later. Filling out the text cells and having them transfer, NO ISSUES whatsoever. Something I'm trying to implement is...
  6. S

    VBA code to align a picture to the RIGHT

    Hi, Below is my VBA code to grab a jpg picture from the web. Currently it inserts it CENTRED, how can I justify it to the RIGHT? Sub URLPictureInsert() Call delete_picture Dim Pshp As Shape Dim xRg As Range Dim xCol As Long On Error Resume Next Application.ScreenUpdating =...
  7. T

    Word Crash, paste fail and colour loss during VBA Macro when Pasting Image from Excel

    This code is driving me insane. I have created a macro that is structured as below. It creates a chart based, copies it from an Excel Chart tab and pastespecials it into word. Creates a page break, clears the clipboard and does it again for a total of around 100 times. Please see the below...
  8. M

    Inserting a picture in the header in each sheet based on the sheet name

    Hi, I have around 250 sheets in a workbook all with a unique sheet name. I have 250 unique pictures (custom border templates) that correspond to the sheet name which I would like to insert into the header. How could I do this without manually going into each sheet inserting the picture and...
  9. A

    Picture inserted in wrong position

    Hi everyone, I've inserted pictures into my spreadsheet using the code below. I want to keep the aspect ratio, and have the top left of the picture starting from cell H20. It works fine with most. However a few pics instead of sitting nicely in that corner, they just float randomly (to the...
  10. A

    My delete picture code doesn't work

    Hi everyone, I used some codes to insert a picture in a sheet. Then later I want to delete it, but leave the command button. I tried 3 different codes but none of them works. This one doesn't do anything Dim Pic As Shape For Each Pic In ActiveSheet.Shapes If Pic.Type =...
  11. H

    Convert group of shapes to picture

    Hi, I'm working an a project where I try to convert a group of shapes to a picture and then delete the group. Shortly how I done so far: (the s_text, s_header etc. are programmatically generated shapes) Dim shpGroup As Shape Set shpGroup = sales_sheet.Shapes.Range(Array(s_text.Name...
  12. K

    Find a value then copy a picture using offset

    I am trying to copy a picture using offset but I am not getting any data upon pasting. f.Offset(11, -8) is merged. I tested using f.Offset(11, -8).select on vba, then right-click copy, then paste to another sheet. I am getting the image, although not the right size. Here is my code: Sub...
  13. Worf

    Dynamic user form images with VBA

    Here are the main features of this example: The form has three controls: a combo box, a text box and an image control. The combo box is populated from a worksheet range. Selecting a value will trigger an event which will populate the text box and the image control. VLOOKUP is used to navigate...
  14. A

    Is Excel better with images or links?

    Hi everyone, I'm designing a VBA Excel form that allows users to import images, and the part of of the information that included the image will be saved into another sheet for a different user to view. Should I try to insert the image itself into the sheet or should I put in a link for user to...
  15. L

    VBA: Hyperlink to image placed in comment, multiple sheets

    Hi, I am struggling to make a hyperlink into a picture into a comment. I am exporting checklists to excel where the user has to take pictures for some of the checkpoints, and when I export them, they appear as hyperlinks in excel. Now, I want to transform these hyperlinks into images placed in...
  16. D

    VBA Loop Though Column of Data, Select Shape in offset column

    Hi. I'm trying to figure out how to loop through column "I" If it finds a cell that is blank, skip the row, move to next row until it finds a cell containing a value Once it finds a cell with a value in column "I", select the picture in column "B" of the same row. Once the picture is selected...
  17. CsJHUN

    VBA slideshow-ish

    Hi guys i would like to create a userform, which load pictures from a folder, and change the pictures every 3-4 seconds, while the user can select between 2 option button ( good or not good). And the picture name,the selected option button value would be registered below each other. The 'sleep'...
  18. willow1985

    VBA Copy visible cells as a picture

    Hello, I have a macro that filters column Q removing blank cells. Once it is filtered to show only the cells with data I am looking for a code that will copy all visible cells from Q2 down and copy them as a picture. Any idea what code I could use? Thank you for all your help! Carla
  19. D

    Insert a picture into named excel worksheets by client id vba

    Hi everyone, I have a workbook containing multiple sheets. The first sheet contains a unique 4 digit id to identify the client. Other sheets within the workbook are named after a year group so Y1, Y2, Y3 and so on.... Elsewhere on my PC, i have files that are named with the 4 client digit id...
  20. S

    Userform Picture and text selection

    Good Morning, I was wondering two things, both interrelated: 1. I have a drop-down box that selects a bunch of info from an array using vlookup formulas and vba coding. Is it possible to have a collection of pictures saved on a sheet in the workbook and then the background of a userform as...
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