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    Calculating Processors when updating raw data in table

    Hi, I have an annoying issue with a spreadsheet im trying to design. Basically, I have a table ( 5 colums by 30000ish rows) with data that is constantly changing and therefore constantly needs refreshing. downloading the data into the spreadsheet itself isn't a problem. However, I have formulas...
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    HELP!!!!! Looking for Best "Laptop" for extensive use of EXCEL

    Hi All, I don't know if this question is right for general discussion or Excel questions so, I have posted my request under "general discussions" and I have added a link to my thread below...
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    HELP!!!!! Looking for Best Laptop for extensive use of excel

    I know many of you areusing "laptops" to work on excel extensively. So, I am posting myquestion here. I am looking for a new laptop that I am going to use heavily for datacrunching, financial reporting and analysis. Can someone please guide me whatbrand and what hardware configuration do I look...
  4. W

    Issues when sharing a workbook

    Hi. I have created a workbook with multiple sheets for each of my colleagues. There are vlookup formulas and sum formulas that pool data onto a singleaster spreadsheet that gives me an overview of how much work we have gotten through. My issue is that when the book is unshared and on my...
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    Calculating: (2 processor(s)):x% message

    Hi I am using Excel 2010 and Windows 7. Whenever I try to open this particular workbook, opening the file is delayed and the message above pops up in the grey toolbar in the bottom right hand of the screen. If I click anywhere in the white workbook space, the 'processing' stops and the file...
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    One fast quad-core or two slower ones?

    Would Excel 2007 (and eventually 2010) make better use of: 1) one quad-core processor with a very fast clock speed or 2) two quad-core processors with slower clock speeds? I've struggled finding detailed information about core usage capabilities. I'm leaning toward one very fast quad-core...

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