1. H

    Avoiding INDIRECT when referencing and comparing ranges in different workbooks

    I work in Finance and have a QoL-issue with excelling daily. I use INDIRECT and SUMIFS constantly when comparing figures. Oftentimes it's about comparing latest estimates with previous forecasts or budgets in an earlier instances of the same file (although with a different name)...
  2. Kzantip974

    Scheduling - Create planning based on employee productivity

    Hi community, I hope you are doing well. I am working on a cool project to build cost-efficiency through better scheduling based on our staff productivity. CONTEXT - We are a pizza delivery company, employing drivers to deliver pizzas. - We proceed to schedule driver planning on a weekly basis...
  3. X

    How to spread a Target number into months by Historical Seasonality?

    Hi Community, I have month-wise data for the last 4 years and I have the overall year target for the current year. I am asking you to review whether my approach to dividing this target between the months is logical. Please feel free to add your approach on how to best do this. At first, I...
  4. L

    Production schedulling (times of machine)

    To anyone who can help!!?? Very new to excel but I know its magic (with the right person creating it). So at my place of work, the first thing I do in the morning is print out all the jobs for each machine we have. Each machine may have 20+ jobs on (11machines in total). I then manually time...
  5. A

    Resource Management and Planning Software

    Hello, I hope everyone is doing good. I am looking for some recommendations regrading the Resource Management and Planning Software. Is there a software, where I can manage and plan my organizational resources (Like a resource planning calendar). Also, everyone should have access to this...
  6. T

    Excel “no fill”macro

    I am looking for macro which will solve my issue. I have planning of machines per days, but on top of that I would like to have "overview" per machines (if there is no color fill in machine capacity planning then that means it's available for planning, otherwise is at machine planning is fill...
  7. J

    Importing dynamic worksheets from another workbook

    Good morning everyone. Have a question.. Hope someone can help. I have a history with programming in QBASIC, but VB is... a different ballgame. Here's what I'm trying to do at present. I am trying to marry several different workbooks for my work into one very powerful and highly automated...
  8. K

    Timeline Conditions

    Dear Experts, I need your help regarding timeline, i have below data from style to last date and i want to calculate day wise quantities according to below criteria. 1.5 Change over days are constant and days required are calculated =4000/800 >> 5 +C/O days >> 6.5 days. 1st Day Plan: 25% of...
  9. R

    Hotel planning, perpetual calendar, colorize planning

    Hi all, I'm new in this forum and beginner. I've followed tuto on Youtube but it's not complete at all. Is there any way how to make AddMe() function add information in table with a choice "morn" or after" if i want to book another client with the same day. I try to delete duplicate filter but...
  10. T

    Filter one dimension in a visual

    I'm new to Power BI. In a simple barchart i want to filter one specific dimension: For planning category A I want to see my data from jan till dec. For planning category B I want to see my data from feb till dec. When i filter using the visual filter i set a filter voor planning category A...
  11. T

    If an account contains actuals exclude values in visual

    Hello, I just starting using Power BI and i'm loving the tool. I have a question about following dataset (monthly load into Power BI) <tbody> date categorie account audittrail data 01.01.2019 Q1 Planning Input 15 01.01.2019 Actuals Actual upload 20 01.01.2019 RAF1 Actual upload 10...
  12. D

    Extracting infomation from a string

    Hi, I have a list of paths that I need to extract infomation from - <colgroup><col width="625"></colgroup><tbody> u:\Folder1\Folder 2\Folder 3\Info1\Info2\filename_info1_info2.xlsx </tbody> What I need to extract is Info1, Info2 and just the "filename" into individual cells. I've...
  13. M

    Formula Help! Match, VLOOKUP and sum to date range

    Hi There, I'm looking for some assistance with a formula I've been stewing over for a couple of days now and would appreciate some assistance. I am putting together a spreadsheet to help with forecasting where I have an input template that will feed a formulated forecasting vs. actual calc...
  14. S

    Most useful Excel templates for the home user

    I am interested to know which are the most useful Excel templates for such tasks as menu planning and managing household accounts and finances.
  15. R

    Planning Board that deducts holidays when added

    Hi All, I hoping for some advice on how to make a team planning board which reduces the employees holiday entitlement when a holiday is added to the board. Please see below picture to get an idea of what I am looking to create :) - the sheet only needs to capture holidays as a reducing value...
  16. N

    Load Planning

    Hello, I am looking for a spread sheet which will allow me to "cube" a trailer based, either by weight or space. Trailer and pallet restrictions/dimensions will vary depending on the ship to destination. I am targeting an excel based program due to in house restrictions (I have found other...
  17. S

    Sending a moving range of cells to different people

    Hey Guys, Okay this is going to be difficult to explain... :) First let me explain what I am trying to do. I have made a big planning with 46 different people in. They all have their collum. (dates are on the rows) They all need to get their piece of the planning. That for the easy part...
  18. B

    Workbook Open Change Links

    Hi There, I have a complex workbook which is shared. To work round the Macros / VBA in a shared workbook, I have used a hyperlink to open another set of workbooks to allow my macros to run. Is it possible if I can have the following - example. This week my shared workbook is called...
  19. D

    Planning Board

    Hi there, I am some what of an amateur excel user, but i am trying to design a packaging planning board for my manufacturing facility. Basically i am trying to create a front page that my customer relationship managers can use to create a bill of material, bulk issue and reconciliation...
  20. B

    Data Validation for planning

    Hello I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to set up this task of mine. I have a column that I called "Work Task". This column uses a Data Validation list of all the work tasks (85) we use. We use on average 10 work tasks a week. When I select from the work task I want to be...

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