pivot fields

  1. S

    Most Pivot Table Fields Disappear on Refresh/Refresh All

    I have created a dashboard from pivot tables of demo data on COVID-19. Initially the pivot tables were from solely created from one data sheet but later other pivot tables (and charts) needed data from a second sheet. Excel created a Data Model to do this (have pivot tables from different source...
  2. P

    Table Filter to Set Pivot Table Field on a Different Worksheet

    Hi all, first time posting. Using Excel 2010, I have a large Table on a tab called "Data - $" and a predefined pivot table on a different tab called "Gate Status". The goal is to refresh the pivot table and autofilter one of the pivot row fields based on the filter selected in the Table on the...
  3. G

    Question regarding pivot tables

    Hopefully straightforward question, can't find a straight answer after extended searching: Can you apply a filter to a pivot table field without the field being in one of the four categories (Filters, Columns, Rows, or Values)? If so, how? If not, why not? Say I am building a pivot table and...
  4. S

    Creating a Pivot Table with VBA

    Hey guys, I am trying to create a pivot table with VBA based off of some data that I have. Here is my code: Option Explicit Dim dolSht As Worksheet, hourSht As Worksheet Dim sumSht As Worksheet, byCustSht As Worksheet, allCostSht As Worksheet Dim ptCache As PivotCache Dim pt As PivotTable...
  5. L

    How to clear all pivot fields through multiple pivots

    Hi everyone, wondering if you could help with the following: I have 1 excel with multiple tabs and 1 pivot table by tab. I took from here a code really useful and time-saver to clear all filters from one pivot field. The thing is that this code needs to have each pivot field defined by its...
  6. Y

    Pivot filter property to uncheck all values between 1600 to 1699

    I need to filter out a pivot table where I don't want to select values starting with 16** Recorded macro code: With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable4").PivotFields("OPUS CC") .PivotItems("1650").Visible = False .PivotItems("1651").Visible = False...
  7. G

    Highlight Changes in PivotFields of two PageFields

    Hello All, I'm new to VBA and this forum so please be lenient towards me. After hours of unsuccessful searching the internet for a solution, I resort to this forum and hope that you can help me. I have the following Pivot table with pagefields like below -- removed inline image --- and...
  8. M

    Pivot Table vba

    Hello Guys! I am working on a dashboard with a pivot table and I am trying to make it as automatic as possible. To do so, I would like to be able to activate different pivot fields (data, which corresponds to a specific week). The weeks' data are put into different columns. e.g. If I want to...
  9. H

    Looping through Pivot Fields and Applying Filters to Source Data

    I've got this problem with a piece of code that I've cobbled together from various sources, and I was wondering if anyone can help me solve the last road block I'm facing. At least until another one pops up. :laugh: Below is the code. Basically, what it's doing is going through each visible...
  10. H

    VBA - If Then to Loop through Pivot Items Problem

    Hi all, I'm stuck on this issue and cannot figure out what it is I am doing wrong. I'm in the process of writing a macro to loop through visible fields in a pivot table, find the items in those fields that are filtered, and then apply those filters to the source data table. The particular...
  11. W

    VBA Code to Automatically Change Caption when Added to Pivot Table

    Hi everybody! First off, I'd like to thank all of you for this incredible forum... it has helped me countless times in my work life!! I have a simple pivot table with a few calculated fields. When I add the calculated fields to the pivot table, two issues occur: The caption is renamed: Sum...
  12. P

    problem of sorting pivot items in MS Excel 2007

    Hi All, I have pivotitems in the rows field. And i wanted to sort all the pivot items in the ascending order. But the pivot items doesnot fall under any data type. So i developed code to sort the pivot items based on position property existing in pivotitem. It is working perfectly fine Excel...
  13. M

    VBA Macro to Hide Pivot Fields

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum, and need a little help. I know just enough about VBAs and Macros to dabble. I have a pivot table that I'm trying to run numerous reports on via macros linked to buttons. So far, all of my reports work fine. However, I have to manually clear the pivot...
  14. L

    Macro to filter Pivot Table

    Hi, This is my first post on this forum, but I have used it maytimes before with great sucess. So thank you!! My problem is this: I have 3 pivot tables which contain different data, the onr field they have in common is a month field. I have written a set of macros that filter the 3...
  15. A

    Multi level grouping in pivot tables

    I've been working with this this for about 4 days so I thought I would share now that I solved it: I got a pivottable (I construct from VBA) Then I want to list data either in rows or groups of groups of groups (metagroups). (in this case row would be a "verification/sale id", a group would be...

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