1. J

    Calculate number columns (quarters) that takes a value to change from - to +

    Hello guys, This query is quite specific to a model I'm putting in place but I hope you can provide me with a solution to make it work. With the table below, I'm trying to come up with a formula that gives me the avg number of quarters that takes a balance to switch from negative to positive...
  2. W

    Algorithm to pair positive and negative numbers and deal with residuals

    I have the following problem: I have a number of data entries with following fields ID, Name, Category, Amount - currently in Excel columns. The aggregate of Amount will equal zero, ie there are positives and negatives - but it will not necessarily equal zero for each Category. I need an...
  3. R

    How to find last 12 nonzero values in a column of data

    I have a column of data containing 24 rows. Rows 1-12 always contain positive numbers. Rows 13-24 can contain a positive number or are blank. All the blanks are at the bottom of the column, i.e., there are no blanks above a positive number. I would like to to obtain the last 12 positive values...
  4. S

    Compounded If Or Statement

    Good morning all! I need a formula that does the following: If one cell is negative and the other is positive return NA, but if both are positive or both are negative D4 (for example) I know it should be something along the below, but not sure how to write it to function properly. Thank you...
  5. D

    Cell recognize positive or negative value then adds certain texts to the 2 possibilities

    Dear professionals, when a cell result in ANY positive value, example such as "10%", I would like the very same cell to display as "Underestimate 10%" on the other hand a cell result in ANY negative value, such as "-5%", i would like the very same cell to display as "Overestimate 5%" Please...
  6. P

    VBA row ?

    Hi All, I'm trying to out a condition whereby if my sub produces a "Positive result" then that row gets locked. I'm working with Column B in range of ("B8:B66"): x = ActiveSheet.Range("B8:B66") found = True For Each cell In Range("B8:B66").Cells If cell.Value = "X" Then found...
  7. F

    How to find matching values

    Hi All, I have a data of all positive and negative values like -400 200 200 -100 100 -500 250 250 300 -150 -150 I have multiple formulas to identify the matching numbers but all i want is modifications I have data in A1:A100 I use the B1...
  8. H

    Format Cells

    Hello Friends, I want to format the cell that allows me to enter both positive & negative number with 1 decimal place. Like +1.0 or -1.0 regards, Humayun
  9. M

    Macro or Formula to match positive and negative numbers

    Dear community, I need to match up a negative number with a positive number that would make the value zero. I tried to use the COUNTIF formula (e.g. =COUNTIF($Q$2:$Q$30210;Q2)<>COUNTIF($Q$2:$Q$30210;-Q2)) but it doesn't work at all. Any suggestions? I would like to run a macro, because i have...
  10. M

    Sum Largest Negative and Positive Question

    hello, I have a table I would like to sum the largest negative sums and also the largest positive sums within a column, the table will illustrate below; <tbody> A B B 1 1 =a1 1 2 3 =a1+a2 4 3 -2 =a2+a3 2 4 -3 =a3+a4 -1 5 7 =a4+a5 6 6 -3 =a5+a6 3 7 Largest Positive Sum 6 8...
  11. L

    hiding only +ve numbers

    Hi I have the data below and I want to hide only positive numbers. So I went to Format Cells --> custom and typed ; I thought that would ignored the +ve only since I did not write anything for the positive. I know custom format is like this positive; negative; 0; text so ignoring positive...
  12. S

    P Columns Value to positive from negative

    I have a Worksheet, which includes a stack of cells, that contains positive and negative values. I could really use a code that revers alle the number into positive, that i eventually could run every time. Please help Best regards Solaiman
  13. F

    How to highlight the positive and negative numbers, if the amount is split

    Hi All, If the positive amount is 100 and the negative amount have -75 and -25, will it highlight all these three. Can anyone please help me with a VBA code to get these. Thanks
  14. G

    enter 1 if cell is negative number, zero if positive

    Hi, I have a number in Cell G1. This number will be either negative or positive. Im trying to write a formual in cell I1 that will display a 1 if G1 is negative and a 0 if G1 is positive. Thanks for the help! Rob
  15. J

    Return Positive Value of SUMIF

    I am using the following sumif formula: =sumif(U5:U91,"2",N5:N91) N5:N91 contains all negative numbers, and I need to make them positive. How can I accomplish this? Thank you!
  16. A

    Issue in sum of positive amount & Negative Amount

    Hi, I have 4 values of amounts , 2 values are positive and remain two are negative. value of positive and negative amounts are same (below table). when i have sum all of these 4 value then the result should be 0 but there is some other value is coming out. Please help me to coming out from...
  17. H

    Need to auto calculate positive or negative value in list

    Ie:daily usage is mixed and can vary from zero to 1000 I cant work out how to automatically show negative or positive % variance from a median number (Say 470) I admit i struggle with excel and come to you with hope that you can help.:confused: I have searched online and much of it does not...
  18. M

    How to handle percentage to goal with 0 and a negative number

    Hello! In my day to day job, we have goals set (for each month) that can be either positive or negative "net adds", and I can reach negative or positive actual net adds by the end of the month. I am having issues getting excel to populate my percent to goal under the following parameters: My...
  19. wadergirl

    Formula - Sum only Positive Amounts but display as a Negative

    I'm currently using this formula in cell B7 =SUMIF(A1:A7,">0") to sum only the positive amounts in my data set, but I need it as a NEGATIVE. I know I could use =B7*-1 to turn that positive result into a negative, but I'm having trouble combining the two into a single formula. This is what I'm...
  20. J

    Creating a pivot chart to show survey results

    Good morning all, I have a problem I've been trying to solve for a while and I can't seem to find a good way to do it. I have survey data which needs to be visually represented in charts. Participants are asked a number of questions and can answer 1-6 (1 being the lowest, 6 the highest)...

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