pivot table

  1. F

    Condition Report By Pivot table

    CLIENT SALES DATA CLIENTS DATE SALES AMOUNT CLIENT 4 10-Feb-24 819 CLIENT 4 10-Feb-24 326 CLIENT 4 10-Feb-24 952 CLIENT 3 10-Feb-24 210 CLIENT 3 10-Feb-24 820 CLIENT 3 10-Feb-24 809 CLIENT 3 10-Feb-24 298 CLIENT 2 10-Feb-24 728 CLIENT 2 10-Feb-24 772 CLIENT 2...
  2. B

    Pivot Table Help

    Hi, I am trying to get a pivot table to work with multiple columns. This is the data I have: Customer Name Credit Limit Date Sales AA A&A Paper Corporation 3000 2024-03 5,329.50 AA A&A Paper Corporation 3000 2024-02 2,340.00 AA A&A Paper Corporation 3000 2024-01 2,524.50 AA A&A Paper...
  3. B

    Pivot table errors

    I'm trying to make a Pivot table that will sum up filtered data and the filtered data in the pivot table doesn't match the source data with the same filters applied to it. I have two other pivot tables on the same sheet doing the same thing with different filters and those pivot tables have no...
  4. H

    Pivot table averages are wrong

    So I have a pivot table and this pivot table is set to averages and the format of mm:ss the same is set in the column that has the data in the table. I could even have one row of 23:01 And it will still show something like 57:42 I do have some blank values that would be returned set as 00:00...
  5. A

    Pivot Table Sum giving Zeros but count works

    I have a workbook that is helping my team track weekly inventory of something in our lab. We scan one barcode that contains the information required for weekly inventory (Lot ID, Variety, and number of pouches). The next three columns after the scan will split the text by a delimiter using the...
  6. L

    Distinct count based on 2 columns in a Pivot Table

    How do I get the distinct count based on 2 columns using a Pivot Table? I did it 2 years ago and can't find my formulas or previous work. Survey response data: Area Responder District School Type Elem Mid Northeast Andy Green School District Washington Elementary School Elem 1 0...
  7. L

    Filter date range to last 365 days (Pivot Table)

    Hello and thanks in advance! I am attempting to filter a date range in a pivot table to the last 365 days of data input. I need the range to be dynamic rather than set dates for the reason that dashboard charts are based on that timeframe. I would prefer that other's don't have to continually...
  8. N

    Pivot table - Difference between two '% of Column Total' Columns

    In my pivot table, I created two columns using Show Values As: % of Column Total. One is Dollar Share and the other is Dollar Share YA. How would I calculate the difference between the two columns and have it appear in a separate column titled, Dollar Share Change? Since I calculated them using...
  9. M

    Turn day over day data into pivot chart filtered by name

    Names columns Dates column Ok so I have this table that has dates on one side and names on the other. I am trying to figure out how to turn it into a pivot table where I can filter by name so I can add it to the slicer for the rest of my dashboard. I have tried it as the original data and...
  10. D

    I Can Only Group Dates by Selecting all Cells, not Single ones. Dialogue Box Won't Pop Up

    Hi Everyone, I'm having a date grouping issue. I can group dates in my Pivot table by selecting all dates. As soon as I try doing it by selecting a single cell it says "Cannot Group Selection." I've reformatted the data multiple times and refreshed the Pivot table. Still no luck. Any advice...
  11. R

    Pivot Table to Show only the items that are in Escalation

    Good evening, I am building a supplier onboarding tracker in Excel and need a pivot table that shows only the supplier names (column F) using the data in column AG. Is this possible or is there an easier way? ABCDEFAG2VNIPACM_IDSM_ID - ARIBATILE SELECTIONSUPPLIER NAMETRR...
  12. ajjava

    Procedure to find MAX VALUE in a SPECIFIC pivot table value field, in the case of MULTIPLE pivot table value fields

    Hello, I've been slowly but surely writing/cobbling together code snippets, to gain some pivot table functionality (to be used for "quick and dirty" analysis of fairly large data sets). I apologize in advance for when you see the associated code. I am on a deadline for how long I can work on...
  13. B

    Pivot Table won't Group Dates from growing Table

    I have a table that is solely populated by formulae. Over the course of time more data will populate this table via the formulae. The Date column does use the DateValue formula. I'm trying to do a pivot table off this table. If I do a pivot table where the range from the table is just...
  14. Mohamad Alkhatib

    complains both columns contain duplicate values. at least one of the columns selected must contain only unique values to create a relation

    when creating a relationship between two pivot tables it complains both columns contain duplicate values. at least one of the columns selected must contain only unique values to create a relation between the tables both my tables contain a column called WellId (well name) with the same format...
  15. MrExcel

    Excel - Oracle Sending Dates as Text MMM-YY Episode 2624

    Microsoft Excel Tutorial: Sorting months in a pivot table when they are alphabetic. I met people who are downloading data from Oracle through Analysis Services. Their dates are coming in as text in the format of Sep-20 for September 2020. When they create pivot tables, the months are alphabetic...
  16. A

    Pivot table - source data

    Hi, how I can change format of details which popup after double clik on pivot table value? The values on pivot table are formatted, source data also (for example values in pivot and source are two number after decimal but after double clik on pivot pop up details without formatting different...
  17. A

    How to get the Description displayed in the next line: Pivottable

    Hello, I don't know how or with what this report was originally created, but I'm using Excel and a pivot table to recreate it. I want the description to be displayed in full like the second picture. Attached is my recreation and the original. Is this possible using a pivot table? (Blue Tape...
  18. Q

    Graphing multiple concurrent events over time

    I am trying to graph attendance over time for a large number of events. This data is presented by week, so I have attendance per week for each event. The events take place in multiple locations, so I want to be able to see how attendance compares at each venue by graphing the lines on top of...
  19. A

    Pivot Table Sorting

    Good morning, I've searched everywhere, watched Youtube videos, and haven't had any luck finding what I need so I figured I would go to the experts of Mr. Excel to help me out! I have a pivot table in tabular format with all item labels repeating. I have 2 different rows and am trying to sort...
  20. H

    Applying conditional formatting to all tables

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum / VBA and I’m trying to create a code that applies conditional formatting for all columns in every pivot table and refreshes every table in my Excel workbook. I’ve been able to set this up for one pivot table / one sheet but I’m not sure how to change my code...

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