1. J

    Create stacked column showing hours spent per week

    I want to create a chart that takes the amount of hours per project and spreads it over the time period it lasts. The chart should show a stacked column per week with hours for all projects. X-axis: Week no. Y-axis: Hours.
  2. R

    Power Bi

    Power Bi is not displaying content from the office planner.Our requirement is to office planner content in Power Bi Page.We are using tile with link set to office planner however we end up with error message "Content cant be displayed in iframe".Is therr any other method for dislaying the...
  3. A

    Weekly Planner- conditional formatiing

    Hello, I've created a weekly planner for revision, it has a start date, duration and % completed. The dates are in columns eg 29/03 am and 29/03 pm... It's all great when i enter the duration as 1 day and it highlights both AM and PM for that day. Can anyone tell me what is the conditional...
  4. C

    Creating floor plan, duplicating shapes

    I once used a document which I think was created on excel which was like a weekly planner but had shapes/icons listed in a key. You could drag and drop these icons in to the planner as much as you needed without it affecting the key. I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on how this was...
  5. J

    Excel growing planner

    Hello, I'm trying to make a planner that adds every week a new week and removes the past week every week is one column. So for example the first week is the current week, and starts in column I. next week is in column J and so on. The past weeks have to be removed. Is there a VBA code to make...
  6. F

    Convert a text string to a linked value

    I have a report that links data from other worksheets. The names of these worksheets change annually, for example "2018 Jobs Planner 2.0.xlsm", will become "2019 Jobs Planner 2.0.xlsm" next year.I am trying to calculate the name of the worksheet for the current year so it does not need to be...
  7. M

    Colour Cells based on multiple criteria Date, Staff and Status.

    I have a Worksheet with 2 Tabs. Tab 1 = Planner, Tab 2 = Source Data. Tab1 - Planner, Names and dates of the month <tbody> 1/6/18 2/6/18 3/6/18 4/6/18 5/6/18 6/6/18 7/6/18 8/6/18 9/6/18 Person1 Person2 Person3 Person4 </tbody> Tab2 - Source Data...
  8. Q

    conditional formatting

    Hi all, I am trying to make a cell highlight in red if there are more than 1 condition present. The table below represents a work rota and also a holiday planner underneath. The initials of each employee are entered into the rota for each day they are at work. If they are on a rest day (RD)...
  9. C

    Formula help for multiple lookups over two sheets

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and not very experienced with formulas in excel. I've created a workload planner which has multiple rows for each person based on the aspect of work they will be completing each day. Basically I now want to have a simplified table on a second sheet that will auto...
  10. F

    Creating a complex work schedule in excel

    Hi Everyone, I have had so much success using this site but I am facing another challenge here in excel. I have version 2013 on my windows computer. Goal: The goal is to create an easy to use schedule creator for the shifts here at my work. I am trying to make it very simple to use so that...
  11. M

    Help with #value! error

    Hi, can someone help with this error in excel. My formula is IF(WEEKDAY(DATEVALUE(MoMonth&" 1, "&MoYear))=COLUMN(B$2),1,IF(LEN(A6)>0,A6+1,"")) but cannot manage to solve it by meself. Its a week planner that adds the correct date and corresponding task to the day. Any help is much...
  12. X

    Using Vertex42 Daily Planner

    There are a few things I'm not getting. (1) Why is there an end date that appears to serve no purpose? I thought it might help print 7 daily schedules after putting in a start date. But I see no code for this? (2) How is the schedule meant to be used? Printing one day at a time, or is there a...
  13. J

    Year Planner Display Date include formula

    Hi I am building a year planner to track the progress and milestones for cost saving projects. I have one worksheet that contains all the milestones, due dates and the savings per month. My question is: Is it possible to build a calender where the cell displays the date (like a little...

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