1. K

    IF statements (Nested) ??

    I have the following formula located in K31. =IF(L31<>"TECH","In", IF(V31>=71,"Out","In")) The manual variables are located in L and V. Here's the variable possibilities for L: TECH or Nothing. (Empty cell) TMOAM TMOOT TMPPA Here's the variable possibilities for V: =>71 If V31 => 71...
  2. D

    SUMIFS with multiple possibilities for 2 criterias

    SUMIFS with multiple possibilities for one criteria, can be solved using: =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIFS(G10:G100,A10:A100,A5,B10:B100,B5,C10:C100,C3:C6)) According to: https://www.mrexcel.com/board/index.php?threads/821600/ But If I need to apply SUMIFS with multiple possibilities for 2 criterias...
  3. E

    Four Digit Possibilities

    Hello, I’m looking for the total number of possibilities for a four digit entry where: 1. Available digits = 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. 2. Any single digit can only be used once. 3. Any combination of four digits are equal and only counted as one possibility (i.e., 0123, 3210, 1230, 2130 etc...
  4. M

    VBA create box with some possibilities

    Hi I would like ask how is possible to write macro which will open (create) some "box" or bracket with two possibilities. This two possibilities will be conected to different macros. Then when I will choose one option this box will disapear. On next time when I will activete this kind of...
  5. W

    Schedule Help

    I am trying to have my schedule tell me when I am missing shifts. I need a total of 3 D and 2 N. Theses represent 12hr day and 12 hr N, but they can be made up with d8, n8, and e8. I have entered separate lines to count each type of shift and then used a separate line to show me the "needs". The...
  6. C

    VBA code or formula to list all possibilities

    Hi Excel Masters, I would like to be able to list all the possibilities in a column of the following : - If I have a qity of X in A1, I would like to be able to create a serie of possibilities of this qty to be dispacthed in A2 and A3 in column A as per below example... This will have to be...
  7. O

    list of lettercombinations?

    Hello all, Sander Sturing here, Student Information & Interactive Media Design from Holland... My 'problem' is the following: For an assignment we have to come up with a new sollution to re-order the list of english '3-letter words'. That is a list of 1015 words atm! I'm planning on making...

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