1. C

    Can someone help me with my excel workbook problem please?

    I am working on the following workbook Notes.xlsx but can't seem to get working. What I need the program to do is: Take two sentences or paragraphs and make them into one I need the paragraphs and sentences to be punctuated correctly There can't be any spaces between the paragraphs If a...
  2. K

    Find Max in changing data

    In a excel sheet I have in column A a list of items, in column B a list of corresponding values. These values are updated daily over the course of a year. In column C I would like a list of the max value listed in column B over the course of time. I have tried putting the current MAX value...
  3. J

    Extract multiple matches into separate rows

    Hello world. I'm having an issue where I have and index and match with multiple return values but running into problems. Here's my setup: A B C D E 1 2 10A 3 [first] 4 [2nd] 5 [3rd] 6 [4th] =IFERROR(INDEX('BETA Care Plans'!$B$1:$B$215,SMALL(IF('BETA Care...
  4. T

    New Analyst - New Problems

    Hello all, I am a recent college grad (<12mo) and recently began a new career as an analyst. I am working on a simple macro to change and move data into a uniform format and have run into a small snag. I am attempting to get the macro to completely skip blank cells (and preferably delete the...
  5. T

    Problems with ".Names.Add Name:="name", RefersToR1C1:="=" string

    Hi, I have problems with above method. If length of the string is around 2075 - it works, but if length of the strings goes around 2160 I receive error 1004 .... Can't find any limitations for string?! (it's far beyond 65K). Please help! Regards
  6. G

    Time issues

    Hello I have a question I'm having problems finding a solution for. I have a time sheet which someone would complete as 07:00 in, 12:00 out for lunch, 13:00 Back from Lunch, 17:00 finish. What Im trying to do is to break down what the person has put in so it shows at what points during the day...
  7. J

    SUMIFS formula help

    Hi, Im having problems with my formula for my database see below =SUM(SUMIFS(Data!AA$7:AA102304,Data!D$7:D102304,"*Prim*",Data!H$7:H102304,">=3.01",Data!H$7:H102304,"<=3.50",Data!S$7:S102304,{"AmberH","GreenH"},Data!Z$7:Z102304,{"AmberA","GreenA"})) The returns i get from using the formula...
  8. J

    Networkdays excluding Holidays with nested ifs?

    Hello all, I don't think my issue is as complicated as some of the ones I've seen on this site but i think my lack of understanding in the formula is causing me problems. I was instructed to gather some metrics using data from out ticketing system. This is where i am running into problems, I...
  9. B

    Filter out row when names appear only once

    I have a large list of names and when names appear only once I want to filter out the row they appear in. There is other data in the row with the names that will be filtered after the names that appear only once are out. The document length can vary, not sure if that matters. I thought I could...
  10. B

    VBA: For Each Match Return Adjacent Cell

    Hi Here's what I have so far; For Each c In Worksheets("Rota").Range("A3:A31") If Not IsError(Application.Match(c, Worksheets("Key").Range("A16:A41"), 0)) Then Worksheets("Rota").c.Offset(0, 1).Value = Worksheets("Key").Match.c.Offset(0, 1).Value End If Next...
  11. S

    CustomUI on Load event is not firing

    Hello all! I have series of add-ins that insert their own buttons into my custom tab on the Excel 2016 ribbon. The code runs from Private Sub Workbook_AddinInstall() in ThisWorkbook of each add-in. No problems there. I've created an add-in manager form where users can select what add-ins they...
  12. A

    Automate loop in a loop problem

    Hello there, I am trying to automate a filter for lottery backtest programme. I made the VB macro work but with a lot of buttons But it's dragging me behind because I cannot be able to backtest quickly. I need a loop to automate the process. I don't know how to loop it THIS IS WHAT I DO...
  13. D

    VBA range

    I have a button on my spreadsheet that copies a worksheet and pastes it in a new workbook. This is my code: Private Sub cmdCopySheet_Click() Worksheets("home").Unprotect Password:="costings" Dim CopyMonth As String CopyMonth = Range("I13").Value...
  14. K

    Execute a .exe file from a VBA

    I have about 100 programs that I am testing. I have aspread sheet to track the results. I am trying to execute the programs fromExcel using hyperlinks but that has problems. Would it be possible to do thiswith a VBA? Maybe use a case switch for the programs?.
  15. T

    Nomenclature: textbox names same as field names

    I expect there's an obvious answer to the following question, but I've not been able to find one: is the Access default of textboxes having the same name as the field that's the control source how it should be done? Since I lack enough experience and understanding of what's going on under the...
  16. M

    Formula uses more levels of nesting than allowed

    As you can see from the formula, I'm attempting to get point values from one time to the next in half-point increments. Not even halfway through the formula, I ran a test and it said there were too many levels of nesting. It will place the point values up to about the 9 point mark, but not...
  17. C

    Using date in a string

    Im trying to run a query and would like the user to not have to go through all the steps so im making it to where they can specifiy the date in a cell and then the query will pull based on that date. Im having problems with: ((employees.date_last_worked>={ts '2018-06-15 00:00:00'}) AND...
  18. R

    Breaking my head with this formula

    <tbody> Number Description Measurement (mm) 5897652 Erhöhungsrahmen, MEF33, 320x320x75 2145456 text.... Größe: BxHxT = 900x1250+(800(Sockel) = ignore)x340 mm Text... 2548578 Only text (ignore) 3579513 Text… H:1710mm, B:838,5mm, T:277mm </tbody> Hello everyone, I'm struggling with...
  19. H

    Restore wrongly changed name of my old Excel app

    Recently I upgraded from Office Professional 2003 to Office Professional 2013 by purchasing it from Ebay. I decided to leave my old 2003 installed; so both are installed. Excel 2013 works very well; no problems there. But somehow in the process it seems that my old Excel 2003 got renamed as...
  20. T

    sending my formula or excel sheet

    is there a way to attach my excel sheet onto my message so someone can see how my formula is working on my sheet and how at times It will give me problems? I tried posting the Formula before but I guess without seeing how my excel sheet is setup it's hard for me to get some help on it.

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