1. L

    Sum if Question

    I have a list of employees in Column A (some employees are listed multiple times), Column B is the date, and Column H is a points total. Column P I have a unique sorted list of each employee. I would like Column Q to show to sum of points for each employee from column H. I am not sure how to...
  2. A

    Football prediction formula

    Hi I am trying to write a formula that will work out scores for me based on a set of predictions against foot ball scores - I have set out the table below. For each correct result, so for example you predict a 1-0 win and its a 2-1 win you get 1 point. For each correct result and score, so for...
  3. M

    Pivot Table Not Returning Sum, Only Returns "0"

    I am trying to simplify a horrible and old spreadsheet for attendance tracking (there is a worksheet for every employee, SMH). I am moving everything to a new spreadsheet to just be on one sheet with all of the data, and a pivot table to display the count of types of occurrences, and another...
  4. J

    line graph

    Hello All I was wondering how do I change the dot size (plot points) on a line graph Mine are too big Thank you Jason
  5. F

    Finding the number of duplicate points in the plane

    I have 2 columns representing points P in the x-y plane, e.g. Pn xn yn P1 2 3 P2 1 2 P3 9 6 P4 2 5 P5 1 2 P6 2 5 How can I find the number of duplicate points (e.g. 2 here)? Needs to be via formula, not manually or code.
  6. S

    Scatter Plot X,Y Coordinate Number of Occurrences

    I am looking to build a scatter plot to illustrate how many times an X,Y coordinate appears. So, if I have 15 occurrences of 2,3 then I would like to see 15 points at 2,3 on my chart. If I have 3 occurrences of 2,1 XY corrdinate, I want to see 3 points right there. I need this to be a scatter...
  7. C

    Gradient Y Axis

    Hello, I'm wondering if there is a weigh to "weight" my y axis on an excel chart. I have many points that fall in between $0 and $1,000,000, fewer that fall between $1,000,001 and $10,000,000 and very few greater than $10,000,000. So, I would like the points that fall in between $0 and...
  8. L

    If statement or something else

    Hi, I need to calculate the points in the lower table as per the numbers in the top table: So, Emma's points for interviews needs to be worked out 4 interviews, but as she is 2 interviews higher than the average the 2 above are worth double so 2*10 plus 2*20 - is this possible? Need to...
  9. E

    Adding total points from multiple rows

    Hi there! I am trying to add the total points earned from a student. However, student ID column contains duplicate ID numbers. What I want to do is to create another column showing the student ID and the total points earned. Thank you StudId TOTAL POINTS 1619419 0.3 1619419 1 1619419 0.3...
  10. danhendo888

    How to get my formula to produce a cell reference

    Cell B1 in Sheet 3 =A(MATCH('Sheet1'!A55,'Sheet2'!A1:A28,0)) Suppose the MATCH formula produces the number 8 How do I make it so that the whole formula points to cell A8 Want to be able to use it in other formulas and point to cell A8
  11. G

    Line graph with two data sets

    I have a graph which tracks two sets of percentage values by weeks on the x axis. The data is in two adjacent columns and works well if I have multiple rows of data. I use code to set the data source using a dynamic range. If I remove all rows other than the first, the chart shows two points...
  12. B

    Overrule conditional formatting

    I've made a spreadsheet to keep score of a soccer tournament, and I would like to fill the cells if certain conditions are met. To do that I use Conditional Formatting. Doing that I've encountered a very strange problem: Conditional Formatting overrules horisontal lines, but not vertical...
  13. D

    Rank Function without Zeros

    I am needing help on a formula that ranks a set of cells. some will have data and some will not depending on the time the report is ran. I am attempting to exclude the data with zeros and no data from the rankings. Current formula used : =IF(Q6=0,"",RANK(Q6,$Q$6:$Q$20,1)) <colgroup><col...
  14. J

    Assign numerical points based on dropdown text values?

    Hi! I would like to create a point systems where I assign different points based on yes or no answers through a dropdown, i.e. Question 1: Yes = 2 No = 0 Question 2: Yes = -1 No = 0 etc... How can I do that? Thanks in advance! :)
  15. W

    Skills Matrix equation help

    Good Morning, I need help with an equation to finish my skills matrix. I want the calculate the hour rate of pay to increase for every skill greater than 1. Each skill has a total of 4 levels. Level 1 = Basic Level 2 = Performs with help Level 3 = Performs well Level 4 = Trainer So let say...
  16. O

    Need help transforming my code

    I guess I've just been using For-Next loops because they were easy to set up, but now I've come across a problem that requires a more sophisticated approach and I'm at a loss to how to set it up. Below is the code I've been using. It works by finding a specific year and then captures and...
  17. S

    Apply Value Filter to Pivot table using VBA

    I have a list of properties in a Pivot table and want to have it so its like A Real Estate website where you choose between certain price points. Slicers dont really work as there are over 25 price points. I have done some research and there doesnt appear to be a kind of timeline for just values...
  18. C

    Need To Total Specific Cells and Their Opposites

    I'm trying to setup a list that totals 'points scored' by team and 'points allowed' by team. I can use SUMIFS to total the points scored, as I can total referencing the team name, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to total the points allowed, as that teams name will constantly change...
  19. A

    Assigning macro to SCROLL BAR/SPIN BUTTON

    HI, I have X,Y,Z coordinates of points(10 points) on a line. This line changes according to Time.. for each time change line changes and points on it also changes. Suppose it changes 5 times So I will have 5 such XYZ values for those 10 points. I have data for each time pasted in different...
  20. A

    Where to start with a Speadsheet for calculating what points a person has accumulated

    Hi All, my first post so sorry if its in the wrong place! Im looking to make a spreadsheet for a local club which im involved with that will track their points throughout a season and show who is the winner at the end. Basically its a horse riding club and they have around five events a year...

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