power pivot 2016

  1. B

    Calculating Storage Occupancy from History of Multiple Item Stages - Measure or Calculated Column?

    Hello Everyone, I have this dataset (click here) of items with time stamped stages. Some stages mean the item is occupying space in the storage. The other stages mean it's not. I need to use Power Pivot 2016 (not Power BI) to produce the chart below for avg. storage occupancy over time for the...
  2. U

    USERELATIONSHIP in CALCULATE function returning wrong results

    Hello everyone, I am new to DAX and Power Pivot, I apologize in advance if there is a similar thread I did not see. I am using Excel 2016, I need to use USERELATIONSHIP in the CALCULATE function to use an inactive relationship in the data model (I need it for a slicer). I am using this formula...
  3. J

    How to NOT draw a horizontal line at 0 for charts (Power Pivot)

    I have an issue where the pivot charts are plotting zero values, NA values and blank values as a horizontal line. I just want a an single line starting at 10 in Dec-20 that goes to 0 at Feb-21 then back up to 100 at Sep-21. Instead I am getting a flat line with inflections at the months with...
  4. R

    Create a calculated pivot based on relationship of multiple table

    Hi All, I'd like to ask how to create a calculated pivot table based on this relationship? my goal is to create a pivot table with this columns 1. ITEM CODE [from Tbl_ListProduct] 2. PRODUCT [from Tbl_ListProduct] 3. QTY [SUM from Tbl_SalesDtbs] - based on slicers from YEAR 4. RunningRate...
  5. C


    I brought in a table and loaded it to data model. I created a pivot and then used OLAP tools to convert it to Cube formulas (allowing me to insert columns, etc where a pivot table won't let you). My problem arises when I bring in the next month's data. I've written the formula that hould work...
  6. G

    Power Pivot guidance - data structure and avoiding many-many relationships

    Hello, I’m looking for some guidance on how to build my data set, so I can effectively use Power Pivot to present my results. In my attempts so far, I have come up against the challenge of many to many relationships when trying to create relationships between my tables. I have tried to create...
  7. K

    Data transformation (using Formula) in Power pivot for data source from Folder

    Background: I've configured a PowerQuery to automatically fetch a sales and forecast dataset that updates monthly. So, the dataset gets arranged based on the Source File which gets refreshed on a monthly basis. Example: Feb'19 Dataset: Has Jan'19 Sales Actuals and Feb'19~Dec'19 Sales...
  8. J

    Refreshing Queries using VBA - Message Alert for Queries that Failed to Refresh

    Hi, I have the below code that refreshes a workbook that uses a power query data model as it's source. My issues is that, even when the queries fail (if another person has one of the source workbooks open, the file path is wrong for one of the query connections, I have a many to one...
  9. M

    Finding Latest Supervisor

    Hi All, I have a quick question regarding PowerPivot calculate column. I have below tables 1) Transactions <tbody> EMP ID EMP Name Sale Amount Sale Date Supervisor Name 1 xyz $1000 12/12/18 Sup 1 1 xyz $100 12/15/18 Sup2 </tbody> 2) HeadCount Table <tbody> EMP ID EMP NAme SUp Name...
  10. A

    How to calculate an average of two fields in power pivot table?

    Hi all, I have such a basic question that it pains me to even ask, but I just can't crack it. I use pivot tables extensively and have the following problem: Source data: <tbody> Day Cost Revenue Return on investment 1 30 0 0 1 10 0 0 1 400 2000 5 1 23 0 0 1 50 1000 20 </tbody>...
  11. S

    Powerpivot IF or Isblank Formula Help

    I am attempting to write a formula and getting a syntax error and looking for help. I have a related column coming [quantity late] that is either blank or has a number. I am trying to say if the column [quantity late] is blank or 0 put a 0 in my new calculated column otherwise divide. My...
  12. T

    Many-to-many Relationship Error

    Hello all. I am new to Power Pivot and am taking my first stab at it by uploading multiple data sets that show net revenue received for each company. I am having a difficult time creating a relationship between the net revenue columns for each data set. Instead, I receive an error saying "Net...
  13. S

    Flagging the current record in a table

    Hello I need help converting excel logic to Power Pivot formula. I have a list of supplier names (each have a unique ID, a supplier name and a status). The problem is that a given supplier can actually have multiple records ie - same name but different status record and different ID. Here's...

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