pivot table

  1. K

    How to make Automatic serial number with text ????

    How to make Automatic serial number with text ???? Basic = A1+1 =2 Next level : 1) India Combination with text Kindly Help me.....
  2. N

    Combine data from ALL worksheets in different workbook

    Hello, I've been working on a new template and excel sheet for the quality inspection of fresh carrots we receive. Everytime we receive a load, we work on a Excel sheet to fill in our quality inspection. So every load has its own sheet based on a template in the same workbook. The name of the...
  3. C

    VBA Center Align Pivot Table Columns

    Hello, I have a Pivot Table that I would like 3 columns center aligned on, but I can't seem to get it working. It gives me an error every time I run it. Could someone point out my mistake here? Thank you! Sub PivotTable_Collapse() Dim pT As PivotTable Dim pF As PivotField Set pT...
  4. J

    More "labels" in pivot table

    Hi all, I have a list of products in one column, then some other data and lastly the column where is the project associated with that product. This is then going to pivot table to be able to see all products in one project when I filter on it. However, some products are applicable in more then...
  5. S

    Power Pivot Running totals

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to build a calculated column with a running total of payments against an invoice. So below is an example: Invoice #3322999 is for $14,387.86. We have 2 credits against the invoice. CN3325633 $167.44 and CN 3326818 $229.32 I'd like to see the Original amount...
  6. E

    Pivot Table or Macro to filter data with multiple criteria

    I have a data sheet that I would like to make a pivot table or another sheet off of with a specific customer number and then day of the week. Below is an example of some of the data. Column E is customer numbers. I would like to make a table or sheet using specific numbers from column E and...
  7. Jyggalag

    How to create pivot table + slicer in Excel

    Hello everybody! It's nice to be back on the MrExcel forum :) I am currently managing a list that essentially looks like this (just a lot bigger): I would like to create a pivot table and a slicer for this (the real file is over 1000 cells) so it becomes much easier to look up specific...
  8. C

    Excel Pivot showing "sum of" instead of actual "value"

    Hi...I have played with this and researched and cannot find how to fix this. I have many columns of data but the one column I need, it is giving me the sum of the column instead of the actual values I need to be charted. I got rid of all blanks, I have zeros in where there would be blanks, I...
  9. J

    Dynamically move linked pictures, to avoid overlaps / blank gaps between them

    Hey everyone, I was hoping someone could help with some ideas. I have an Excel report with multiple linked pictures, one after another in a vertical layout. Each of these linked pictures points to a named range, and each of these named ranges points to a specific pivot table. Some of these...
  10. J

    Gray field buttons on Pivot Table MacOS

    Hello! I can't seem to show the gray field buttons on my pivot table. I'm using MacOS is that the issue?
  11. E

    Adding rows moves Pivot Table without data

    Never encountered this problem before. Have a file, tried to add new rows but it moves the Pivot Table down (like I expect it to) but leaves the data that was in the Pivot Table in the original rows... Thought something was amiss with the file itself so I created a new file and tried to...
  12. P

    Drilling down in a calculated item in a pivot table

    Is it possible to drill down on calculated items in a pivot table? On non-calculated items, I can drill down just fine--by double-clicking the item, it creates a new sheet with full details. However, when I double click on a calculated item, Excel just displays the formula that comprises that...
  13. A

    How to filter a pivot table with an ActiveX combo box set in another Sheet?

    Hello everyone, I am having a lot of problems in finding some material which could help me learn how to filter a pivot table with an ActiveX combo box set in another Sheet and I was hoping in some help of yours. ;) I would like to make a dynamic combo box, which updates automatically whenever...
  14. T

    Comination Chart with Custom Y-axis and Timeline?

    Hello all My question is related to charting a set of data in a specific way that I can clarify as we go on, but the jist of it is included below, I am in a bit of a pickle with a task I have to convert some MATLAB code into VBA. Usually my methodology to do this is to develop each chart...
  15. R

    How to convert table data into a monthly grid

    Hi i absolutely love excel but I'm self taught and am currently stuck and hoping i haven't bitten off more than i can chew. I have created an ms Form to capture meter readings. its in one drive so a master workbook updates with each new response. the form captures single responses for 4 regions...
  16. P

    Power Pivot - calculated column in Pivot Table

    I tried to have calculations of difference between two months in two years in the pivot table from power pivot. I've done some research but couldn't find a way to solve my purpose. Unfortunately, the Power BI is not available only Power Pivot and Power Query. I remember previously in Pivot...
  17. P

    Displaying a text field in the values section of a pivot table

    I am working on a pivot table that summarizes a table of quotes by year, month and customer. In the table I have items like "Customer", "RFQ #", "RFQ_Value", Response_Date", and I also have fields like "Associated_Part_Number" and "Contract_Number" that are alphanumeric. As a reference item in...
  18. A

    How can I filter a pivot table with two combo boxes and subsequently open the corresponding PDF file?

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a dashboard on Excel 365, in which I would like to learn how to add two combo boxes which should filter a Pivot Table, named "Notes" and placed in a Sheet also named "Notes"... Basically, this pivot table shows the name of the products, their respective operations...
  19. M

    Sum of Max values in a pivot table

    I am new to pivot tables, and not versed in SQL, looking for a straight forward method, preferably in a pivot table. I have data that shows different numbers for the same rooms in a specific building. I need to know the total (sum) of the maximum number of students in a particular room. See the...
  20. R

    Create a calculated pivot based on relationship of multiple table

    Hi All, I'd like to ask how to create a calculated pivot table based on this relationship? my goal is to create a pivot table with this columns 1. ITEM CODE [from Tbl_ListProduct] 2. PRODUCT [from Tbl_ListProduct] 3. QTY [SUM from Tbl_SalesDtbs] - based on slicers from YEAR 4. RunningRate...

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