please help

  1. J

    Copy Paste Multiple Worksheets w/ variable ranges into 1 master sheet vba code

    I created a workbook with multiple time cards (1 for each employee on different sheets). I need a vba code to copy and paste from each sheet into a compiled master sheet ("Data") The first line of data in each timecard sheet is in B8:H8. Some timecards could have a variable amount of lines from...
  2. W

    a personal nightmare

    I have a working code to ask user for: - a product - what column to put it in - quantity of product All this happens based on customers region and checkboxes. (Checked regions will get data from user input) Code is working fine in columns from C all the way to Z. But when I try to change the...
  3. I

    Need Help with this Excel file

    I need help regarding attached excel file: 1. If I select "At Par" from the drop down menu the % cell should only accept zero as a value. 2. If I select "Above or Below" from the drop down menu the % cell should accept only positive values greater than zero.
  4. J

    Pull data to new sheet from a specific data set (column)

    Hi All, I really hope some genius can help me. Excel in Office 365. I have a spreadsheet that contains an array of data (column A-Q and row 2-10,000) The data that I have is generated from 34 sheets within the spreadsheet (I have converted each sheet into a table) and have been collated all...
  5. Yakillinmesmalls

    I just want to attach sheet 2 to my email, not the entire workbook

    Hi, I'm creating an Incident Management form that has two buttons. One for injuries and the other for near misses. when the injury button is clicked, a message pops up instructing the employee on next steps, once the OK button is clicked on the message box, the email pops up where the employee...
  6. R

    highlighting if specific number appears multiple times

    Hi guys, very new to excel! I was wondering if there is a formula you can use to highlight if a specific word or number is repeated over a certain amount of times e.g. I want to highlight the cells that contain the number 19 only if it has appeared in the whole spreadsheet 3 times basically...
  7. S

    Next 5 April from any given date in Excel

    Hi All I'm trying to return the next 05 April from any given date, with the cell A11 holding the date. I was using this: =IF(MONTH(A11+1)=4,A11+1,DATE(YEAR(A11)+1,4,5)) Which works fine unless the date I'm using is a month less than 4 (eg jan,feb,march,April) as it will then return to me the 5...
  8. HeRoseInThree

    Counting the incidents that occur on a specific day of the week

    I am using =SUMPRODUCT(--(WEEKDAY(A$5:A$9999)=1)) to count the incidents that occur on a Sunday and =SUMPRODUCT(--(WEEKDAY(A$5:A$9999)=2)) for Monday and so on. They are working great, except for Saturday =SUMPRODUCT(--(WEEKDAY(A$5:A$9999)=7)). I am getting a value that is 9000+ higher than...
  9. HeRoseInThree

    Is there a way to paste and match the destination formatting by default?

    This would be helpful. Thanks in advance!!
  10. HeRoseInThree

    I'd like to highlight all duplicate cells, while ignoring empty cells

    Is there a way to highlight all duplicate cells while ignoring empty cells? I have my data in s12:y31 THANKS in advance!
  11. HeRoseInThree

    adding iferror to an established formula to avoid #N/A error message

    I have a formula that works great when the spreadsheet is empty, but when I start adding any data it presents an error. Is there a way to add iferror to keep the cell blank until the cell has pertinent data? O2#N/AO2O2=IF(ISBLANK(A19),"",VLOOKUP("tow",A$19:B$38,2,0))
  12. HeRoseInThree

    Conditional formatting cells in column B based off of values in column A

    I am trying to highlight column B based off of values in column A. If A has the word parts in it, then I want B to change. I Googled it and seen several examples, I just can't find a way that works for me...
  13. HeRoseInThree

    If formula, with a twist

    I have an if formula that has a variable. I'd like to search for a keyword (diesel) and if it is found, return a string. I thought about IF(F23="*diesel",S$33 but that didn't work. Any ideas?
  14. HeRoseInThree

    The first part of this formula works, but not the rest.

    The first 4 parts work, but none of the rest. Any ideas why? =IF(ISBLANK(A19),"",IF(A19="tow","Towing",IF(A19="etow","Emergency roadside towing",IF(A19="itow","In house towing",IF(A19="inspect","Inspect to determine necessary repairs",IF(A19=”dot”,"DOT re-inspection fee",IF(A19=”scene”,"Clean...
  15. HeRoseInThree

    Adding new columns and keeping the old formulas

    If I add a new column A, that changes all of my other formulas. Is there a way to add a new column (every 2 days) and have it add the new column in the formula? Example. I have in M2 a formula: =COUNTIF(A$2:C$30,L2) But, when I add a new column A, the new formula will be =COUNTIF(B$2:D$30,M2)...
  16. HeRoseInThree

    I don't know what to call it. That's why I cant Google it : )

    First Name Last name Suffix Complete name Last, First Phone DOB Hire Term SSN Tenure Phone SSN Age john doe jr John Doe Jr Doe, John 8158675309 5/21/73 11/28/2017 123-45-6789 2 years, 11 months, 5 days (815) 867 - 5309 6789 47 If I enter a date in the term column (j2) is there a way to...
  17. HeRoseInThree

    Rolling duplicate columns

    Every couple of days I add data to column A. After I do, I insert another column A. I would like to see, if at any time, i have duplicate data in 3 consecutive columns.
  18. HeRoseInThree

    Help counting unique numbers

    Hello. I would like to count my data in column F, but only each unique entry. If I have multiple examples of a particular number, I need to exclude those. Thanks in advance
  19. L

    I’m trying to find a match from 2 columns against another 2 columns

    Hi I want to see if column A+B can find a match against columns D+E Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  20. HeRoseInThree

    Data refresh question

    I have a spreadsheet that has my driver's names (and other data) and another spreadsheet that I use that data for. When a driver is removed from the driver data spreadsheet, I receive an error on the other sheet... The formula works well until I remove a driver. The formula I use: ='[N&I...

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