1. M

    After change from Picture.Insert to Shape.AddPicture picture image is shifted

    Hi, Hi I had to modify excel template VBA code to make image logo persistent outside the network so I change simple Picture.Insert(pfile) to: Set vOldShape = vSheet.Shapes(pName) If Not vOldShape Is Nothing Then vLeft = vOldShape.Left vTop = vOldShape.Top...
  2. CsJHUN

    VBA slideshow-ish

    Hi guys i would like to create a userform, which load pictures from a folder, and change the pictures every 3-4 seconds, while the user can select between 2 option button ( good or not good). And the picture name,the selected option button value would be registered below each other. The 'sleep'...
  3. S

    Userform Picture and text selection

    Good Morning, I was wondering two things, both interrelated: 1. I have a drop-down box that selects a bunch of info from an array using vlookup formulas and vba coding. Is it possible to have a collection of pictures saved on a sheet in the workbook and then the background of a userform as...
  4. M

    VBA auto-add image to cell from folder

    Dear mrExcellers, In my company we work with a product database with calculations in it, every product offcourse has an unique article number. In the shared server we have a folder with pictures of every product with the article number as the title. We want to add the pictures automatically to...
  5. E

    Import images with column names

    Hey. I had a question of exporting data from Excel to MySQL. There was an acute question with pictures. Pictures must be saved with the names that appear in the next column. How can I do that?
  6. S

    Excel Image resolution change

    Hi I have an excel file that in every row I add a picture to in one of the cells. Pictures are big and I drag them to fit in one cell then I save the file . The problem is when I open the file I want to be able to drag the picture and see the info on it but the pictures resolution has been...
  7. M

    Strange behavior for Excel 365 when deleting pictures

    I have run across some strange behavior, and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I have a worksheet where the user can import pictures via VBA code. I also have a couple of checkboxes (form controls) on that sheet. I have a button that allows the user to clear the sheet of all...
  8. E

    Image auto re-sized when inserted

    I am a superintendent for a construction company and I have a workbook that I am currently working on and I am fairly new to excel. It is for daily reports in which I have to add 4 pictures everyday for 6 days a week. I found that if I use a chart it will auto re-size pictures for me cutting...
  9. VBE313

    Excel Sheet Broke After UserForms With Pictures

    What is the best way to add a picture to a userform? .jpg? .gif? .png? etc.
  10. Q

    Select next picture in Excel

    I have an excel sheet containing multiple pictures with object names "Picture 1", "Picture 2", etc. The number of pictures is given by a number in cell A8 I would like to select the pictures one at a time. Currently I have Do While numpic < Range("A8").Value...
  11. muhammad susanto

    VBA : Pulling Picture From Multiple Sheets Into 1 Sheet

    hi expert.. i need vba code to collect/pull only image/photos e.g. jpg or jpeg from several sheets into 1 sheet. my data picture in sheet "hitung1,hitung2,hitung3, etc......" in cell D9 to F9.. i want that pictures can pulled into 1 sheet e.g. sheet1 in cell M2 to O2 down. The pictures must...
  12. T


    HI i am new here my name is Christy, I joined this site because i am having trouble with a particular VBA code I want to take information from cells in work sheet2 and put it into work sheet1 last row which already has 1865 rows full of information The Range from sheet1 is B1-B9, (which is a...
  13. R

    No idea how to title...Sorting in Excel to include group header?

    Hi! I'm not sure how to phrase my question which makes hard to search for an answer....Can I sort by a grouping under a heading? I have a sheet that I want to filter (by person), but I want the subheadings (Project name) to be included with the filtering. I can only explain by pictures...
  14. A

    Modifying VBA Script to Add Pictures to Excel

    Hello All, I found a script online that I have successfully gotten to add pictures to my excel sheet in the location I want them. :) (Trust me this was an accomplishment I am new to scripting - read Please, please be patient with me and my bumbles here ;)) Here is that script, as I have it...
  15. H

    merge files including macro's

    I have a problem for some month now. I am not sure wether this can be solved. I have 2 files which both have macro's, knobs to activate these macro's and pictures which are manipulated by macro's Now I want to merge these two files including the micro features. Up to now I have copied all...
  16. Y

    Rename pictures in a particular cell

    I have pictures on range F7 in all sheets. unfortunately the names of the picture varies in all the sheets. how do i give it a uniform name like "mypic"
  17. L

    VBA to get name, date and GPS data from pictures in a folder

    I have looked and can't fine code to do this, I have a folder with pictures in it and I would like to put the names of each picture in the folder in column A, date taken in column B and if the pictures have GPS data for them put the latitude in column C and the longitude in column D, can this...
  18. T

    Image File Properties

    Excel VBA is great to read a picture's metadata but it seems tough to have it write any to the file. Ffor a large number of pictures, because it's so much easier to modify the image attributes in Excel than to do it to the pictures individually, I'm looking for a way to take what I write on a...
  19. R

    Automated Pictures In Cells Excel

    Hi All, I am hoping you can help me with something. I am trying to create an automated form on excel where I can automatically input pictures into cells. So for example, I have a picture and text in Cell A1. Is there a way for me to put the same exact text and picture into cell C2 just by...
  20. M

    Selecting Images in Word

    I am producing a report which needs to be run daily. I have some pictures in Excel and I want to copy them and paste them into Word. I need them in a certain location. All this needs to be done in VBA. My proposed way of doing this is by creating template pictures in Word. I assume that I can...

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