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    Ploting of Graph IN PowerBI with different values and different Year

    Hi all, Hi all, Pretty to power BI charting and eager to learn and be involved in the community =) First i will show what i did previously using powerquerry and pivot chart in excel 2016 and then i show where i am stuck in powerBI Basically i have a simple table querry from SQL...
  2. I

    Colour Coding Slicer Selection to Match Colours on link PivotCharts

    Hi all, Wondering if this is even possible... Is it possible to set up a slicer so if when items is selected, the colour be synchronizes to the PivotCharts 'line' the Slicer is linked to? Furthermore, can this be applied to when multiple selections are made? E.g. Three people, Three names...
  3. A

    Insert Pivotcharts on User form Microsoft Excel 2013

    Hi I want to insert some pivotcharts and charts to userform in Microsoft Excel 2013 visual basic for application. Would you please help me on this ? Thank you in advance.
  4. T

    Filtered Pivot Tables Losing Filters When Slicer Changed. How Can I Prevent This?

    I have one data source with multiple columns - for the purpose of this question, the column I'm concerned about is Category. The Category has several choices available - Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3, Cat 4, Cat 5, Cat 6 & Cat 7. I need to display scores from Cat 1, 2, 3 and 5 as a pie chart, so I have...
  5. G

    VBA EXCEL - Add image to Pivotchart but which image to add depends on value in pivot table filter

    I have 2 sheets in Excel. Sheet 1 is my pivot table and Sheet 2 is the Pivotchart linked to the pivot table. What I need is to add different images on to the Pivotchart but which image to insert depends on what value has been selected in the pivot table filter. Any ideas how to write this code...
  6. E

    Subtotals in Pivot Charts?

    I know you can add subtotals in pivot tables, but can you add subtotals in pivot charts? Below is a small sample data. I would like a subtotal in chart for the Report Year. Thank you. Report filters: None Legend Fields (Series): Type Axis Fields (Categories): Report Year Values: Sum of Values...
  7. Q

    Copy And Align PivotChart into a seperate sheet

    Hi All, This is my first steps on VBA in Excel 2010 and I face a bit of a challenge, I hope someone will be able to help. I am treating with data concerning different factories having different production lines. Per factory, I am displaying 33 pivots charts next to their respective Pivot...
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    Pivots and Charts are broken on reopen

    Pivots and Charts reopen as text: ie cant open the Field List etc... Have no links/cubes etc as stated in other posts on the net. When opening from an email (sent the sheet to someone before closing it the first time) it works but after closing excel and opening it later they are all broken. I...

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