1. A

    Bill Jelen Channel on YouTube not in Podcast Order

    I have a Roku, an iPad and an iPhone and I am subscribed to the Bill Jelen channel. While I am very familiar with Excel, I want to start at the first one and go through each one. When I look at the list of videos many are not in order. For example, the first one I see is 2188 and then 2187...
  2. M

    HELP! Cannot Play Podcasts on this site

    I am using a iMac G5 with Operating system OS Tiger 10.4.11 I cannot click on anything to play the podcasts on this site for example http://www.mrexcel.com/excel_video_t...vot_table.html Am I missing a step? or two? or three? :confused:
  3. K

    Podcast Problems

    I am having several issues. First, the podcasts download into iTunes but can't be sync'd to my iTouch because "they cannot be viewed by my ipod", which I think is really strange. I looked at the "get info" and the only difference between 05/08 episode and the last week's was screen...
  4. M

    Podcast Epsiode 1175 BUG

    In Episode 1175 When Bill adjusts the formula the value reads as 7. However when he copys it down the value changes to 8. I had a closer look and when he copies the formula down ALL the data values (B2:M4) change. Why is this? What happened there?
  5. T

    Downloading Old Podcasts

    I use a Mac. I recently reinstalled OSX & realized then that I had not been backing up my podcasts. I lost ALL of my Mr. Excel podcasts prior to mid-June of this year. I have tried downloading them one at a time into iTunes, but this is extremely time consuming. In addition, once I got to...
  6. S

    vba code used in podcast #1072

    I was wondering if anybody got a copy of the vba code used in podcast #1072. I tried to capture it in screen shots but missed part of it.
  7. S

    VBA code in Podcast 1072-Inserting Multilple Worksheets having names specified in a range

    I liked the video Podcast 1072 of Mr. Excel a lot. A line of the VBA code Set WSN = WBN.Worksheets.Add(after:=WBN.Worksheets(Ctr) is incomplete when the video completes 2 minutes (see just above Bill's pic), Please help by mentioning the complete code of the above line here. I do not know...
  8. L

    Vista/Windows Media Player/podcasts

    For better or for worse, I bought a laptop with Vista. I was able to listen to Mr. Excel's archived podcasts beforehand with no problem. It would appear in a new tab in Explorer 7.0. After installing Windows Media Player I have problems. It tries to open in Windows Media...

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