1. NicholasP

    Email sending with subject line in Chinese Characters

    I have some code that works fine on my machine, but when my coworker runs it, the subject line comes through as Chinese characters. The email still sends with the file attached, but the subject line has the Chinese characters. Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas as to why this is...
  2. 2

    ReDim Preserve Query

    Hi, I have the following vba code, which populates an array with the contents of the first 5 rows of column A. Sub populate_array() Dim parameters_2DArray as Variant parameter_2DArray = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1:A5").Value [rest of code] End Sub I'm assuming the parameter_2DArray...
  3. A

    Verify Value Of All Controls Added Dynamically Upon Exit Using With Events Method

    Hello All, I have created a blank user form. Dynamically I have added Text Box, Label, Check Box and command Button to it. I have been able to handle the even generated while command button is clicked.Upon clicking the command button, user form will be unloaded. However I am trying to validate...
  4. C

    Power query keep formatting after refresh

    I'm using PQ to get data from an external source. I'd like to change formatting for those records that are retrieved, but the formatting seems to disappear if I refresh. What are the recommended methods to keep the formatting during a refresh. BTW, I do have the checkbox checked that says...
  5. K

    VBA Delete table row from 3rd row until last row

    Hello guys, I am trying to delete only the table rows as I have other data in the other column. The first row is table headers Second row is a dummy row so that I could preserve the formulas So I want to delete every table row, starting from third row until the last row. How do I go about...
  6. N

    Help with clearing a ReDim Preserve Array

    Hi, The code, below, is used to find a list of start and end dates from a matrix grid. I have been able to save the values in an array and output the results... however the results are weird. Each loop should output pairs of dates but its adding in lots of commas in the successive columns. I'm...
  7. 6

    countif doesn't return the correct result when using "<>"

    Take this table: <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> code 058 03102 0504 </tbody> where the "numbers" are stored as text to preserve the leading zero(es). The formula =COUNTIF(A2:A4;"=058") returns 1. Why does the formula...
  8. R

    Excel Arrays - Making new ranges by deleting sequential duplicates from old ranges

    Hi there. I have two rows of data (x=time and y=diameter). There are a total of 30 rows of data and oftentimes there may be 2 or more identical values of the diameter for 2 or more days. I want to scan through the diameter data and output only the non-sequential-identical numbers. The code...
  9. T

    Preserve date format while copying from one excel to another

    Hi Friends, I have this data in one column. Date 29-12-2017 30-12-2017 When I am pasting this data in another excel through VBA code , it is not preserving data format. This is the sane data after pasting. Date 43098 43099 I guess these are no. of days. Do we have a way in which we can...
  10. C

    How to preserve cell merging when creating files from worksheets

    Hi, I have the code below which creates a file from every worksheet in my workbook. It works fine however it doesn't preserve any cell merging when it creates the new files - the merging is lost in the new files. Is there some code that I can add into this routine so any cell merging is...
  11. S

    VBA code that will comment out other vba code?

    So I've got a worbook made for others to use that has the "save" disabled, to preserve the workbook. I'd like to make a button or something that will open the 'save as' command but also comment out/disable the 'save disable' code, that way, they can save-as a new file in their own folder and...
  12. thorpyuk

    VBA Redim Preserve subscript out of range

    Hi All, I have an array containing 45 items in a single column, and can't for the life of me see whats wrong with this: dim avarData() avarData = dic.keys k = UBound(avarData, 1) ReDim Preserve avarData(1 To k, 1 To 6) I want to add an additional 5 columns into my array and populate them...
  13. B

    Macros and toolbars retained with version upgrade

    When my company upgrades MS Office, I lose all my macros and QA toolbar icons in Excel. Is there a way to preserve them before an upgrade? Example, when we went from 2007 to 2010, my macros and QA toolbars reverted to default. Same thing when we went from 2010 to 2013
  14. A

    Redim Preserve Mystery - Excel Can't Redim Preserve array with 1

    Team, After this last upgrade Microsoft pushed this past weekend, many of my workbooks stopped working when I go from Redim vArray(0 to 0) to Redim Preserve vArray(1 to 1) - Apparently 1 is skipped. Simple Code 1 - Not working: Private Sub ArrayTest1() Dim vArray As Variant ReDim...
  15. J

    Preserve percent sign values in VBA code?

    Hello All, I have a code that opens outlook and pulls data from cells to send an email. There are cells that contain a percent sign (%). I want that to be preserved when it transfers to email, but it doesn't. I've noticed it also does that with the ampersand(sp?) sign. I realize these are...
  16. M

    Preserve font color in VBA

    I am using the below code to append user initials + date to existing text within a cell and this is successful. ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 & vbLf & Initials & InitDate & ": " However I have not been able to preserve the font color in the existing text, where some words...
  17. Erdinç E. Karaçam

    20 column in a ListBox ?

    Hi dear friends, I need load 20 columns and 5 rows data to a ListBox from a Worksheet... (The content of data from an invoice...) I have tried by AddItem and by RowSource methods but didn't worked and not useful... Could you give me a sample VBA "array" code for this please ? Thanks in...

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