1. T

    VBA - Force Proper Case

    Hi All, I have the following piece of VBA code that ensures if a name is entered in column 14 then then it makes sure its proper case or changes it. However when you paste in more then one line in to column 14 i get the error: Run-Time Error '13' Type Mismatch. Can anyone think how to stop this...
  2. I

    proper syntax for With Rng/Evaluate?

    i have a range(1000 rows) that i want to apply a change to. Its basically taking a variable and placing at the front of each string along with a comma. here is a before and after 6 of 1998 3-0-1 100.00% 14-18-2 43.75% 36, 6 of 1998 3-0-1 100.00% 14-18-2 43.75% variable was 36...
  3. S

    Numberformat with many columns at one go

    Hello I want to numberformat with many columns at one go Can i ws.Columns(3, 5, 9, 11, 23, 27).NumberFormat = Trim(Replace(Format(String(Len(Int(Cell.value)) - 1, "#"), " @@\\,@@\\,@@\\,@@\\,@@\\,@@\\,@@0"), " \,", "")) & ".00" Also Cell.value in red requires proper syntax Will the above...
  4. Trevor3007

    proper case a a whole range

    hi. data in the range i3:i8000 is there away to force the data alredy in the above range to lowercase ?(i have put some code in so future any data entered will do this)... is there a way to do this without having to change each line manually? MTIA
  5. B

    IF(AND(OR multi step fx help needed

    <tbody> A B C 1 23 -145 1 2 -71 140 3 35 130 1 4 -22 -127 </tbody> How do you write a proper IF(AND(OR fx in cell C1 that I can drag down thru C4 that states: if the number in cell A1 is >0 and <50 AND the number in cell B1 is >-150, <-109 *OR* >109, <150, then cells C1 populates...
  6. jim may

    Syntax help

    In A Double-Click Event Macro I'm Having Syntax issues in getting the 2nd code line to "take" Lr = Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row If Not Intersect(Target, Range("N & Target.Row & ":P" & LR)) Is Nothing Then What's the proper syntax? TIA, Jim
  7. B

    Date values

    I have a cell containing today's date and formatted as 14 mars 2019. When assigning this value to a variable, it returns as 3/14/19. How do I get excel to assign the proper value? DateToday = Cells(4, 4).Value
  8. S

    Proper and Substitute

    Hi all How can I combine a Proper and substitute formula together?
  9. S

    store inventory managment

    I am working in a indutstry as store keeper. i want to manage store inventory but can't find a proper way to do this. could you help me how to manage this.
  10. S

    store inventory managment

    I am working in a indutstry as store keeper. i want to manage store inventory but can't find a proper way to do this. could you help me how to manage this.
  11. H

    Is there a function that identifies proper names

    Here is the scenario, We have an excel list of terms but we want to isolate those terms that are proper names of schools. In real life we want to isolate the proper name term from the following list cat dog Murry's school church Is there such a function?? Thanks!
  12. J

    Convert written date

    Hi, I have an extract that spits out a date in this format... Nov 6, 2018 9:59:35 AM And I need it to be recognied as a "proper" date in excel.. Can anyone help? thanks J
  13. M

    Count activities between two date cells

    Hello all… Formula below returns zeros. Is there a better formula to get the proper activities count? A16/B16 are the beginning and end date cells. =COUNTIFS('Activity'!I:I,”>=”&A16,'Activity'!I:I,”<=”&B16) Thanks in advance, Moray
  14. J

    If statement - first IF works - adding 2nd IF does not execute

    The below if statement works fine: =IF(OR(A3={"D","V","X","GE","SR","VP"}),IF(AND(H9+I12>200),"FEES - can exceed $200.00","")) When I add an additional IF, when the condition is met, the results do not appear. The first IF still displays the proper result...
  15. S

    Using a Named Range to Evaluate("INDEX(PROPER(

    Sorry, but I couldn't hit on the correct search term(s) for any previously posted answers. Is it possible to replace the range address' in the code with the named range? Obviously nothing I've tried has worked, it converts everything in the range to "#Value" Sub m_MakeProper() '2/8/2018...
  16. N

    Convert Case Without Loop

    Is there a code that I can add in my VBA that will convert selected columns to proper case without looping? columns = m, q, ae, and af.
  17. B

    Modifying the Proper function to ignore part of works

    I sometimes have to convert Upper case to proper case in my spreadsheets. Is there a way to inform Proper to leave certain characters alone (on the fly). Like words that are have prefixes in front of them (like MacDongual instead of Macdongual, or McConnell instead of Mcconnell). It seems to...
  18. L

    Use of =PROPER in Excel workbook

    I just figured out that this existed (=PROPER to change fields that are capitalized, so that the first letter of each word is capitalized), yay! But am having the dumbest issue with it: my workbook displays the formula, not the result. :confused:
  19. B

    Converting First part of string to Proper

    I have a situation where I have a string with two words in it that are all upper case that I'm running in a query. I want to convert the first word to Proper Case but leave the Acronym as all caps. For example, I have the Term "ALCOSTA SCC" but it should be "Alcosta SCC". I also have other...
  20. B

    Using StrConv function to transform text to Proper

    I have a database where I have several fields text in different formats (i.e. names that are all capitalized or words that are all lower case or words that are in proper case). I would like to convert all the records to Proper Case so they all follow the same format. In Excel, I've used the...

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