pivot table

  1. D

    DAX Keepfilters on two tables,

    Hello, I'd like to run to filter my result by two tables but using keepfilter so the external filter context is kept, < EVALUATE...
  2. J

    Pivot: Double click value in a single cell showing all data

    Currently I am using Microsoft Office 365 at work, version 2102 (Build 12801.21278) Steps: Execute query> copy results and paste into new workbook>Insert Pivot table on all data>add columns and rows When using a Pivot table in 365, if I attempt to double click a cell to show the records behind...
  3. Jyggalag

    Create slicer for a list without pivot table?

    Hi all, I currently have a list that looks like this (albeit much much much larger in reality): I would like to create a slicer for column D (Height (CM)). However, my table is not a pivot table. Does anybody know how to do this? I read online that I have to go into the design tab and do it...
  4. J

    Pivot Table - How to copy sum value onto another sheet

    I have set up 3 excel sheets in related to budgeting/expenses. The first contains the full budget (say Sheet A for example); The second contains the expenses (Sheet B); and the Third contains the pivot table (Sheet C), which helps to group together all the different expenses from Sheet B into...
  5. larinda4

    VBA Pivot Table: Adjusting Row and Column Numbers

    Good morning, I run a monthly report where I have to pivot table a sheet, except the row numbers are different every month. Is there a way to change the code below so it'll capture all active cells in the sheet before I pivot table it? Here's my code: Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' '...
  6. K

    Pivot table bug

    When I change my data and try and hit the refresh button to update my tables, I keep getting a can't open PivotTable source file error. Then it asks me to debug and shows me this? How do I get my table to work again?
  7. T

    Limit a pivot table with existing filters?

    Hi, Hope someone can help. I got a pivot table with filters. In this case lets say I got product data on 20 products. I choose to filter this table, so now I got 10 products selected In addition I like to limit to top 5 (sales) out of the 10 selected products. But it takes top limit out...
  8. N

    Pivot Table Comma Delimited Values

    Hi All, I have a table with tags separated with commas for each row like below: Date Item No Tag 1/3/2022 1 Tag1, Tag2, Tag3 1/5/2022 2 Tag2, Tag4 1/8/2022 3 Tag5 1/3/2022 4 Tag1, Tag2, Tag5 1/6/2022 5 Tag7, Tag11 1/3/2022 6 Tag1, Tag11 1/5/2022 7 Tag2, Tag8 1/4/2022 8 Tag1...
  9. B

    Workaround for greyed out calculated field in pivot table from data model

    Hi, I’m creating an interactive dashboard containing pivot charts for different product sales at my work. The dashboard also contains a slicer that controls ALL charts in the dashboard since all are present and made from the data model. Within my original excel file, I’ve got a table that has...
  10. K

    Display other column's data in pivot table

    I have created a pivot table from a tab with sales data. I have the sales reps' names in the Rows area of the pivot table and I have fields in the Values section counting the number of transactions each rep was involved in and the average price of each sale. I am happy with the result of these...
  11. A

    Refresh pivot table when source data changes

    So I'm running into an issue with some VBA code which states that if the source data changes, refresh the pivot table. If you look at image1 source, the pivot table in "Sheet 7" refresh fine if I manually change the week in A2. Which is great, the code is running in the "Calculation" sheet and...
  12. C

    The PivotTable report will not fit on the sheet. Do you want to show as much as possible?

    When I create a pivot table from a dataset of 600000 Rows It appears this error message. What does it exactly means? What are the causes of this message? The pivot table I want to create has 5 row fields, 2 filter fields and 2 calculated fields. Set PCache =...
  13. J

    Reference Pivot Table Column in Formula

    I have a pivot table and need to summarize the findings using formulas without cell references but have been unsuccessful finding information on how to reference a column in a pivot table. The formulas will go into a summary table. Each year, the previous year's data will be added. The pivot...
  14. S

    Pivot table time date sum

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to create a pivot table with date/time information and then have that information displayed as a total number of hours each day on the pivot table. In this example on 2/3 the pivot table would display 8 hours 48 minutes, 2/2 on the pivot table would display...
  15. Jyggalag

    Remove a single row of values in pivot table?

    Hi all, How do I remove the value F(Net) in row 16?
  16. Jyggalag

    Implement IFERROR formula for data in Pivot Table?

    Hi all, I have this data sheet: I have turned it into percentages and I assume that the top value (0.36% & -1.52%) are the sums of my columns (I am very new to Pivot, sorry). But I have #DIV/0! errors! :( Is there a way in which I can implement an IFERROR formula for my entire pivot table...
  17. Jyggalag

    how to show pivot table data in percentage terms?

    hi all i want my pivot table to look like this: but I have to manually target the data and transform it to percentage i tried going into field settings for pivot and pick percentage, but it just says "percentage of... XYZ" and no matter what I pick I get VERY different numbers (100%, -300%...
  18. T

    Apply different date filters to specific column values in a pivot table

    Suppose I have the following pivot table from one data source The source data is essentially a spreadsheet of accounts which indicates 3 items (3 columns)- date account was created, date account was successful, date account was bought. There are 3 stages an account goes through: step 1 it...
  19. Jyggalag

    Pivot Table with Query

    Hi All, I am currently facing an issue in with my pivot table that I have been absolutely unable to fix and it does not seem like the Power Pivot forum is very active compared to this one. In addition, mine is more related to Pivot Tables than Power BI, Query or anything like that, so I may...
  20. Jyggalag

    PowerPivot / Power Query & Pivot Table??

    Dear all, I have currently made a pivot table, which I am linking to some Power Query data. The data in the power query comes from a folder where I import files from a website, so these files will ALWAYS have the same file name, sheet name and column names. However, the data under their...
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