1. C

    Post Code as Geography Data Type - 37 out of 88 not recognised

    Hi, as the title says really. I have a data set of 88 postcodes. They are local schools, so well established buildings in well established areas. I need to plot these on a map in Power BI, so I've gone to Data toolbar in Excel and clicked on Geography. Out of the 88 postcodes, 51 of them have...
  2. H

    Vlookup with multiple occurances of a value

    Hi. I have a master postcode list and have been using Vlookup to check if my postcode is in the master list and to bring back info from neighbouring cells in the master postcode list. This was working well until I found that my postcode could occur more than once in the master list (with...
  3. P

    Lookup for postcode module error

    Hi I hopeyou can help, I am trying to make a post code lookup, so for example inTextBox51 you type in your postcode like ‘WR5 3’ then automatically it updates textbox52 with the area of the postcode for example ‘Worcester’. It gets the data from my sheet called ‘PostCode’and looks at row A for...
  4. P

    index match average

    Hi I have a few criteria: store postcode average <tbody> Store Postcode Age store1 1234 20 store1 1234 53 store1 1236 18 store2 4556 21 store2<strike></strike> 4557 25 store2<strike></strike> 4558 30 store3 6771 41 store3<strike></strike> 6772 25 store3<strike></strike>...
  5. B

    PostCode Extraction data

    Hi All, This should be a simple one? I'm currently using - =IF(D3="EXC","",LEFT(D3,2)) Column D being a list of postcodes. works fine for most Postcodes, but the single letter ones - i.e Sheffield/S and Birmingham/B it add the number to it, obviously as i'm asking for the 2 characters in the...
  6. G

    Vlookup based on contents of a cell

    I've gotten a list of post codes and their counties. This is how the data is presented: <thead> #EAECF0[/URL] , align: center"]Postcode area #EAECF0[/URL] , align: center"]Postcode districts #EAECF0[/URL] , align: center"]Post town #EAECF0[/URL] , align: center"]Former postal county...
  7. Leicester City Fox

    When you enter the postcode, I need the ward to automatically populate in the Ward Column next to it

    Hi There I have a list of postcodes and their 16 wards. I want it sowhen someone enter the postcode into the postcode column it astronomically picksthe ward relating to this postcode and fill in next column once the postcodebeen entered. Does anybody have any ideas how I could do this? Many...
  8. X

    Get the Max Value until criteria is met

    I have a spreadsheet with over 2000 lines I will start by explaining the above picture. Columns AO and AP are there just for explanation purposes. My expected results are in column AP. Each value from the AN (Miles Column) are connected with a PostCode (Column AK). I would like the formula to...
  9. I

    matching fields formula

    hi I am trying to match data i have in two files to see if they match based on some conditions Below is data 1 and data 1 Data 1 <tbody> NAME POSTCODE ID Alan 7861 7786178145 </tbody> data 2 <tbody> Name Postcode ID AL (7861) (7786178145) </tbody> I am trying to create a formula...
  10. B

    IF & VLOOKUP together

    Hi, I have a scenario where I have 3 sheets/tabs with 3 different sets of data in them. So lets call the tabs 1stWash, 2ndWash, 3rdWash. In another tab lets call it Results I have to return the Postcode from the 1stWash (say column 47 if a cell value = 1) If however the cell value = 2 then I...
  11. R

    Excel 2019 and map-tools, can I do this?

    Hello, I understand Excel 2019 has a mapping suite built in, where you can mark maps with postcodes etc. At the moment I have some 1,000 postcodes which I have marked on Google Maps with little pins, these are colour-coded according to strength (for example, if 900 records are in the postcode...
  12. I

    Listing of numbers within different postcode ranges given in one column

    Help please, I have a listing of postcodes in a col. A with some of them given as a range. Is there a quick way to list the postcodes individually in a separate column within that postcode range given and match the corresponding zone associated with it. Example: POSTCODE ZONE 200-203...
  13. D

    If header title is not in the array then delete column?

    As the title would suggest i want to remove any columns that do not match an array. I tried the following code but receive an error, does anybody have a possible solution? Dim arr As Variant arr = Array("Title", "Forename", "Surname", "Address 1", "Address 2", "Address 3", "Address 4"...
  14. S

    Formula to increase a value by % based on two different types of data.

    Hi All, I am having trouble trying to work this one out. I can't figure out the formula that goes in the green cells highlighted below. In the green cells I want to increase the cost base of each property by the % from the data below, based on whether the property is allocated as a house/unit...
  15. mole999

    Time saving

    I have a long list of check, change/replace items. once the values for N have been found has been updated I want to leave the NEXT loop and restart the search on the next number, and for the life of me I can't find a way that will restart the search with an increment What did I miss (tried Next...
  16. S

    VBA - Form Search question

    Hi Guys, I have created a Form with three Text Boxes - see below; tPostcode tStatus tAvailability I have three colums on Sheet2 of my workbook detailed Postcode (A), Status (B), Availability (C). I would like to create a macro (Search button) where I enter a postcode into my tPostcode and it...
  17. H

    Extract a Post Code from an addres located in a cell

    Hello great guys from MrExcel, I have been lurking this forum forum for a few months as it has always been very very helpful. But today I have a problem that I can't get to solve. I have a list of addresses in column A, that aren't quite well structured. And I need to get their post codes in...
  18. S

    VBA - Multiple Values for one cell input

    Good Morning, I am trying to find a way to populate data into columns, based on a postcode entered into Shee7 (Postcode) "I14" and assigning a macro to a button titled search - which runs the function / routine once pressed. If no postcode is entered - I want a MsgBox "Please enter postcode"...
  19. O

    Running Exclusion File in Database

    I have a data tab, in which i need to flag if a postcode has been excluded, this will be in a column next to the postcode I have a Tab with all the UK Postcode areas, in which I then have a column next to it where I type the post code if it is to be excluded. Ideally I need a formula or VBA...
  20. K

    Compare 2 adjacent cells and any differences, return in a 3rd cell

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I have 2 columns on my spread sheet with lists of addresses in them. These addresses are for the same property (in adjacent cells) but sometimes one address has more info in it than the other. If the addresses in either are different to their counterpart, I...

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