1. D

    Sports Draft App Pick Simulation

    I am working on a sports draft app for fantasy sports. Some background on fantasy sports (this is for basketball), managers draft real life players to create teams, you get matched against with a different team each week, there are 9 stat categories tracked and depending on how many categories...
  2. R

    Excel - non vba code - Calculate Prize Money by Place

    Prizes are award to individual players by Flight; 5 places are paid, in the event of a tie, the prize money is distributed between the players and rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount; i.e., Player 3, 4 and 5 are tied for 2nd place – the prize award for 2nd place is $6, 3rd place is $5 and...
  3. D

    Hockey Pool Updates - Need VBA Help

    What I am attempting to is streamline my process of updating my hockey pool each season. It is a keeper league, and so each team can keep up to 4 players from their previous season's team. The other thing is that when a player is kept, his "draft pick value" is one round higher than his previous...
  4. A

    Week to week averages

    Hello, I run a dart league that runs for 30 weeks. I have a weekly worksheet that I enter the scores and the column Z (starting from 2 all the way down) calculates the average =IFERROR(AVERAGE($B2:$X2),0) and the player's name is on A2 of the sheet Then I have my results worksheet that gets...
  5. D

    Formula help for newbie

    Hi, i am trying to create a simple spreadsheet to track my team goalscorers, all i want is for the formula to notice a player name on one sheet and count the amount of goals he has scored on another sheet. The first sheet has the player name in column D and the amount of goals scored in that...
  6. G

    Online scoreboard

    I wish to create a scoreboard for pool matches on a live stream as an overlay image. I was thinking of using an external button box to change the variables within an excel file which then in turn changes said variables on my overlay. The variables I would require would be: Player 1 name...
  7. S

    Using a variable inside a range

    VBA newbie here. I am trying to create a tool for keeping stats for my son’s basketball team. In simple terms, this is what I want to create: Three buttons - Player A, Player B, Two Pointer. When Player A scores, I click the Player A button then the Two Pointer button. In my (inexperienced)...
  8. B

    Player Comparison Formula

    Hello, everyone! I have a workbook for you all to look at so you can better understand my problem. In the 'Player Comparisons' worksheet, a list is used in A1 that helps find the closest comparisons to the player selected and puts the names of those comparisons in cells D2-D6. In the 'Players'...
  9. G

    How to obtain song duration or title of song being played by windows media player

    I want to obtain the duration of a song being played by windows media player or the song title. I have no idea how to do this, please can you help? Not being that good I need code examples to follow or try to adapt. thank you in advance glassescase
  10. U

    Baskeball Lineup - Aggregate minutes

    Hopefully I can explain this well enough for someone to help me. I track stats for a basketball team, and am looking to sum up the total minutes every particular lineup of players is on the court. This data would be on a new worksheet as since we have 12 players on the team, if I calculate it...
  11. M

    Advanced Combination Generation

    I wouldlike to expand a combination generator I currently use. It is for use withfantasy football (or soccer). You must select a team of a set formation,specifically 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. The onlysolution I currently have is to list 20-25 players and...
  12. T

    Need help returning average of top 3 scores from most recent 5 at a moment in time

    Hi everyone. First post here and I need some help. I'm setting up a scoring sheet for a golf course that needs to calculate what we call a "quota". Your quota is an average of your top 3 scores from your 5 most recently played. I have the easy stuff done. A player's score is entered into a...
  13. E

    Masters Pool - Randomize question

    Hello, I am doing a masters pool with friends where we are each going to get 1 player. There are 86 players in the masters field and 86 people participating in the deal. How can i match the two randomly?
  14. P

    Help with incrementing number and keeping text the same

    Hi there, I have this string in A1: Player 1 and I'd like to setup excel so no matter what I typed I A1, that all the other predetermined cells auto increment by 1. For example: If I typed "Player 1" in cell A1, then cells A2 through A40 would change to "Player 2", "Player 3", etc. Hope...
  15. M

    Subtracting dates for days of rest for a player

    I have an ongoing database with multiple players. I need a formula to sort days of rest in between games (Column C) without sorting the players. I can get this to work if I sort the player ascending, but this causes extra work with the daily feed. I was wondering if there was a way to do this...
  16. Nitehawkhp

    Load FORM with data from Excel worksheet

    Hello again, I have a FORM that is used to select players/teams to play in a tournament, and then macros will generate brackets for the competition. The 'Yes' and 'No' cells also have radio buttons to select who will be playing during that round of competition. I have been unsuccessful at...
  17. Nitehawkhp

    Load player names into FORM automatically

    Hello again, I have a FORM that is used to select players/teams to play in a tournament, and then macros will generate brackets for the competition. On the FORM there are radio buttons before the 'Yes' and 'no' words. They are used to select who will be playing during that round of...
  18. B

    Question on Filling Out Fantasy Roster

    Hello, I'm trying to build a fantasy baseball spreadsheet. I have a list of players that I'm hoping to fill in each roster spot for each team. The player's name is in Column B. The player's position is in Column C. On the same tab, I'd like to place each player into a roster spot which is...
  19. D

    Problem with pasting zeros

    I have the following sub which copies and pastes a range of data which has been input by user on one sheet (Input) and appends it on (All Scores), which is a master sheet of a thousand or so players and a weekly score over a forty week season. The probelm is with zeros. I have set the workbook...
  20. V

    Golf betting game - Vegas

    I'm working on creating a golf scorecard that can keep track of multiple side games. I'm having trouble with one called Vegas or Casino. In said game, two man teams compete against each other by combining their scores into one number. For example: Player A = 4 Player B = 5 Team 1 score of 45...

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