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    Pivot Table VisibleItemList Question

    Hi Gang: I am working with an OLAP Pivot Table that I need to filter for a variable number of items using VBA. The first issue is that one of the fields is a key and the label is actually the real world value I'm matching. I managed that problem with the following code where I loop through a...
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    How to show Hours (as values) only when a field has a particular value?

    I'll try my best to explain this. I have a Pivot Table with fields A, B, C and D under Row Labels. In the Values box, I have Hours and Cost. A Sigma with values automatically appears under Column Labels. All of this is arranged in Tabular form, with Subtotals below each group. So the...
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    VBA Months in Pivot Table

    Hey guys! I'm having a problem writing code that will allow for a range of months in a pivot table. First, here's the code for Jan-2010 through June-2010: ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable8").PivotFields( _ "[Dim Month].[Month ID].[Month ID]").VisibleItemsList = Array( _...

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