pivot tables filtering

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    Eliminate Pivot table overlapping in VBA

    Although I've found a lot about finding overlapping pivot tables here, I haven't found a solution to my problem. I have a sheet with several pivot tables based on a large data base. I can't separate them enough to avoid overlapping, especially as the number of both columns and rows is variable...
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    Adjusting a Pivot Table for Salespersons No Longer with Company

    I have created a pivot table that will show total sales for our company by salesperson grouped by year and then month. I have it set up the following way: Total Sales as the Value Sales Rep Name(s) in the Column Labels Years, Date of Sale, Contract Type in Row Labels I have a salesperson...
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    Help with Commission spreadsheet so it will compute by month

    <tbody> Active/Inactive Customer Last Name Customer First Name Insurance Co PolicyType Policy # Written Date Effective Date Renewal Date Policy Pays Every Premium Amount Net Commission Active Doe John Ins ABC Auto 123 02/02/2013 02/07/2013 08/07/2013 6 Months 500.00 60.00 Active Smith...
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    Setting PivotItems visibility

    I have created the following coded to filter a pivot table: ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields("G/L Acct").ClearAllFilters With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields("G/L Acct") For i = 1 To .PivotItems.Count If...
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    Manual Sort in a Pivot Table

    Hello all, I feel very silly for this question, but here's my issue. I created a Pivot Chart, and I'm using TV dayparts as my rows. I'm using the titles for these dayparts (Morning, Daytime, Early Fringe, Prime Access, Prime, Weekend AM, Weekend PM, Total Day), and Excel 2007 auto-sorted...
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    Drive Pivot Table filter from function?

    I have a large spreadsheet which collects data from a database for analysis. There are around 13000 records and growing. I use pivot tables to display info from selected weeks, months etc and output graphs to show output, quality etc etc. My issue is that I want to hand the spreadsheet over to...
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    How to turn off drop down on Pivot table

    I'm attempting to disable some of the dropdown boxes on a Pivot Table. I found a Thread by RORYA to disable all of the dropdown boxes (see below), and it works perfectly. I am, however, attempting to disable only some of the drop down boxes, not all. Is there a way to tweek the code below so...
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    VBA for Excel 2000 Pivot Table

    I am new to VBA, but I know that a solution can exist for my issue. What I am trying to do is: - prompt the user to select a pivot (from many) on the active worksheet - prompt the user to select the field of the pivot they want to use (type in manually) - prompt the user to select the field...
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    Pivot Table Filtering

    Is it possible to have a Pivot Table that you can filter the results by having a search box? I currently have a list of tasks with resource names assigned to them, and some tasks have more than one resource name. Currently my pivot table lists the resources as they appear on my table.. Eg...

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