1. S

    VBA Userform Populate a Listbox from Table

    Hi, So I am missing the complete obvious here but I am trying to populate a listbox in a userform from an named excel table. I have managed to do this by creating a named range that refers to the table, code A below. But when I am using my userform to delete entries it is crashing out and...
  2. S

    Populating data from another sheet from list then clearing after viewing

    Hello, So I have an interesting problem, I am making a maintenance list for many machines and tools. I would like the first sheet of my workbook to be the only visible sheet in the workbook and everything else to be hidden. I have already made it so I have another sheet that is a so called...
  3. K

    Populating Listbox/ Textbox based on criteria or listbox selection

    I have a userform that i need a listbox filled with 2 columns from another sheet based on the contents of a Textbox in the userform I have the Textbox populated, and can fill the listbox column 1 I then need to populate 2 other textboxes based on the selection made in the listbox TextBox1 holds...
  4. moonsugar

    Could I have some help with this project? Repeat a set of cells down the length of a column

    Hi there! I've been using Google Sheets for some years, and have just come back to Excel for the first time since 2007. I've just spent perhaps the better part of an hour trying to search for what I'm trying to accomplish, with no luck. Somehow I've managed to do it before a few times, but I...
  5. V

    Populate one cell based on another

    Hello All, I am looking for code to do the following... 1. Find the column (in row 1) named "Customer Number" 2. Find the column (in row 1) named "Model Number" 3. Find the column (in row 1) named "Model Color" 4. For every cell in the "Model Number" column named "Sky", populate the cell in...
  6. S

    Userform Combibox (dropdown) box populating

    Good Morning, I've got a data array, which my userform combibox/dropdown menu references. I have 100 available "slots" for data input in the array, but I don't use all of them. The initialize code (below) works well for the combibox to populate it. However, being as I only use about 20 of...
  7. S

    auto populate

    ok, i'll explain as best I can in d2:s2 I have week numbers in a3:a100 I have part numbers what I am looking to achieve is if I populate (as an example) h15 a formula in c15 will populate with the relevant week number from row 2
  8. A

    Populate Range from string

    I'm passing a Range to my Form via a Property Dim Rng as Range Public Property Let rRange(z as Range) Set Rng= z End Property Then I attempt to populate that range (which is a single cell) Private Sub cmdApply_Click() Worksheets("Sheet1").Range(rng).Value = Me.txtTest End Sub I get error 1004...
  9. M

    Auto populate with data validation

    Hi all, can't seem to figure out an issue. I have data is cell A1 but want it to populate the next 2 cells only. Then the user will have to select data from a drop down list on the next cell following the 2 cells. Example : Colors: Green,Yellow,Red Drop down selection: Free,Green,Yellow,Red...
  10. L

    How to populate a cell[s] by clicking on another cell

    Hi all, 1st post here. I want to cells to populate with "Y" when someone clicks on another cell in a worksheet. Is this possible within excel? If so, could someone assist. Example, someone clicks on cell A1 then cells A2, A3, A4, A5 etc. are populated with Y. Thanks.
  11. A

    VBA Syntax For Dynamic Formula Statement For a Range of Cells

    Hello, I am struggling with the syntax of the following line in red ... With ws_srcdata src_lrow = .Cells(Rows.Count, 7).End(xlUp).Row src_rowcnt = src_lrow - 1 'populate calculated columns For r = 2 To src_lrow 'Z - Net Use Hours...
  12. S

    Populate rest of Userform based on two ComoboBox Values

    Hey all, I am trying to quickly get order data from a single sheet of over 3000 entries using a UserForm to make it as simple as possible for staff. So far i've made a userform that i want to use containing a number of text boxes: "Cust ID", "Order #", "Item", "Part No", "Date Ordered"...
  13. S

    Populate Outlook Userform Listbox From Excel Data Table

    Hi Guys, I know how to populate a Userform Listbox from within excel, but I want to create a listbox in Outlook to be populated from data in the first column of an Excel table. At the moment I have this from within Excel: Me.ListBox1.List =...
  14. P

    runtime error '380 Could not set the rowsource property. Invalid property value

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() ComboBox1.Value = "Please Select an employee from the dropdown" ComboBox1.RowSource = "Sheet1!A3:A" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row End Sub Why won't this code populate my combobox? It worked for the person in the YouTube video. Thank You
  15. J

    Email 'Do It All Super' Button

    Hello! I would like to send an email from excel that has a pre-populated body of text that but also pulls some data from an excel sheet to populate parts of the email. So for example, you would click the macro....a prompt would ask for a row number and based on that, the email box would pop...
  16. J

    Referencing columns by number in macro?

    Hi, I'm looking to pull the contents of multiple workbooks into one, and found this old thread, the first reply works perfectly: https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/818972-macro-pull-all-data-every-file-folder-copy-data-into-open-workbook.html However, that macro populates the...
  17. N

    Dynamic Slicer from pivot table

    I have a pivot table and I wish to be able to make a slicer and in another list select the column that will populate the slicer. right now I have a test table, that I will leave in the description. I have 4 columns, and I wish to be able to select the column name in a list and that will populate...
  18. M

    Populate textbox dependent on combobox value

    Hi There, I have no idea where to start with this so would love some help. I have four comboboxes with twelve colours on the list (each has an identical list). Say the colour "Red" is selected in the combobox i want the textbox to populate with information which corresponds to the Value "Red"...
  19. M

    Dynamic ListBox for an invoice

    Hello Everybody, I woud lile your help on some issues i'm facing when i try to populate a combobox from a specific range based on a certain condition. Below is a listbox i created that provides the summary of all the invoices registered (see image below as an example): When i select an i...
  20. B

    Array: how to populate it starting from a cell's value up to zero

    Hello, I am new to arrays and am really struggling with the concept. Here is what I am trying to achieve: in range("B3:B9") I have some numeric values. Let's say that the value in B3 is 37: I would like to create an array that contains all values from 0 up to 37 based to an incremental...

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