pivot automation

  1. P

    Pivot Table that takes data only till current date

    Hi All, I'm trying to write a macro where in the final output is a pivot table with counts of transaction, name of processor, along with Follow up date. Since the data I'm dealing with is in large number, I need only the data till 'current follow up data' and not future date. There is no...
  2. E

    Automating my Pivot Table's Rolling Date Checklist

    Hi there, I send out weekly reports that include data from the most recent two weeks and data from the most recent month. Each time I refresh my report with new data, I have to go in and manually uncheck the boxes of previous weeks and select the most recent checkbox. I wondered if there could...
  3. K

    Formatting table using VBA- Need help!

    Hi, I've been trying to get this done to analyze the data. However, I am unable to un-pivot this table. Could someone please guide me here? Input table- <tbody> A A A A A B B B B B WEEK MON TUE WED THURS FRI MON TUE WED THURS FRI 1 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 2 150 150 150...
  4. T

    Check the first X characters of each cell in range against list

    Hi all, I have been struggling for a few days with this issue and I'd really appreciate some help: I have 64 columns of data in one sheet with which I want to build a pivot table. In this pivot table I need to add a filter for the Product IDs columns and I filter out all the Product IDs that...
  5. D

    VBA Pivot Table - Run time error 13

    Hi Just copy the code from online for Pivot table filter base on Cell Reference. Its working fine f no ("blank") in filter. Its blanks its shows Error so i add this Code pf.PivotItems("(blank)").Visible = False Now i getting Run time error 13. Its Date filter base on cell Reference, Any one can...
  6. P

    Connecting Pivot Tables Through Slicers after "show report page filters"

    HI ALL!! HELP ME PLEASE! 1) I am trying to create a separate Pivot Table for each pivot items using the below code. PivotTable Name = PivotTable_UBT Filter Item = Building ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable_UBT").ShowPages PageField:="Building" 2) Now i want to connect all the pivottables...
  7. P

    Multiple Pivot Table using same cache

    Hi Guys! I'm working on automating data analysis & creation of pivots and charts for which I have Raw Data (441379 Rows, 40 columns). 1) Raw Data keeps changing monthly, so I need a dynamic range. 2) I have to create around 20 Pivot Tables with the same data. 3) As of now I'm defining range...
  8. S

    Macro for Copying and pasting pivots but how do i format?

    Hello, I have created a macro that pulls numerous pivots into a new tab - in the new page the values seem to be coming across as paste 123 ( no formatting). I want to add some colors so i was going to color the pivots and let the macro pull across the data and formatting. To do this i thought...
  9. DPChristman

    Pivot Tables and Shared Files

    I have a spreadsheet that is currently shared by about a dozen people/ I have two quick questions: I am often finding a temp version of the file (beginning with ~$) created in the directory, and it stays there well after the users are out of the file. This isn't s problem for me, because I...
  10. I

    Auto refresh pivot tables vba code

    Hi. with VBA code i need that the all pivot tables in workbook updated when any make change in the sheets not with any button to click .just instantly changes happen when change the data. Many Thanks
  11. B

    Pivot Table STOP Mimic

    Ok, so I have a Pivot Table; the row labels are Year > Period > Journal ID. I have 2 years 2016 and 2017 when I try to expand say period 2 in 2017 it also expands period 2 in 2016. I don't know why this is happening I haven't seen it done before but it's driving me crazy and I need it to stop...
  12. R

    Pivot error in my vba code. Type Mismatch

    Hi all, I keep getting this error code and i have tried several options to fix it but cant seem to figure it out. My macro is in the workbook and i use it to load data and it creates several tabs out of that data. On the tab "On Call Summary" i just need a pivot from the data in tab "Current...
  13. A

    Multiple Items in Pivot Filter Controlled by Cell Reference Through VBA

    Dear Friends, I am facing problems in modifying a VBA code which helps me link a pivot table filter to a cell reference to allow multiple filters in the pivot table. My code is as follows. I want to add both Expense and Income as a multiple filter to the pivot through a named range in the...
  14. A

    VBA select designated multiple items in pivot table field list (if visible)

    There is a "Status" field in my workbook that captures 20 different statuses based on phase in project. (Not all 20 items are actively used.) In my pivots I only need to capture 15 of the 20 statuses. Problem: I can't pre-select or auto-select the items I want because not all of them are...
  15. B

    Pivot Table - Need 2 set of data in the value section (Max & Value)

    Hi, I need to a create a pivot, where I have Planned dates for different activities per country. Now, my leads requirement is to track progress as per the 1st planned date of each Country (regardless of the activity) and display a RAG. I have created a pivot which displays the min date of...
  16. H

    Macro Pivot error and speed up

    Hi, I have just made a macro to automate a few tasks, it contains 3 pivot tables 2 of which work fine, the 3rd one errors everytime. It also slows down just before hand, doing it manually doesn't take long. I am okay at making and doing slight adjustmenst but not sure what if anything I could...
  17. A

    Help with VBA - PivotTable Macro

    My company provides me a PivotTable report in Excel. I need the report filtered by a series of ZipCodes. I would like assistance with something easier than manually going through the filter and selecting 200+ zip codes. When using a macro recorder to see what Excel would "auto generate" for...
  18. S

    Simulate "F2" and "Enter" with a macro triggered on a Slicer in a different work sheet

    Hi Guys, I am trying to simulate "F2" and "Enter" SendKeys event, on a specific cell "C1" in a specific Sheet "Past Login", which has 2 Pivots from a data source in a different workbook. I have a Slicer pulling data from another data source in the same workbook. This slicer has dates and i...
  19. A

    Help with using pivot tables

    I have a sheet that list orders going out for each day of the week and I have added a pivot table to summarize the quantities of each product for a given day. Since this is a template I would like to have a blank sheet with the various data fields for the day and off to the side have the pivot...
  20. M

    VBA Pivot table range

    Hey, new to VBA and I was wondering how I get it to vary the number of pivot lines depending on how much data there is. At the moment it is set to 4 which works most of the time, however sometimes it will only be 3 pivot lines, and the macro reports an error that it is out of range...

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