print excel macro

  1. J

    Error when printing using a print macro

    Hi all, I've tried putting a macro in my workbook so that it doesn't print the first sheet when you hit 'print all active worksheets' in the print dialog box. Whilst it works for sending it to a printer it sometimes returns an error when printing to PDF. Any ideas? The code I've used is...
  2. A

    Macro to Print a Word document from Excel

    Hi All, I'm trying to create a button which prints multiple external documents (some word and some pdf) using a Macro in Excel. I've begun a Macro, but I don't know enough to see what I've done wrong... Please explain what I need to Print these external documents, even one at a time. Here's...

    Multi Sheet Printing.

    Hey All you excel gods out there... here is my Macro for printing 4 Different sheets at once. Sub PRINTALL() Sheets(Array("Index", "Main", "Addendum Page", "Notes Pages")).Select Application.ActivePrinter = "CutePDF Writer on CPW2:" ExecuteExcel4Macro _...
  4. caritx

    printing using vba

    I have an excel file with the following data in multiple tabs. This changes daily and i print it every morning. What I normally do is I add filters filter by column A to show one group Highlight the last row Bold then print I repeat this process for as many groups and tabs as I have. The...
  5. M

    Printing Multiple Named Worksheets

    Hi All, I would like to print a selected number of named worksheets in excel (example sheet1, sheet2 and sheet3) and would like to automate this via a button. Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Regards Master P
  6. J

    Urgent - print macro button

    Hi, I need to know how to make a box that says "print" which will print out pages in my excel file... What I am picturing is this: Tab 1 Y Tab 2 Y Tab 3 N ... etc. Making a table as the one above, and depending on whether I input "Y" or "N", it will print that tab... i've...

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