1. K

    Embedded If Statements

    I have the following formula that works: =IFERROR(IF(AND(D5="Y",E5="Y"),C5*$G$2,0),"") I need to add an additional piece that says to look at a cell in B5 and if it says INACTIVE then multiple C5 with G1, otherwise I want it to do the original formula posted above. I have not successfully...
  2. S

    How to combine two pieces of code on one spreadsheet

    Hello All, I have two pieces of code. The first is a "select and move" piece of code to take a line from one worksheet and transfer it to another worksheet dependent on cell content, it also unlocks and then locks the worksheet to perform this task. The second piece of code I have copied...
  3. C

    Hide a macro button

    Hi everyone Please can anyone give me a hand? I have a macro button that does something, however is there a simple piece of code I can include within this macro that will hide another macro button called 'Export' for example? If so, is there then also another piece of code I can use to unhide...
  4. B

    Excel / powerquery formula to compare dates/time when other value is matching.

    Hi all, I have a list of shipping numbers with piece numbers and date/time of first scan. Now i want to know when there is more then 1 hour between different piece numbers of the same shipping number (partial arrival). As i have more then 100k rows i would like to find a formula in PowerQuery...
  5. M

    List of combinations

    Hi all need some help on a formula for a crochet pattern. I have 6 colours and on each piece the colour can be used only once. there are 4 rows on each piece. Row 1 is a single colour, rows 2 & 3 have 2 colours each and the 4th row is also a single colour. eg row 1 - yellow row 2 - green and...
  6. A

    Recalling multiple variables

    Hello forums, My problem is IÂ’m trying to recall multiple variables in a row to the end of a column. For example, my table will look like this: A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H 1) Model. Worktop Time Door...
  7. D

    Possible VLOOKUP with IF Statements

    Hi, I'm looking to be able to build a report table based off of data from another table. Basically, I'm looking to get the serial # for a certain piece of equipment if all my conditions are met in one cell, and calculate the age of the equipment based of the respective values for that same...
  8. M

    Having trouble with a For Loop and counting using variables

    due to the "A3" type locator references. If I could identify both cells using numbers (for example 3, 3 for something in cell C3) I think i could get this to work out... but I'm not quite savvy enough to do it without that kind of referencing. Here's a specific request: Let's say I have 3...
  9. JTL9161

    Subscript Out of Range Runtime Error 9

    I have a macro that I run daily starting with a blank spreadsheet (Workbook "A" we'll call it). It imports a text file then formats and extracts data from the formatted text. When it finds a particular cell with data (Data "X") it copies it and opens another spreadsheet (Workbook "B") to paste...
  10. J

    VBA: if cell isn't empty, copy contents. if empty, move to next row.

    OK so i just need a simple piece of VBA code which does the following things: if cell B2 isn't empty, assign its value to a variable. if it is empty, run this same code against the next row. Continue until the bottom of the table is reached. this piece of code of code is going to be adapted...
  11. S

    VBA to delete sheets (with name) when closing

    I have a workbook that creates sheets named "Noon", "Noon2", "Noon3" etc based on the users' needs (button will generate a new "Noon" on demand. I'd like a piece of code that will delete all sheets named "Noon+# so that the original template is not saved over. How might I do this. I presume...
  12. B

    Looping Through Sheets in a Workbook for a Specific Cell to be Blank

    I have looked on this site and many others but not finding the exact piece of code I am looking for. Probably not asking correctly. I have a workbook that has a worksheet for each day of the year, each formatted exactly the same an labelled like this "mmddyy". What I am attempting to find is a...
  13. syedbokhari

    VBA Find Values Below and Delete Row

    Hi Guys, I've attached a screen shot of example piece of data. I was wondering if someone could help me with piece of work that I'm doing manually. I took me end-less hours to do manually (data set has 6000+ rows) and my vba writing ability is lacking currently. Essentially I need a...
  14. G

    Combining 2 working formulas into 1 large one

    Hello! I need help with the last piece of an Excel project. I have two working formulas and I need help figuring out how to combine them into one large formula. In my Excel workbook, I have 3 tabs: the Job Order tab, with one piece of data in each cell; the Candidate tab, which could have...
  15. H

    Excel to Word Document Template

    Hello, I know this probably should not be anywhere near as difficult as I am finding it to be, but I have a problem I am hoping you all can help me solve. I use Excel to generate estimates for my business. Each project I work on has a basic set of information which will always be present...
  16. R

    ActiveSheet.Protect - Good?

    I have the following code, along with other VBA, attached to a command button. However, I have been told that using the ActiveSheet function can cause issues if another workbook is also open. If this is true, can someone help me piece together a better version of the below? Excel 2013 and up...
  17. D

    VBA Help (Outlook to Excel Extract)

    Hi, I currently have this piece of code in a bigger piece to extract emails from outlook my issue is that the "To" is bringing back the name rather than email address the email was sent to. strColC = olItem.SenderEmailAddress strColA = olItem.Subject strColB = olItem.Sender strColD...
  18. Manuel Cavero

    Load an Userform

    Good morning everyone: I have to develop a piece of code that calls an useform form two different places. The first one piece of code needs to load an UserForm in memory, so what I doing now if load the UserForm calling forma normal module this way: UFPAR.PPRUE Where UFPAR is the UserForm and...
  19. L

    Adding text

    I have an Excel spreadsheet generated from another program. It is set up so I can print it out on Avery labels but I missed one piece of information I want to add to every block of data. How can I do that in Excel. thanks in advance.
  20. U

    Maintain Value of SUM function even if referenced cell value changes

    Hi folks, Is there a way to make a value "stick" in Excel? For example... Let's say I have Cell A1 as =SUM(B1:B5) to add up the cells B1:B5 and display the results in cell A1. Piece of cake. But what I want is for cell A1 to KEEP the sum even if the contents of B1:B5 get cleared. Thank you...

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