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    Conditionally format cells with values with decimal places

    Hello Excel community! I would like to conditionally format a column containing numeric values. For example, columns containing a number between 1-3, I would like to highlight in green. However, there are numbers with decimal places in my column, and Excel does not highlight them. For example -...
  2. W

    Formula/script for a selection procedure

    Hello experts, At my school we need a script/formula to automize a selection procedure. Students have to hand in 4 preferred schools and they also need to mentioned whether they want to start in autumn of spring. Conditions: Based on the rank (column F) the student with the highest score...
  3. C

    Database Design, One field table

    Hi. I have been fighting with myself over this design question, Is a one field table valid and of good design? I'm trying to create a database which records locations though time. So for a "place" it it will have a name (one or more) a population (zero or more census) a location (GeoCoded...
  4. E

    Rank with a 4 tie break criteria

    Hi all, this is my first post so please go easy :) I have a Speedway grand prix sheet i have put together with basic formulas. Not happy with that i have tried to go a bit further and have now gotten out of my comfort zone. As u can see from the sheet the AC column totals up the riders score...
  5. P

    Series formula needed

    Hi All, I am attempting to use a formula to create a repeating series that increments the whole number by one when the series is complete. For example, 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, 1.04, 2.01, 2.02, 2.03, 2.04, 3.01, etc. I am using this formula but it does not give me two decimal places. It gives me...
  6. E

    Round a value based on decimal places specified in another cell

    Is it possible to have a rounding formula reference another cell to determine how many decimal places to round? For example: Column 1 would be list of items. Column 2 would be a value/total associated with each item. Column 3 would list the unit of measure applicable to each item & value in...
  7. R

    Formula for PLACES not displaying the "TH" Places like 45th Place it comes out 45 Place

    In excel I have a formula displaying places ie !st Place, 2nd Place 3rd Place etc The formula is like this: =D46&MID("thstndrdth",MIN(100,2*RIGHT(D46)*(MOD(D46-11,100)>2)+1),2)&" Place" The problem I am encountering is that the "TH" places are not displaying like this: 45 Place 46 Place 47...
  8. T

    Format decimal point in cells

    Hi, New to the forum so please accept my apologies if I haven't used correct jargon. I am trying to insert a number in a cell that has 8 decimal places spot then 10 decimal places. i.e. 62105000.2000210104, excel keeps changing this to 62105000.200021000. I have tried customising the...
  9. C

    Truncation formula help needed

    I need help to multiply the contents of 2 cells and display result truncated to 5 decimal places. I want to do this in a single cell not multiple cells/steps
  10. A

    Add a specific number of decimals places before a number

    Hello, I was wondering how I could get a number from a cell, Lets say A1 = 3, and take another number, could range from 0 to 10, from D1 = 2, or something and take the value in A1 and turn it in .03 in cell C5, using VBA. D1 is going to set the number of decimal places including the value in A1...
  11. S

    Learning and Careers

    Hi All, I've been using VBA recently for work related stuff, and I'm a lot of fun with it. I love it! Can someone(s) advise on how to really learn it? I see some of the moderators here have authored books, are these places to start or progress to? Also, career-advise - how much formal...

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