1. V

    VBA - sheets comparison

    Hello everyone. I need a VBA to compare two sheets and highlights the unique values. I have this VBA, but it also highlights if a cell changed it´s position, which I don’t need. I only need the VBA to highlight which cells have different values and the unique cells in each sheets. Sub...
  2. S

    Help with finding the position of a value as a percentage

    Hi all...I have a query that I'm struggling with, I'm not too sure if I'm going too technical too quickly tbh! I have some values laid out in a table similar to below, I need a formula that can automatically calculate the position of the value in % form. Min Max Value Position % 50 100 75...
  3. R

    How to find top positions basis multiple criteria while handling ties

    Hello All, I'm looking for excel formula for following set of data: I'm having Names in Col A, Scores in column B and quantity lifted in Col C. I need to find top 3 positions. First data needs to be scan through Col B and find highest score and if there is a tie, than Col C should be considered...
  4. J

    Formula - Based on position of one specific value within a subset

    Hi guys, Very specific query for a workbook I'm building so I hope you can help me. I need to incorporate a formula in column D(Flag) so this field populates one of these three labels (First time, Prior, Before) when the following scenarios occur. The logic/formula needs to be reset every...
  5. tbrock

    Freeze userform position relative to worksheet

    Hello all, I have a spreadsheet (Windows 32-bit, Excel 2007) in which I have a userform successfully being placed where I want it (top left of cell B1). But the userform remains fixed in its initial position when I reposition the spreadsheet. I would like the userform to move with the...
  6. C

    Can a letter have a value in a cell?

  7. D

    Position the "hyperlinked cell" in the middle for easy view

    Dear Professionals, I have a formula here that can target the wanted cell in the desired sheet, but it doesnt lock on the position for better view in the middle of window. Please help. =HYPERLINK("#"&CELL("address",INDEX(Pivot!BL:BL,MATCH(MID(B358,1,6),Pivot!BL:BL,0))),MID(B358,1,6)) From...
  8. S

    need tricky formula

    I'm looking for a non-array formula that will find the position in a list of the number closest to another number. In A1:A6, let's say I have 1;2;7; ;8;9 The closest number to 6 would be 7, so the formula would return 3 for the 3rd position. The closest number to 3 would be 2, so the formula...
  9. reneev

    Pull info from First Column with Data

    I have a spreadsheet with Positions down the side and Steps across the top and the rates in the columns. I need a formula that will pull the rate for the first available step into one column. So for receptionist, it would pull the Step 1 rate, for Technician it would pull the Step 3 rate and...
  10. D

    How to set the start position of a modeless user-form?

    Hello all. I know how to position a modal form, but a modeless form, acting as a 'please wait' sign is not responding in the same way. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. I position a regular form with the following private sub in the forms code window Private Sub UserForm_Activate()...
  11. M

    Seat Allocation formula

    Hi, need help on how to use Excel to meet below requirement. Below sample is just small population of total seatings so would need to automate. Appreciate your help please, thank you!!! =) Requirements: 1. Allocate the Box capacity following the Position hierarchy, such that "Head" starts to...
  12. T

    "Can't execute code in break mode" when copying worksheet array to a new file

    I am trying to execute the code below to create a set of workbooks to send out various people in my organization. It copies a series of worksheets to a new file, breaks the links, and saves with their name and position number. When I step through this code manually, it works as intended...
  13. L

    List of Names: Extract Address like info into individual row list (eg. Husbands/Wives/Singles)

    I'm sure this has been asked before - if so please direct me. I have Fields: LastName,FirstName,Spouse,Position,Spouse Position It's a list that also includes people that are singles. Just looking for direction how to keep my original list AND elsewhere to have a list that derives and splits...
  14. L

    Vlookup OR Index/Match function with multiple criteria

    <tbody> Employee Name Employee ID Position # Position Status Employee A 111111111 111111 A Employee A 111111111 777777 W Employee B 222222222 222222 A Employee C 333333333 333333 A Employee D 444444444 444444 W Employee D 444444444 555555 A </tbody> Hello there...
  15. A

    Identify position based on voltage data

    Hi, I am using an accelerometer to determine a patient's position on a bed. Five positions need to be identified. In the table below, corresponding accelerometer voltages were measured in each of the five positions. Orientation Vx Vy Vz Supine flat 1.666 1.68 1.007 Supine 10˚ 1.657 1.88...
  16. O

    Help - How do I Remove Duplicates

    Hi Master Excel Users. I have a two dimensional cell range of cells say from A1 to P5000 I would like to remove all duplicates within this range but keep the uniques where they currently are sitting, in their current position. Any good way of doing that? Alot of cells are blank within this...
  17. B

    Reverse Match & ISBLANK

    Hi I have {=IFERROR(MATCH(FALSE,ISBLANK(B14:AM14),0),"")} to return the position of the first non-blank cell in that row. What I would like to do is return the position of the last non-blank cell in that row. I tried {=IFERROR(MATCH(FALSE,ISBLANK(AM14:B14),0),"") - that was, of course, far...
  18. C

    Count Unique Values with Multiple Criteria in a Filtered List

    I have a table that tracks positions across multiple companies and years. I want to count the number of unique positions. The difficulty is that the same position title can be with infinite companies (ie. "Associate" is a position at Company A and Company B, etc) There are also multiple...
  19. D

    Match function in reverse direction

    Is it possible to use the MATCH function to find the ordinal position of text, but going up instead of going down. X Y Program A B C Program R S Here In the cell with "Here" in it, I want to be able to find the position of the first time that the word, "Program," appears, but going up instead...
  20. B

    Commence macro from current (not absolute) cursor position

    I should know how to do this, but I don't. When I use Record Macro to create some new VBA code, it records the absolute position - row, column, and sheet name - but I often want a macro to work anywhere from the starting position. See the code below. My goal is to select a set of cells in a...

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