pivot table compatibility

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    Excel 2007 Pivot Table Lost in Excel 2013

    I created an Excel 2007 data table and pivot table report workbook for a group of users. One of the users, using Excel 2013, emailed me the file after they used it, and the pivot table structure and formatting are all gone! The "data" and "values" are all still there, but the pivot table is no...
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    Pivot Table Compatibility Issue from 97-2003 to 2010 version

    Hello, We have just switched over from Excel 97-2003 to Excel 2010 version and some of our pivot tables have the error message saying "a pivot table in this workbook will not work in versions prior to Excel 2007. Only Pivot Tables that are created in Compatibility Mode will work in earlier...
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    Excel Pivot table - drawing from 805,800 lines of data

    Hello Having trouble with a pivot table drawing from 805,800 lines of data, it handles 5 fields options but has a slight melt down when I request 6. Trying to understand what the limitations are please e.g. is it the volume/value of data in the initial 5 fields or something else Laptop...
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    Hi, I use a pivot (2007) to read data from SQL (ODBC) which I have to store in 2003 format. If I save, I get the warning that functionality will be lost: " PivotTable in this workbook exceeds former limits". I use a calculated field as well (dividing two simple amounts) and if I remove this...
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    Excel 2007 pivot tables for 2003 users

    I've upgraded to 2007 and create a weekly report that is ready by many users who have not upgraded. I've removed all incompatibilities except that users cannot update pivot tables. Is there a way to do this in 2007 or do I have to find a machine with 2003 on it, recreate the pivot tables in...

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