How to show Hours (as values) only when a field has a particular value?


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Dec 19, 2009
I'll try my best to explain this. I have a Pivot Table with fields A, B, C and D under Row Labels. In the Values box, I have Hours and Cost. A Sigma with values automatically appears under Column Labels. All of this is arranged in Tabular form, with Subtotals below each group.

So the result is that the field headings are A, B, C, D, Sum of Hours and Sum of Amount in columns A-F. The field name D has 3 possible values (let's say D1, D2 and D3). Nothing is filtered now.

Under column E for Sum of Hours, I want to show the values only when field D has a value of D1 on any given row.

When field D is showing values of D2 on one row, or D3 on another row, I don't want the corresponding value under Sum of Hours to appear (instead I would like to filter it out or make the corresponding Hours value to appear as 0).

I can do this if I copy the Pivot Table and paste values. But is it possible to do this while still in the Pivot Table?

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