1. M

    Excel Macro to insert picture into excel from SharePoint or website !

    Hello everyone! I was working in a macro where it will insert for me pictures from my C drive, however, I need to exchange the code to insert the same pictures from a workspace or SharePoint or website. I have tried but I was not success. please I need your help. this is the image address"...
  2. V

    Picture on CommandButton shows as grey rectangle when button is disabled

    On my Userform, several CommandButtons have pictures instead of text, using Me.btnSave.Caption = "" Me.btnSave.Picture = LoadPicture(btnDir & "Save.gif") Which yields a userform with colorful icons: When disabling the CommandButtons, using Me.btnSave.Enabled = False the buttons become...
  3. A

    Help with pasting picture MACRO

    Hi! I would like some help in order to change the range of action of a paste picture macro I would like to paste photo in range: - L17:U17 based on the value from L3:U3 - L40:U40 based on the value from L27:U27 - L63:U63 based on the value from L50:U50 - L86:U86 based on the value from L73:U73...
  4. K

    Need help resolving an inconsistent runtime 1004 error when deleting pictures.

    I have a report that needs pictures imported regularly. I have a Macro that will delete the pictures in a column and then import new ones. However, using the button back to back will eventually give an error of "1004 Unable to get TOPLEFTCELL properly of picture class." Is there a way to...
  5. J

    Insert.Pictures returns suddenly a 1004 error

    Dear all, I hope you can help me with an issue I have. I had a perfect working piece of code that fetches an online picture (value in cell) and posted this in certain file. Never had any issues. Since December it gives me the 1004-error "Unable to get the insert property of the picture class"...
  6. Y

    Dim as picture | Type mismatch | VBA

    Estimated forum members, I've created the following macro to generate an outlook email and turn ranges into pictures before pasting them in the mail's body. The thing is that from time to time (approx. 1 out of 5 attempts), it results in an error message 'Error 13, Type mismatch'. If said...
  7. M

    Chart picture vs camera tool - Which to use?

    Hello all! I have been reading posts here and online and i'm not sure which path to try. I have a Userform with many buttons that lead to various "Orderforms" - 1 per vendor. What my macro does is capture the info from each vendor onto 1 "Summary" Sheet and 1 "customer info" sheet. (I guess...
  8. N

    VBA - Userform & Image size issue

    Hello everybody, I have a userform, for which I have specified the (Height = 720) & (Width = 1280) properties from the Properties panel. And I have made a Jpeg in Photoshop which is intended as a sidebar menu background in my userform and it's (Height = 720) and (Width = 190) Now, one would...
  9. K

    Scatterplot from filtered table and using pictures as data markers

    Hi all, I have two sheets. Sheet 1 (“Overview”) contains raw data, Sheet 2 (“Charts”) contain XY plots. On sheet 1, I have a table with four columns. 1) Company, 2) Industry, 3) Metric one, 4) Metric two. Based on filters applied to the industry-column, I’d like the XY plot to automatically...
  10. E

    Simulate a slideshow - image changes on click

    I have a spreadsheet with tons of images and have to demo said spreadsheet to clients. Instead of scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, is there a way to click a button, or use a dropdown to change (load/remove/replace) and image? I would prefer to load the image from my desktop, rather than...
  11. W

    Convert .jpg files to PDF

    Hello, I currently have thousands of folders with each of them having up to 10 .jpg image in them. My goal is to create a macro that goes over all folders, and for each of them, converts all .jpg files inside it into one PDF (1 img/page). I have successfully made the macro for one folder, so...
  12. L

    Using VBA to open Insert picture from file on Double click

    Hi everyone! I ran into some trouble trying to open the insert picture from file dialog box when double clicking a specific cell and then inserting the selected picture into the double clicked cell. I was able to get a basic code working where if you double click a cell in a range, then gives...
  13. S

    Excel VBA - Email Charts and Photos

    Hi, wondering if there is VBA to email charts and data in a range that can vary. And also photos with text below. I've tried a few things but I've had no luck. Below is my code for email, but pictures don't get sent. Sub CDO_MTD_BY_VENDOR() Dim rng As Range Dim iMsg As Object Dim...
  14. A

    Copy pictures that user uploads to a "Database" sheet before clearing form, using VBA

    Good morning everyone, I am making a new sheet to use at work so that multiple users can record any errors or issues on the production floor into a "log" that can be referenced later. Filling out the text cells and having them transfer, NO ISSUES whatsoever. Something I'm trying to implement is...
  15. S

    VBA code to align a picture to the RIGHT

    Hi, Below is my VBA code to grab a jpg picture from the web. Currently it inserts it CENTRED, how can I justify it to the RIGHT? Sub URLPictureInsert() Call delete_picture Dim Pshp As Shape Dim xRg As Range Dim xCol As Long On Error Resume Next Application.ScreenUpdating =...
  16. T

    Word Crash, paste fail and colour loss during VBA Macro when Pasting Image from Excel

    This code is driving me insane. I have created a macro that is structured as below. It creates a chart based, copies it from an Excel Chart tab and pastespecials it into word. Creates a page break, clears the clipboard and does it again for a total of around 100 times. Please see the below...
  17. M

    Inserting a picture in the header in each sheet based on the sheet name

    Hi, I have around 250 sheets in a workbook all with a unique sheet name. I have 250 unique pictures (custom border templates) that correspond to the sheet name which I would like to insert into the header. How could I do this without manually going into each sheet inserting the picture and...
  18. A

    Picture inserted in wrong position

    Hi everyone, I've inserted pictures into my spreadsheet using the code below. I want to keep the aspect ratio, and have the top left of the picture starting from cell H20. It works fine with most. However a few pics instead of sitting nicely in that corner, they just float randomly (to the...
  19. A

    My delete picture code doesn't work

    Hi everyone, I used some codes to insert a picture in a sheet. Then later I want to delete it, but leave the command button. I tried 3 different codes but none of them works. This one doesn't do anything Dim Pic As Shape For Each Pic In ActiveSheet.Shapes If Pic.Type =...
  20. H

    Convert group of shapes to picture

    Hi, I'm working an a project where I try to convert a group of shapes to a picture and then delete the group. Shortly how I done so far: (the s_text, s_header etc. are programmatically generated shapes) Dim shpGroup As Shape Set shpGroup = sales_sheet.Shapes.Range(Array(s_text.Name...

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