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  1. E

    VBA Print Titles w/ Variable - wrong result

    Sorry if this issue has already been addressed elsewhere; I couldn't find a thread anywhere. I'm using VBA to set Print Titles to the row that the currently-selected cell is in. However, it keeps entering the wrong row into Print Titles (however, the MsgBox lines return the correct row number)...
  2. apgmin

    Printing subtotal at the end of each page

    I have a excel sheet which has the entries of all donation receipts from donors for our charitable organisation. It has columns A to N and rows till 956 Row 1 is the header ( like receipt No. donor name, donation mode and amount) Row 2 is the opening balance carried forward from the last...
  3. K

    Set print titles rows without using absolute reference

    Anyone know how to set Print Title Rows that may vary from worksheet to worksheet? Example Worksheet: <tbody> 22 Terms: NE… 23 Due Date: 09… 24 VAT/Tax ID Number: 20… 25 </tbody> In this example, Rows 1 thru 25 should be the print titles, but this data may be up or down a few rows...
  4. D

    Need to create Dynamic Title for Pivot table

    Below is my pivot table. or click below: Please refer to column Center; including center-1 and center-2 and etc... Print area is set to print the report center by center separately I also would...
  5. R

    Rows to print on everypage

    Hi I'm currently working on a document and have run into a problem. So I want certian rows to appear on each page like a header but not a header. I know that the way you do this is go to: page set up -> Sheet -> Print Titles -> Rows on top -> and then you select the rows you want to appear So I...
  6. G

    "Print Titles"

    Using Excel 2010 I am using Print Titles to repeat a row at the top of all pages of a worksheet. There is one page in the middle of the worksheet, however, that I do not want to include this row on. Basically, I want to repeat the row at the top of pages 1 through 24 and 26 through 33, but...
  7. D

    Trouble with print titles and dates

    I am creating a daily report and I would like the same title data to be on every page. I found that print titles worked very well for this exept the date on the top of the page. Is there a way to make the same content copy onto many pages but allow me to change the date. Or can I use print...

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