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  1. HeRoseInThree

    I don't know what to call it. That's why I cant Google it : )

    First Name Last name Suffix Complete name Last, First Phone DOB Hire Term SSN Tenure Phone SSN Age john doe jr John Doe Jr Doe, John 8158675309 5/21/73 11/28/2017 123-45-6789 2 years, 11 months, 5 days (815) 867 - 5309 6789 47 If I enter a date in the term column (j2) is there a way to...
  2. HeRoseInThree

    Rolling duplicate columns

    Every couple of days I add data to column A. After I do, I insert another column A. I would like to see, if at any time, i have duplicate data in 3 consecutive columns.
  3. HeRoseInThree

    Help counting unique numbers

    Hello. I would like to count my data in column F, but only each unique entry. If I have multiple examples of a particular number, I need to exclude those. Thanks in advance
  4. L

    I’m trying to find a match from 2 columns against another 2 columns

    Hi I want to see if column A+B can find a match against columns D+E Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  5. HeRoseInThree

    Data refresh question

    I have a spreadsheet that has my driver's names (and other data) and another spreadsheet that I use that data for. When a driver is removed from the driver data spreadsheet, I receive an error on the other sheet... The formula works well until I remove a driver. The formula I use: ='[N&I...
  6. F

    How we can remove zeros before numbers?

    Hi, I need help to solve this issue, Like i have to many customer codes and they all have zeros before numbers like, <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Current Shape Required 000003 3 PAK LAND CHEMIST 000005 5 KHALID MEDICAL STORE 000006 6 CHISHTI MEDICAL STORE 000025...
  7. R

    VBA to ms access query date not working

    Hi im hoping someone can help me with this because i am really struggling.. I am having issue with ".CommandText = Array( _ "SELECT * FROM Consolidated WHERE [Start Date]> '2019-01-01 00:00:00'")" it seems to be working fine if i do the criteria on brand or anything else.. however it...
  8. M

    VBA Copy/Paste Worksheet

    Hi All - Having an issue with copying a worksheet and saving into destination on local drive with the data inside moved with all the equations and data validation - need to copy it only as a read only [No equations, No list] - values only - On Error Resume Next strDirname1 = "XYX"...
  9. T

    How to filter out #N/A Column BC in VBA

    The columns relevant here are BA,BB&BC although I may put this data on a separate sheet just in A, B & C The number of cells occupied and contents in BC changes. Which is why I can't press record and be happy. On Columns BA,BB&BC data filter is applied. I click the header drop down in BC and...
  10. L

    Transpose data - offset data one column

    Hi all - I have the below code to copy a set of row data from one tab and paste/transpose when a Command Button is clicked on a second tab. How do I edit this so that every time the Command Button is clicked, the data is pasted to the right on the first blank row? Currently, when it's clicked...
  11. L

    Transpose data - keep original formatting

    Hi all - I've got the below code to copy column data when a Command Button is pressed and paste/transpose on a different tab. Each time the button is pressed, the data is pasted on the next subsequent row. Is there a way to paste/transpose the data but keep the original cell formatting where...
  12. D

    macro code for search one functional code in entire column and copy paste all other data into another sheet

    hello i have tried macro for,the following thing. "list of codes" is a one excel book contains 16subject codes. "data file" is another excel has 25 columns of data students name ,id number,colege name,doj ,dob,area ,subject code,,etc.,; "imp details" is a new book Here ...
  13. G

    [VBA EXPERTS NEEDED] Mirroring columns to two different sheets

    I just created a thread but seems its gone.. so re-writing. What I am trying to do is make a range which will be mirrored in two different sheets. That is, they accept input which will be reflected in either of the range I specify. For example, if I put 123123 on Range1, it will be shown the...
  14. G

    Mirroring columns to two different sheets

    Hi guys.. my very first post to this site What I am trying to do here is making a two way input range in two different sheets That is, if I put anything in "A:A" Column(or specific range) in sheet1, it will appear on sheet2 "C:C" column(or specific range). Also, if I revise it on Sheet2 range...
  15. S

    Hide rows automatically when another cell contains specific texts

    Excel version 2013 on windows. I have a spread sheet that I need to hide entire rows based on another cells contents. I need two rules, based on different conditions. Rule 1 When cell C14 contains "Select" I need Rows 20:34 to be hidden. When Cell C14 contains Anything other than "select"...
  16. T

    Combining Formulas

    <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 Contract# Contract amount Already encumbered Invoices Paid Already Encumbered Balance Current Contract Amount Encumbered Unencumbered Balance 2 1234 100 50 40 40 10 </tbody> I made a small copy of my spreadsheet. I will try to explain what I want to do to...
  17. J

    Macro to send worksheet to Outlook email

    Hi, I am not too familiar with macros. Is it possible to create a macro that will send a worksheet as an attachment to an Outlook email? I would like to create a "Submit" button at the bottom of my worksheet that will send the email if possible. Also, is it possible to have a dialogue box open...
  18. N

    Array and Variable Help

    Hello, Goal = To have a combo box add an item for each cell in a range. I have a userform where a user can select a material, and based upon the material selected another combo box is loaded with color choices that they can select from. But I want this to happen automatically when I add or...
  19. G

    How do create Students Rank List Based on Pass candidate only

    How do create Students Rank List in excel,Based on "Pass" candidate only To assume Rank,If "fail"candidates not assume that marks. I tried this formula =RANK(c6,$c$6:$c$41) It's assumed all marks to getting Rank for pass & fail students. This is wrong, i want only Rank for pass students only not...
  20. D

    countif Query for champs

    <colgroup><col style="text-align: center;"><col style="text-align: center;"><col style="text-align: center;"><col span="2" style="text-align: center;"><col style="text-align: center;"></colgroup><tbody> Posting Date Order No Customer No Combo Code Item Desire Out Put 4/19/2016...

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