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    How to Activate/Merge Multiple Dependent Dropdown menus based on a Cell with Multiple Data Validation Selections

    I have 2 questions: 1. I have constructed a Macro workbook divided by three tabs: “IDL," “HSN" and “ List”. The List tab, outlines all the drop down menu options based on Categories (Apparel, Bath Bedding, Décor, Furniture etc.). For example if the user chooses “Apparel” in Column E, the...
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    Would like to use a pop up calendar in widely distributed workbook

    I have a commonly distributed scheduling workbook that i would like to add in a pop up calendar to a date field. I have no problems adding this with proper functionality to my machines, however as soon as it is sent to a customers, they run into errors due to missing reference libraries. How can...
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    Pop up calendar in userform - Need to limit entry

    I have a userform with two pop up calendars (calendar1 and calendar2). Calendar1 is the "start date" and must be a Monday. I have this portion working fine. If they select a date other than a Monday an alert message will pop up notifying the user a Monday must be selected. I need to limit the...
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    Problem with pop up calendar

    Hey guys, I am working on a macro that uses a userform in which a user can enter information about incoming parts. One of the entries in the form is the date on which the part came in which is selected using a pop-up calendar and then stored into a combo box. Once the user types in all of the...
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    Calendar control gradually gets bigger!

    Hi All, I stumbled across this code to incorporate a pop-up calendar in a form I have developed. However the calendar dimensions (height and width) gradually get bigger and bigger (meaning, that as I continue to use the form, each time I open it it seems to be bigger than the time before), and...
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    Pop Up Calendar Help

    Hi, Does anybody know when I add a pop up calendar on a user form, I am able to choose the date and have the textbox filled while using the mouse, but when using the Arrow keys I can move around from date to date, but I cannot make a selection when I hit the 'Enter' key. Does anybody have a fix...
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    I found an Excel Workbook on the web and found it very helpful to create a calendar that has no controls. http://www.tracykaye.com/Calendar10.xls I modified it to this below. http://www.tracykaye.com/NoControlCalendar.xls I am trying to change the look of this calendar. Here is a picture...
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    Pop up calendar

    I am sharing this with the community as I spent all day trying to find a pop-up calendar that will automatically open up when specific cells are selected. I hope this helps someone that had the same problem I had. I am a complete novice. And I got this to work perfectly... with one exception...
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    cell formatted pop-up calendar

    When a user enters a cell (merged or not) that is formated with a date format, I want to pop up a button right next to the active date formatted cell? Then I want this button to open a date picker/pop-up calendar right next to the button. Then when the calendar closes... so does the button. I...

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