1. D

    Percentage of a percentage?

    I better explain this right, i would like to present in a cascade chart the participation of a category in the percentage fraction out of goal. Any guide will be highly appreciated. From the table below in PowerBI I have the following: On Goal = 8/18 = 44% What i would like to present is the...
  2. H

    The extract range has a miising or invalid field name

    I borrowed some code that was in a worksheet that the people that came before me created... I have adapted it to work for me in another situation but I am wanting to modify it. Basically I have a data collection machine that creates csv files with information. I am wanting to extract...
  3. S

    Date Validation

    <tbody> <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;"> <col width="112" style="width: 84pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 4096;"> <col width="119" style="width: 89pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 4352;"> <tbody> 44155 00/01/1900 0 44215 18/08/2019 1...
  4. P

    Countif issues

    i have this scenario where i wanted to count the number of days an agent was present on the summary field with two criteria <tbody> Teams Emloyee 1Aug 2nd Aug A mark P A B zack P P </tbody> There are two validation field somewhere on the sheet itself with the list having the...
  5. J

    Question About Posting Questions Posted on Other Forums

    Hi everyone, can i post a thread present in another forum? jc
  6. P

    Totally confused in Leave days & Earned days

    Hi, :confused: Confused have put a lot time on below but couldn't find Solved it sadly ;( I have a Senior hopefully might we can Solve below situation with formula. Ever employee has number of Paid laves in his account. But those paid leaves can't be availed all at once. Only allowed or can...
  7. R

    conditional formatting for cell A1 based on value in cell A3

    Hello! Requesting help for Conditional Formatting. Example in table below shows desired results. CAPITAL ONE is paid off in bottom table. When excel sees the a value higher than zero in the PAYOFF AMOUNT column I want the CREDITOR and PAYOFF AMOUNT cells to display with a red font...
  8. D


    I have the following VLOOKUP formula that is returning #REF and am not sure why. =VLOOKUP($B15,Case_Form!$B$2:$B$186,7,FALSE) For reference the number in B15 is present on the Case_Form tab.
  9. M

    VBa help

    Hi i have few links in column A of an excel sheet. i am looking to check for java scripted links by opening each link manually on IE, then press CTRL +U it open up a page on browser then i have to find the same link of column A there if its present there column B is filled as Yes else No...
  10. B

    Excel Formula - compare two set of cells and find return the result based on the logic

    <tbody> A B C D E (RESULT) 1 10 10 5 50 Y 2 20 20 1 1 N 3 10 10 N/A N/A N/A 4 N/A N/A 2 3 N/A </tbody> Need help with this as well. Logic : C>A OR D>B = Y else N if N/A present in A&B or C&D then result is N/A
  11. S

    Auto increment numbering based on a cell value

    Good morning all I have a worksheet "Quiz" which displays random questions taken from a question bank. These questions are annotated into column B4 onwards, based on the number of questions requested. I am trying to number these questions using VBA, but cannot find any code which seems to work...
  12. B

    IF function

    HI5, folks. I'm struggling with IF FUNCTION in excel. what i tried to accomplish is: For each row, if NUMBER 2 AND 3 ARE BOTH PRESENT IN THE SAME ROW THEN IT SHOULD DISPLAY THE WRITTEN RESULT "INSIDE THE RANGE" (this should be the true value); if they aren't both present in the same row IT...
  13. J

    Search a column for a phrase and return a number

    Hello, I am trying to figure out a formula which will search a column for a phrase and if that phrase is present then display a number. any help would be appreciated
  14. M

    Need a macro for clicking all the URL's present under one column

    I have some random number of hyper links under column G. Clicking a link will open internet explorer downloads dialog box and asks to choose whether to open or save the CSV file. When clicking save button, csv file will be saved to default downloads folder. Here I need a macro to automatically...
  15. B

    Highlighting Cells uisng conditional Formatting where cell value > 0

    I have a draw spreadsheet where I reps get 3 draws. I would like to highlight cells that >0 and left the cells without anything with no fill. The present formula I am using is SUM($D5:$Y13)>4999 I need something in the formula to exclude blank cells, Is this possible? Thank you in advance...
  16. M

    VBA Count value of table column and paste with text

    Hi I have a table with a total row. On another worksheet, I want to either count the text values of that row or read from the total row. As the total row may not always be present, I thought it best instead to count the text of column? I want to present this value in another worksheet as...
  17. R

    Need match of two different values

    I have a list of customers each with a unique ID number Each customer can show up multiple times on a very large report. The customer ID stays consistent throughout and does not change. Each Customer can have a status of Ordered or Ordering or None Using the customer number I need to know which...
  18. R

    Help with a Count formula with multiple criteria

    Hello, I am trying to get a count multiple criteria. I have an basic example of my spreadsheet below. I want to know how many adults were present within each zone. How would I count the number of adults have yes in column B and then get a count of the adults who have yes in column b by zone...
  19. M

    Count the word "Present" on multiple spreadsheets

    Hello, I have 3 worksheets called Doe, Jones and Smith...I am keeping track of the number of meetings each person attends... I'd like to count the number of "Presents" across 3 worksheets for January's meeting... So I tried COUNTIF(Doe:Smith!B3,"PRESENT") But I got a value error.....Where is...
  20. M

    Formula for changing a column based on results in another column

    Can someone help with a formula o script - I have present handicaps in column AP - based on whether their present handicap is 16 and over or 16 and below - I need the following to happen based n results in column AU: if a number in column AU is higher than 70 Present handicap over 16 (column...

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