1. Jyggalag

    How to remove borders in PowerPoint without merging cells?

    Hi all, I have a table that looks like this: Whenever I try to remove the borders, I am left with 2 possibilities: Either the border is removed and I am left with a white border (rather than a full green box) where the old border was, or (most common) the cells are merged into one big green...
  2. N

    VBA reads cella value ok, but assigns a point value as 0

    I am trying to loop through a number of cells with vba, and return each cell's value. I used the watch windows, and saw that even though the cell().value returned a number different than 0, the a point array of double was assigned a value of 0. This is the code that I got from a site and edited...
  3. B

    What does @before a function do in new Excel

    I had a popup to explain this change in my formulas but accidentally closed it before reading it... Can someone point me towards an explanation? Example =@IFS(AVERAGE(C14:E14)>=90,"A",A...
  4. J

    FileDialogSaveAs not saving anything?

    Hi all, Below is a trimmed down version of the code that I'm attempting to use, the code executes fine when attempting to save using Ctrl s up to the point of hitting the save button on the file dialog pop up. At this point the pop up closes and nothing happens, no file is saved. Using save as...
  5. L

    named range changed when I inserted a row

    Hi I named A1:A10 as myrange1. Then I inserted a empty row between row 2 and 3. To my surprised now myrange1 is actually A1:A11 ? Is that by design? if yes, then what is the point of naming range when I can not grante, it will point to the cells I want. Thank you
  6. D

    advanced filtering vba picks up wild cards?

    so i have in column A...booking point...and under that...x376x, x324x.... in column B, i have product type....under that, TR Swap for whatever reason, when i pull this data in using a vba macro based on the criteria above, it's also pulling in booking point "x324xVAL," but i dont want that...i...
  7. F

    using Hyperlink function to extract Google kilometers into Excel Spreadsheet automatically

    Dear members of the forum, I'm struggling with a mind-numbing task that needs immediate automation. While we're looking for cheap alternatives to employ for automating kilometer calculation from point A to point B, I thought it's best to inquire the forum what are the possible options to 1)...
  8. D

    Dynamic Chart help Excel 2007

    Need help taking the last data point (DCP) off several dynamic linear charts. The last data point is the weekly average and it often creates a blip at the end of the data. No VBA please. Thank you so much...
  9. M

    How do I get a label in a scatter plot instead of "Series 1 Point"?

    I've got a scatter plot and when I hover over a point, it says something like: Series 1 Point "1.03" (1.03, 4.12) Series 1 Point "2.7" (2.7, 3.06) I'd prefer for it to say: Thomas (1.03, 4.12) Leslie (2.7, 3.06) I can get the labels onto the chart, the problem is when hovering the mouse...
  10. C

    Employee Attendance Tracking with Points - help with SUMIF Formula

    I am working on an employee attendance spreadsheet that is based on a point system. Point values are associated with different absence reasons and tracked on a rolling 12-month calendar. I was able to successfully complete a spreadsheet to take care of this part. However, I am unable to figure...
  11. M

    recording changes to a value so i can plot a graph

    Hi i'm having an issue working out how to go about recording changes to a value that's dynamic (Changes from month to month) so i can make a graph. Bit hard to explain so i'll post a screenshot. If someone could point me in the right direction happy to learn If any additional info required...
  12. R

    Counting Blank Cells

    In row 3 are dates, from 11/25/18 starting in B3 to today 8/27/19 in JQ3. There will be numbers being entered below the dates...say for row 4. I’m looking to count blank spaces between the numbers that may appear in the cells in row 4. For every 42 blank cells that is the equivalent to 1. The...
  13. B

    Linear Line

    Hi, I've searched the net high and low, tried slope and trend suggestions but no success, please help?! On my chart I have an automatic Linear trendline, however if I hover over any point there are no data value for the most up to date end point as is relevent to the x,y values of the rest of...
  14. X

    Area graphs ends on axis mid point

    Hello Excel Gurus, I want the gray area to go through December column rather than stopping on the mid point. Any ideas how to do this neatly? see screenshot: https://ibb.co/qxnwBVv Forever thankful to this amazing community, Xavier
  15. D

    Insert Row and Copy Down 300 times

    Hello, I've been searching with no success. I have 300 rows of data and I'd like to insert 7 new rows between each data point, copy that data point down those new rows, then move to the next data point. This will be done 300 times until I have 2,400 rows of each data point copied 8 times. Any...
  16. sharky12345

    Add decimal point at specific position

    I'm using this to loop through a series of Textboxes on a Userform and enter a decimal point after the first 2 numbers entered; Dim ctrl As MSForms.controlFor Each ctrl In Controls If ctrl.Name Like "TextSTime*" Then If Len(ctrl.Value) = 3 Then ctrl.Value = Left(ctrl.Value, 2) & "." &...
  17. S

    Creating a 'league table' based on yes/no responses

    Hi. In my sheet I have data in a b c & d which can be a yes or no. Column E contains a name or email address. I want to create a 'league table' where if there's a 'no' in a, it's 1 point, b =2 points, c=1 point, d=1 point There are hundreds of rows and the names in E can be the same, I want...
  18. B

    Row Data Compare

    Hello Friends, I have to do data compare from two data sources treating first data as correct and highlight any data point in the second data source that doesn't match the data point in the first data source. Example - Any difference in source B row should be highlighted. The original excel...
  19. V

    VBA Excel code doesn't run completely

    I have a macro but when i run, i only run to specific line code (of course i don't use break point mode or F9) Eg: Line 1: ..... " code here " Line 20: ... " code here " Line End:... It only runs to Line 20 and stop there, i have to press F5 if i want to continue. That is like break point mode...
  20. rskip

    Rank using 2 tie breaker columns

    Hello, I am needing to rank a table that has columns for Names, Point Totals, Avg Race Position, and Avg Qualify Position. The ranking should be by largest point totals, however if there is a tie, the first tie breaker would be by lowest avg race position, and if still a tie, by lowest qualify...

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