pivot cache

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    Automatic update of pivot table with error - EXCEL

    I find a error in bellow code in depurator the VBA point this: VBA Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument Error (Error 5) Pivot_Sheet.PivotTables(PivotName). _ ChangePivotCache ActiveWorkbook. _ PivotCaches.Create(SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:=NewRange) The code below: Dim Data_Sheet As...
  2. M

    Update Source Data for Pivot Table

    Hi all! I have a workbook that contains a pivot table, a data set, and several user input pages. I have a macro that updates this data set, and the size of the set may change between each update based on user inputs elsewhere in the workbook. I would like the Pivot Table to update as well...
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    Trouble Creating Two Seperate Pivot Caches

    Hi team, I am new to Excel Macros and VBA. I am working on a report summary and have managed to create a code that will create a pivot table and filter it. I have another sheet in the same workbook that I want to do the same thing with. When I use the following code and change the names...
  4. P

    Some columns gets blank in pivot source data

    I have existing excel (ver 2010) with pivot. This excel is refreshed programmatically from c# application. The pivot is created with OBDC with sql stored procedure (which returns the sql table after performing some business logic) to pull the data. When the excel is refreshed programmatically...
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    Multiple Pivot Table using same cache

    Hi Guys! I'm working on automating data analysis & creation of pivots and charts for which I have Raw Data (441379 Rows, 40 columns). 1) Raw Data keeps changing monthly, so I need a dynamic range. 2) I have to create around 20 Pivot Tables with the same data. 3) As of now I'm defining range...
  6. S

    Applying code to all slicers?

    Is there a way to apply code to all slicers at once, without having to call out each slicer cache and each slicer item in each of those caches? I have 4 slicers, each has 2 - 104 items in it. I would like to run some code so that when all items for all caches are TRUE, then data labels are...
  7. T

    Pivot tables-- how to set a relationship between two items using an ID

    An Excel workbook (ERPSim Logistics Data) is attached tothis midterm that contains data from the ERPSim Logistics Game with twoworksheets: (a) ERPSim – Purchase Order and (b) ERPSim – Sales. For each of these, build a hypercube (pivottable) that summarizes and compares data from two countries...
  8. O

    VBA Pivot Chart Colors

    Hello, I am using VBA to change the source data of a pivot cache which has several pivot tables connected to it. When the program runs, it connects the "main" pivot table to the new source data and then matches the remaining pivot tables to the "main" pivot table's index. Each pivot table has...
  9. C

    How to make existing pivot tables all use same pivot cache in VBA

    I have this code here that I found online to make every pivot table in the workbook use the same pivot cache. However, I want to make every pivot table on only a specific sheet use the same pivot cache. How can I modify this code (or just produce new code) so that the macro only changes the...
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    Creating a Pivot table Cache

    I am trying to create a basic Pivot Table. I have looked up how to do so on the internet, however, I seem to be running into an error when creating the pivot table Cache. The error I receive is Run-time error '440 Method 'Create' of object 'PivotCaches' failed My code is below. I am new to...
  11. M

    What is the Most Resource Efficient way to LINK a pivottable to a data set?

    The problem: I have a very large Table in excel (795,000 lines across 100 columns). I have linked a pivot table in a separate workbook to this data set in three different ways and I am unsure what the "best" way is. The best way would be a way that allows the pivot table to filter quickly...
  12. D

    Pivot table auto update

    Hi everyone i have created a a pivot table and i just wonder whether pivot table will be auto updated for example when i update by adding extra data the pivot table should be automatically updated without selecting the range manually any idea how to do that ?
  13. E

    error 1004 - Unable to set the visible property of the PivotItem class

    Good Morning, I keep getting the error that is mentioned in the title when trying to hide a filter in my pivottable. I've googled possible solutions, but i cant figure out how to fix this... I have code previous to this which enables the "A" filter on all my pivots, however I need to hide it...
  14. P

    Pivot Table Update with no source data still retains old data - Excel 2010

    I am working in Excel 2010, and have a pivot table that is pointed to a worksheet where the data changes every week. Sometimes there is data in the rows, and very occasionally, my report returns 'no data' - so my source data has column headers, but there is nothing for the pivot table to...
  15. C

    VBA Type Mismatch Error When Creating Pivot Cache

    Hi I have a worksheet containing code that I have used succesfully many times in the past to produce a fortnightly report (raw data is normally around 10,000 to 15,000 rows). I'm now trying to produce a report for all of last year and have over 279,000 rows of raw data. This initally caused...
  16. M

    VBA Refresh Pivot table data

    Good morning, I am so close to finishing up some code to refresh a 50+ worksheet workbook, all with multiple pivot tables. The good news for me is there are only 4 source data sheets. At the moment I am designating one sheet "Master Summary" as the sheet with the parent cache/source data...
  17. L

    VBA Macro Creating a Pivot Table on a new sheet

    Good morning all, So I'm running into Run-time error '1004': The PivotTable field name is not valid. To Create a PivotTable report, you must use data that is organized as a list with labeled columns, If you are changing the name of a PivotTable field, you must type a new name for the field...
  18. A

    Setting Pivot Cache Run-Time error 13: Type Mismatch

    Thanks for any input on this. I'm trying to make a simple pivot table that is taking data from sheet "5 Month Trending May 15" and putting it onto my Pivot Table sheet called "Errors By Criticality - Pivot". When I try to set the pivot cache range with the create method it's returning a...
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    urgent help required!!

    Hi, I am getting type mismatch error while running this code. Dim table2 As PivotTable Worksheets("CR").Select Set data = ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Create(xlDatabase, Range("A1", Range("A1").End(xlToRight).End(xlDown))) Set table2 = data.CreatePivotTable(Worksheets("SUMMARY").Range("B23"))...
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    help with the following vba code

    Hi- I keep getting the error "for without next" on this code: The code essentially exports a number of sheets from a workbook along with the raw (hardcoded data and saves. What I'm trying to do is change the pivot source of each pivot within the sheet. I think I'm not too far away from...

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