print certain cells

  1. P

    Printing issues - When try to print all column on one page

    Hi, I'm not sure how this happens but sometime when I try to print an excel spreadsheet and I select print all column on one page it would print super tiny because it would include blank cells. I have check the following to ensure this was not causing the issue: Make sure there is no white...
  2. R

    Automatic printing after an action???

    Hello MrExcel, i am trying to get excel to print a selected cell after the "enter" event of another cell. <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Item Count Scanned SKU's Item # Bin Location 1 010838120078 ALE12007 b8-15-04-08 2 047497330005 AML3300001 g9-04-02-04 3 047497330012...
  3. R

    VBA Printing in ranges in multipul tabs to printer

    I am new to the world of VBA. Just trying to print selected areas of tabs in a workbook. So far I have the following however I am getting an error at the first line... I am a little lost at where to start. I am happy for the pages to print one after each other to the printer or collate then...
  4. S

    Print Macro

    Hi All, I have an excel document with three sheets in. The sheets that require attention are "Sheet 2" and "Sheet 3". Basically "Sheet 2" is pulling data from "Sheet 3". "Sheet 2" is laid out differently to "Sheet 3" as it is the sheet that is used for printing the data. So I have set up a...
  5. N

    Print "If" Function

    Is there a print "if" function that would recognize text values and print the page instead of manually changing the page break each time. Background : I am creating a generic template for journal entries and trying to include additional notes as needed. I have added an outlined box to include...
  6. caritx

    printing using vba

    I have an excel file with the following data in multiple tabs. This changes daily and i print it every morning. What I normally do is I add filters filter by column A to show one group Highlight the last row Bold then print I repeat this process for as many groups and tabs as I have. The...
  7. D

    printing certain cells

    Is there a way to only print certain cells, not using print area. I have a sheet with several columns, and only want the info in the row to print if there is an entry in a certain column. Is there a way to do this? Thanks! :)

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