1. ibmy

    Find Number Pattern in Data - need 1 Column solution

    Hi Mr Excel, How do find Number Pattern in data which is : 1. Starting a Negative value ( - ) 2. Follow by at least a Zero ( 0 / 00 / 000 / 000..... ) 3. Follow by a Positive value ( + ) 4. End with a Negative value ( - ) Number Pattern : - 0 + - When Number Pattern found, assign "1" at...
  2. ibmy

    Keep Sum Positive Value until Negative Value appear

    Hi, Does it possible to generate result in Column H? From the past data, the max positive value appear (>=0) is below 100 row. My data range between 250k-750k row...
  3. ibmy

    Sum of Negative or Positive, Exclude 0 or Include 0

    Hi Excel Experts ? Sample of 20k row data I face weekday : BCDEF1Sum of Negative Sum of Positive2ValueExclude 0Include 0Exclude 0Include...
  4. J

    Calculate number columns (quarters) that takes a value to change from - to +

    Hello guys, This query is quite specific to a model I'm putting in place but I hope you can provide me with a solution to make it work. With the table below, I'm trying to come up with a formula that gives me the avg number of quarters that takes a balance to switch from negative to positive...
  5. W

    Algorithm to pair positive and negative numbers and deal with residuals

    I have the following problem: I have a number of data entries with following fields ID, Name, Category, Amount - currently in Excel columns. The aggregate of Amount will equal zero, ie there are positives and negatives - but it will not necessarily equal zero for each Category. I need an...
  6. R

    How to find last 12 nonzero values in a column of data

    I have a column of data containing 24 rows. Rows 1-12 always contain positive numbers. Rows 13-24 can contain a positive number or are blank. All the blanks are at the bottom of the column, i.e., there are no blanks above a positive number. I would like to to obtain the last 12 positive values...
  7. S

    Compounded If Or Statement

    Good morning all! I need a formula that does the following: If one cell is negative and the other is positive return NA, but if both are positive or both are negative D4 (for example) I know it should be something along the below, but not sure how to write it to function properly. Thank you...
  8. D

    Cell recognize positive or negative value then adds certain texts to the 2 possibilities

    Dear professionals, when a cell result in ANY positive value, example such as "10%", I would like the very same cell to display as "Underestimate 10%" on the other hand a cell result in ANY negative value, such as "-5%", i would like the very same cell to display as "Overestimate 5%" Please...
  9. Pinaceous

    VBA row ?

    Hi All, I'm trying to out a condition whereby if my sub produces a "Positive result" then that row gets locked. I'm working with Column B in range of ("B8:B66"): x = ActiveSheet.Range("B8:B66") found = True For Each cell In Range("B8:B66").Cells If cell.Value = "X" Then found...
  10. F

    How to find matching values

    Hi All, I have a data of all positive and negative values like -400 200 200 -100 100 -500 250 250 300 -150 -150 I have multiple formulas to identify the matching numbers but all i want is modifications I have data in A1:A100 I use the B1...
  11. H

    Format Cells

    Hello Friends, I want to format the cell that allows me to enter both positive & negative number with 1 decimal place. Like +1.0 or -1.0 regards, Humayun
  12. M

    Macro or Formula to match positive and negative numbers

    Dear community, I need to match up a negative number with a positive number that would make the value zero. I tried to use the COUNTIF formula (e.g. =COUNTIF($Q$2:$Q$30210;Q2)<>COUNTIF($Q$2:$Q$30210;-Q2)) but it doesn't work at all. Any suggestions? I would like to run a macro, because i have...
  13. M

    Sum Largest Negative and Positive Question

    hello, I have a table I would like to sum the largest negative sums and also the largest positive sums within a column, the table will illustrate below; <tbody> A B B 1 1 =a1 1 2 3 =a1+a2 4 3 -2 =a2+a3 2 4 -3 =a3+a4 -1 5 7 =a4+a5 6 6 -3 =a5+a6 3 7 Largest Positive Sum 6 8...
  14. L

    hiding only +ve numbers

    Hi I have the data below and I want to hide only positive numbers. So I went to Format Cells --> custom and typed ; I thought that would ignored the +ve only since I did not write anything for the positive. I know custom format is like this positive; negative; 0; text so ignoring positive...
  15. S

    P Columns Value to positive from negative

    I have a Worksheet, which includes a stack of cells, that contains positive and negative values. I could really use a code that revers alle the number into positive, that i eventually could run every time. Please help Best regards Solaiman
  16. F

    How to highlight the positive and negative numbers, if the amount is split

    Hi All, If the positive amount is 100 and the negative amount have -75 and -25, will it highlight all these three. Can anyone please help me with a VBA code to get these. Thanks
  17. G

    enter 1 if cell is negative number, zero if positive

    Hi, I have a number in Cell G1. This number will be either negative or positive. Im trying to write a formual in cell I1 that will display a 1 if G1 is negative and a 0 if G1 is positive. Thanks for the help! Rob
  18. J

    Return Positive Value of SUMIF

    I am using the following sumif formula: =sumif(U5:U91,"2",N5:N91) N5:N91 contains all negative numbers, and I need to make them positive. How can I accomplish this? Thank you!
  19. A

    Issue in sum of positive amount & Negative Amount

    Hi, I have 4 values of amounts , 2 values are positive and remain two are negative. value of positive and negative amounts are same (below table). when i have sum all of these 4 value then the result should be 0 but there is some other value is coming out. Please help me to coming out from...
  20. H

    Need to auto calculate positive or negative value in list

    Ie:daily usage is mixed and can vary from zero to 1000 I cant work out how to automatically show negative or positive % variance from a median number (Say 470) I admit i struggle with excel and come to you with hope that you can help.:confused: I have searched online and much of it does not...

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