1. F

    Excel stats verses Matlab, R and Python

    Hi Everybody, Can anyone provide some pros and cons of each of these stats packages for a general professional level but not for full on data science work. thanks, Farmerscott
  2. M

    Pulling specific data into another worksheet

    Hi everyone! I know the title is very generic but what I'm trying to do is hard to explain in a short sentence! :) I'm working with multiple workbooks that I'm trying to combine into one workbook with multiple sheets for 2 reasons: 1-it will eliminate some double entry the client is doing...
  3. Z

    Excel Sheets Nagivations

    i work with 200+ sheet on a Single Excel workbook. I need nevigation tips. Specially. Jumping on Last Sheet 1st sheet. On my Office pc i see a button to jump to first and last sheet. But not on home pc. Microsoft Professional Plus 2016
  4. S

    Best videos to make professional charts

    I am trying to prepare professional charts for work and wanted to know if there is a good video showing how to make a great line chart? Also any other charts as well. Have checked youtube and so many I don;t know which one would be best to watch. Much appreciated! :confused:
  5. Small Paul

    Excel 2013 to Salesforce Professional Connector

    Hi All We hold our data in Salesforce Professional. Every day I have to go through the process (in Salesforce) of exporting .csv reports to Excel 2013 to then manipulate the data. I am presently in the process of automating the Excel part with macros. Can anybody advise whether there is a...
  6. F

    I may have problems with my professional reputation.

    I do various work in Excel for electrification, but recently I had a problem with Excel 13 when opening a file with one important table that I had to send to an engineer of one construction company. I've been using Excel 2007 for quite some time, but our office has moved to the 2013 version. The...
  7. V

    Help to re-designed formula, in more professionaly

    Dear All, Need your help in re-design the formula in more professional way. Pls help..
  8. V

    Professional code require for recorded macro

    To, All experts, pls provide me some professional code for below line of code..So i can learn the new.. Windows("Book1.xlsm").Activate Sheets("sheet1").Select Range("A2").Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToRight)).Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select Selection.Copy...
  9. T

    Getting Data from big list with mulitple identical query to look for.

    I am needing to see how I can get info from a long list of items that has can have multiple items in the query. Here is example of my data: <tbody> store reg os model ram Tech Work Needed 1005 1 Microsoft Windows XP Professional OptiPlex 390 3240 Rick Florke RE-IMAGE MACHINE...
  10. L

    Nested IF / OR / VLOOKUP

    I'm trying to create a product page that will return a list of products based upon questions that a customer answers (or that the sales rep fills in). Basically I'm trying to return a value based on the answer to 2 questions (pulled from another sheet), which are in B and C, and the result will...
  11. M

    Need to interview a Excel Professional for Homework

    I have a few questions for those who use Excel in a professional environment or those who consider themselves Excel proficient. Why do you consider yourself to be an Excel expert? How do you keep up with the latest developments in Excel? How do you find if something new is going on in Excel?
  12. D

    Aesthetic Workbook Design

    Hello everyone, I had a question that I hope I'm not alone in having. I am a federal contractor, specifically I work as a Quality Control Manager for a large security contracting firm. The nature of the industry is pretty conservative, even though I don't work directly for the government, most...
  13. Z

    Looking for an Access template for professional contacts that focuses on the contacts 'category'

    Does anyone know of any template that focuses first on the techspace and/or category of a contact, and then has contact info? I've found many that have contact info as part of the template but none so far that allows the user to focus on techspace first, contact info second. I'm still a bit new...
  14. J

    Macro to Merge files and add column with filename

    Thank you for reading! I am working on a project at work and have recently been searching for a macro that would take care of my need however I have been unsuccessful. I would greatly appreciate any assistance. I need a code that will insert a new column into each file in the particular...
  15. R


    Good evenning! I have a sheet for diary filling and another one, in the same workbook, that resume the day by acummulating the hours spend in each project and calculating the cost for each projects. What i need to find, is a way to export daily data to another sheet that acumulates the...
  16. bmckenna

    Book Feedback - "Professional Excel Development"

    Looking at purchasing "Professional Excel Development" by Bullen, Bovey and Green. Curious if you all know how this book lines up with some other ones out there. I do a lot with SQL, Oracle Databases, Live Connections, looking at learning some Silverlight and ASP Net, as well as custom...

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