1. N

    Excel VBA Date Picker for win64 bit

    Hello, I'm using Microsoft Office 16 in windows 10 / 64bit I'm looking for a solution to have a popup date picker in my userform I'v been searching for a solution long time ago, found a lot of solutions but most of them for 32bit, and some for 64bit but none of them worked correctly Please I...
  2. D

    If date does not match in column then return popup issue

    Hello. This forum is absolutely wonderful and I have learned so much- so Thank You All. I have one last code to finish a spreadsheet I have been working on. I am attempting to write a code that checks column B (which contains dates) and if all dates in that column do not match then it should...
  3. T

    Create popup menu to unhide worksheet

    Hi! I am looking for a code that will create a popup menu that appears when a user opens the workbook. The menu would have 4 choices and each choice would unhide a different set of tabs. Below are the menu names and tab combinations. I'm not even sure where to start. TIA!!! Menu Option...
  4. M

    VBA Disabling 'Saving As' Popup

    How do I disable the popup that says Excel is "SAVING AS" with the bar that shows % complete? Application.DisplayAlerts = False doesn't seem to help. Application.DisplayAlerts = False ThisWorkbook.Save txtdate = Format(Now, "mm") & "." & Format(Now, "dd") & "." & Format(Now, "yy")...
  5. T

    Macro to tell people if a number is not negative

    Hi Everyone, I need a macro that will run when data is input into cells D6:D16 that will check if a number is negative, i.e -21 If it is not i need a message box to popup saying "Numbers Should be Negative!" but not stop a posative number being added. please help if you can. Thanks Tony
  6. W

    Popup box asking for password to unprotect cell

    Hi, I have a excel sheet that is used to calculate staff hours and the sheet is protected with a password to stop people changing it. It has checkboxes and fields which add up/minus etc depending on what is chosen, something that has taken awhile to produce and something I am proud of. I've got...
  7. U

    Popup when file name is "X" but when it is changed dont create popup

    Currently I am using the following in a spreadsheet we use for internal reviews. Private Sub Workbook_Open() MsgBox "Click OK, then please save with your file name before entering information onto the form", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "ATTENTION!!!" End Sub Is there some language I can use to...
  8. P

    Copy sheet with popup message asking to name the new copied sheet

    Hi, I have a master sheet I want to be able to copy by pressing a button then getting a popup asking what name I the user wants to name the sheet and then use that to name the sheet. Thanks.
  9. A

    avoid login to microsoft site popup

    I am processing thousands of xls files and randomly I will get a popup that halts my processing. It is a login window (https://login.microsoftonline.com). Why does that come up and how do I avoid this so it does not halt my execution of my code? thanks
  10. N

    how to create an excel popup on timer?

    lets say i have a task. i put the start time in excel. i want excel to popup alert me when time is up. how do i do that?
  11. C

    Chart Popup

    When user holds cursor over chart and editing pop up appears to teh right of chart. How do I turn that off? As always, your help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Nelson78

    Automatic file opening: a mystery

    Hello everybody. In the last few days something strange is happening on my pc: when I arrive at work, I detect the presence of an alert popup telling something like it is impossible to find the file xxxyyy under the directory zzz, as something is trying to open it (tomorrow I will provide a...
  13. T

    VBA to filter between two amount I put in a popup box?

    Hi Everyone, I want to create a macro that asks the peson to insert tow amounts into a messagebox or any kind of popup box then filters by this? I know how to use userforms so that would do me fine. I currently use this Sub Filterby1() Sheets("Master").Unprotect 'Password:="august"...
  14. Nelson78

    VBA, Outlook and Excel: how to inhibite Outlook popup that blocks automatic operations?

    Hello everybody. I have built a hybrid process that engages both Microsoft Excel 2007 and Microsoft Outlook 2007. The process is triggered by an incoming e-mail sent by a specific sender at any hour at minute 15. With VBA instructions set in Outlook, the mail .xls attachment is used to update...
  15. I

    Click on popup calendar to go to past entry dates in column?

    Hello I have downloaded the Addin Popup Calendar. Right now I can only click a cell and the popup calendar will fill that cell with whichever date I highlight in the calendar. What I would like is to click on any date in the calendar, which then looks up and locates the relevant info entry...
  16. A

    VBA code to traverse Popup page on IE

    Hi, I am new to the VBA and don't have any knowledge. I have an requirement where in i need to reset the defaults for the user. I am currently able to login to website, navigate to website and able to click on the link. Upon clicking the link, a popup window appear and i need to uncheck the...
  17. Z

    Workbook opening but with unreadable content

    I have a macro that opens a shared workbook, renames it and saves it again in a different folder, then creates the file again in the original location for that day's work. This macro is run by different team members each day, and none of them are tech-savvy. This has been running very well for...
  18. S

    Changing Userform popup based on document name

    Trying to have 3 different userforms popup based on the document having three different names- basically I want a userform to popup when the document is the "template" then once it gets saved as "working" for the first time, a different userform will popup, then as it gets saved as again...
  19. A

    Popup message if duplicate values except if duplicate value is "-" or blank

    Hello, hope that someone could help What I want to do is that use an Excel formula to trigger a popup if the value entered in a particular column is a duplicate unless if the duplicate value is a "-" or a blank cell. The function would be able to run for the whole column. For example below...
  20. S

    How to make popup menu with form/ActiveX controls?

    My spreadsheet is getting too cluttered with buttons, menus, text boxes, etc. Is it possible to create a custom popup menu that contains multiple form/ActiveX controls and appears when the user clicks a button on the spreadsheet? I found this basic tutorial here...

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