1. L

    VBA code which show a Pop Box in Excel if condition is meet.

    Hello Friends I am in little trouble hope you will help me. I have a excel sheet and into this sheet data is fetch from another Software (Live Data). <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> Company Name Value Reaching Value Status A 1000 2500 Sell B 5000 2500 C 4000 2500...
  2. S

    Stop or Remove File from trying to access external sources or websites

    The file in question is created by me (let's call it "File X"). It is located in my company's Shared drive - where all my files are kept. Another company (from Europe) sent us a file to fill out for them. When opened, it had a bunch of links to sites and sources that we don't have access to...
  3. J

    Pop up message

    Hi, have these codes to remind me bill payments (this workbook has two sheets) the problem having if I am working the other sheet when times for the pop up get error message is there any way the message pop up even I am the other sheet. codes: Sub popup()Dim lstRow As Long Dim i As Long Dim...
  4. J

    FileDialogSaveAs not saving anything?

    Hi all, Below is a trimmed down version of the code that I'm attempting to use, the code executes fine when attempting to save using Ctrl s up to the point of hitting the save button on the file dialog pop up. At this point the pop up closes and nothing happens, no file is saved. Using save as...
  5. T

    drop down list for comment

    is there anyway to have a selection list to choose from instead of writing a comment in the comment box? Here is what I would like to do: If any cell in range H7:H37 , J7:J37, L7:L37 (which are populated by a validation list) is less than 5, then a comment box would pop up offering the...
  6. D

    Pop up message when numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4 are entered into entire columns AI through AV

    I have a people list for my company that I work for. We want to keep track of training for each individual associate. We have columns AI through AV starting on row 3 set up with our different lines. We rate their level of training 1-4. So we want a brief message to pop up when one of the cells...
  7. E

    Pop up window

    I am making a userform in excel using VBA. I want whenver a textbox1 is left blank after clicking a save button a pop up window is trigerred saying "the textboox1 cannot be left blank" I know how to do this Function ValidateForm() As Boolean ValidateForm = True If Trim(a1.Value) =...
  8. E

    Pasting Data Based On Drop Down

    Hi all, So I have an Excel Worksheet with a data validation drop down. I am trying to have data pasted based on said drop down. The data validation drop down is constantly changing. Based on the table provided, I need Sheet 2 to populate based on a data validation drop down provided in cell...
  9. J

    Calendar form does not pop up after saving from email

    Hello, I'm created an outlook template with a macro-enabled workbook attached. When the recipient saves the workbook, the calendar form doesn't pop up in specified cells even after the person had clicked 'enable content' when the warning message about macros popped up. Is this a problem that...
  10. A

    Drop down list that doesn't allow items selected in other lists.

    I am creating an order form that allows users to select items from a drop down. I want a pop up to show up when they order the same item more than once. I have the following formula for the Data Validation (list) for the drop down...
  11. M

    double click userform

    I want to double click on a row, application.workbook.worksheet(1).range ("A1"). When I double click on it it shows a pop out a userform Thank you in advance
  12. N

    Finding / Listing all Members of a Team

    Hi. I have a table containing staff member names (column A), team they belong to, which is numbered between 1 to 30 (column B) and contact info / location info in columns C and D. The whole range is A4:D434. What I'd (ideally) like to do is have a Userform pop up and show all of the staff...
  13. J

    VBA: When conditions are met, a message box will pop up

    Sheet1: <tbody> 1 Cat 2019-05-21 Error... This, this, and this 2 Dog 2019-05-21 Error. This, this, and this 3 Mouse 2019-05-25 In order - that, that, and that 4 Fish 2019-05-26 Where, when, why, and how </tbody> Sheet2: <tbody> 5 2019-05-22 Dog ... 6 2019-05-22 Fish ... 7...
  14. H

    VBA Code Question - Novice

    Hi I've developed a worksheet with a rating scale. I've been attempting to code where if an exclamation mark occurs, a pop message appears. However, the pop up message only appears when I double click on the cell where the exclamation mark (!) occurs. My desired outcome is when the exclamation...
  15. X

    Help with VBA

    Just trying to create a macro that runs when I open my workbook. I need it to check a date in a column(h) and return a pop up if the date is today or has gone past already. I then need to check a column in the same workbook(i) to see if there has been another date entered and if there has to...
  16. B

    Need help with an excel pop up calendar property

    Hi Everyone, Wondering if anyone knows how to change the Excel pop up calendar to show the correct month, day & year? The tag at the bottom of the calendar shows Today:5/4/2019 but the calendar itself pops up showing March. I know you can change the VALUE in the calendars property but I don't...
  17. N

    Help to set expired day to open excel file

    Hi all I have workbook shared to someone, but I want this excel file can open if the day before 31/12/2019. If file open on day after 31/12/2019 will have pop up messegbox "File was experidated" then delete this file when user click "OK" button in Pop up. Please help me to do that, thanks./.
  18. DataBlake

    Character Limit As Conditions

    Hello All, I'm looking for efficiency so a formula or VBA will work for this. I'm trying to find the best way to create a title that is as close to 80 characters as possible So the title is broken down like this Quantity - Color1 - Brand1 - Size1 - Style1 - Pattern1 - Size2 - Brand2 -...
  19. S

    Alert from excel file

    Hi all I have excel file with macro. Now my file popup alert when open and not allow to save file without save new one. Pop up alert like the image I attack, please tell me wha't the matter with my file. Thanks./.
  20. G

    Format pop up message

    Hi all, Is there a way of formatting a pop up box in excel? I have created a pop up message to appear when the file is opened, but it doesn't stand out very well against the white excel sheet itself! Just want to change the background colour of the Pop up box and the font Any ideas? Thanks...

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