pivot 2007

  1. M

    VLookUp on multiple Rows with the same Value

    Hello, I am having Problems implement a VLookUp Function. I can't post the actual worksheet since it is confidential Company documents so I'll try to make a example here. I got a Pivottable in Sheet 1 looking like this: Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 ABB Development 5 ABB Product...
  2. E

    Series Titles (Legends) on pivot chart won't update after edit

    Have a pivot chart with some series titles in the legend that I want to change. I click on the series, go to Analyze in the Pivot Chart tools, go into the Active Field and edit the name. One series works just fine, but the other one won't keep the edited name. It just reverts to the original...
  3. A

    how to select multiple items in pivot table using vba and program in such a way that next input should take automaticly

    i am finding Problem to run this program , i Need to do the multiple selection if in case the if some data is deleted the program should neglect it and if there is one more title under " XXX_04 " it should also automatically consider as false . if you know how i can do , please help me . i am...
  4. J

    pivot table percentages

    hi - new to using pivots. i have got to grips with them quite well but need to present a filtered cell as a percentage of an entire field e.g. % of bagels as % of all breads. when i go to change show values as % of it will only let me do it as % of a base item but there are thousands of figures...
  5. R

    Pivot Tables- Grouping & Sorting

    Hello, I am trying to group dates in a pivot table by days; every 7 days. The grouping works fine, but the dates are not sorted as should be when sorted "oldest to newest" or "newest to oldest" . Please see the attached snapshot for better understanding of the issue. Thank you
  6. M

    VBA Code to update pivot table filter is not working

    Hi I have code to update pivot tables based on a cell value. The user selects a filter on a 'Dashboard' tab via ranges plstMonths and plstDepts and a dropdown selection resulting in selYear. The choices are copied to a cell on my 'Calculations' tab via: Private Sub...
  7. S

    One Report Filter for Multiple Pivot Tables (2007)

    I All, I have 3 Pivot Tables named PT01, PT02 and PT03 in one worksheet based on same table and have same single field in Report Filter. I want that by changing the Report Filter of PT01, the ones for PT02 and PT03 will update automatically. I've tried the following: Private Sub...
  8. A

    Locking Formats in Pivot Table Excell 2007

    Hi, I am trying to lock down formatting in a pivot table within Excel 2007. I would like to retain all formatting i.e. colours, font, column width etc - is this even possible? I have hunted high and low and the answer seems to be to make sure that "preserve formatting on refresh is selected" -...
  9. M

    Summarizing Pivot Rows to get Top 10 Overbooked by Budget Type

    Summarizing Pivot Rows to get Top 10 Overbooked by Budget Type</SPAN></SPAN> Hi I am struggling with find the top 10 Overbooked depts. My requirement seems to be easy. I need to find the Top 10 Overbooked where the “ACTUAL HEAD BOOKING + EQUIVALENCE > ASSIGNED BUDGET”</SPAN></SPAN> The...
  10. D

    Update Pivot Tables Range

    i want to update the range of my pivot table. My code is as below Sheets("Destination").PivotTables("PivotTable1").SourceData = Sheets("Source") & Range("A6:BD26459").Address(True, True, xlR1C1, False) It shows an error that Run-time Error '438': Object doesn't support this property or...
  11. R

    [XL 2007] Filter field list in pivot table

    Guys, a simple pivot table in excel 2007 has some fields that I filter (like subfields) however the last fields keep displaying all values into the fields list like ignoring previous filters, is there an easy way to fix it? Help me out!
  12. A

    Building a pivot with a massive data set

    Hello all First time poster and I am hoping for some kind help today. I have a large set of data that I would like to organize quickly. Currently, the data is set in two columns. Column A contains parent names (almost 5800) and column B contains child information. The child information can...
  13. A

    Access to Excel pivot (data connection)--Slow Pivot table refresh

    I'm using 2007 Excel and Access. I've got a pivot table linked directly to a MS Access database. The table is large around 400K records. First refresh-The initial pivot refresh takes it's time refreshing the data, then relatively quickly will update the fields. Second refresh-After the...
  14. H

    Neeed Formula to get averges based on multiple conditions (Similar like Pivot summary)

    Hi Team, I'm looking one typical formula to get the required information this can be done by using Pivot Table but looking in formula how can we integrate this requirement. Please look into below table and also out put table and I need to get the average of P1, P2 & P3 based on model &...
  15. F

    count formula for pivot table

    I need the calculate formula for pivot table there are numbers and "Absent" in the fields,,. so i want to count "absent" field name is "time-in"
  16. O

    Pivot Table: Filtering to include only values greater than 0 (but not by using row and column filters!)

    Hello all, I have a set of data, on which I run a pivot table. Each row in the data set describe a sale made by a salesperson. In each row we have: salesperson, month of sale, profit on sale, transaction ID The pivot shows the salespeople on the row labels and months on column labels. The...
  17. G

    Pivot Items Filter using VBA

    HelloI have a code which make a Pivot using VBA. however there is a condition that I am unable to fulfilled in that pivot using my VBA. I will try to write it here the code I wish for.ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable2").PivotFields_ ("ReportTimeframe") .CurrentPage = "(All)" With...
  18. G

    VB Macro for Pivot Filter Function

    Dear All I have a recorded a macro to create a Pivot table from my data. In this Pivot I have to make the report filter field to filter the dates from the current month only. Is there a way that I can instruct my macro that in that filter it automatically filter the data from the current month...
  19. F

    XL07 Pivot How to simultaneously display both Count and Percentage

    Example below Row 1 = Count Row 2 = vertical % <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="256"><colgroup><col style="width:48pt" span="4" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody><tr style="height:14.4pt" height="19"> <td style="height:14.4pt;width:48pt" height="19" width="64"> </td>...
  20. D

    Can Not Pass Value from Textbox to Formula

    Userform: "PTadjustementForm" Textbox: "PercentNeeded" I need the value that I input into the form to register in the formula below. I am assuming I need to change the control source on initilizing the form (not exactly sure how to do that) and also creating the percent to be some sort of...

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