1. S

    Copy and paste one row from filtered table as new a new row, always in row 3, to protected worksheet

    I have a protected spreadsheet of "high volume" users of the Emergency Room. These folks have many visits throughout the year. I need the user to be able to filter existing records by selecting a previous. patient. the filtered data returned should be sorted by patient name and most recent...
  2. S

    Dynamic range with locked cells?

    I'm trying to create a user-friendly timesheet for someone who has never used Excel. How can I create a dynamic range linked to a pivot table with the formula cells locked? I can do dynamic or locked cells but not both. What am I doing wrong? And I'm VBA ignorant, can this be done manually...
  3. A

    FormulaR1C1 not working when using UserInterFaceOnly:=True

    Hi I am trying to run some macros in a protected sheet. I believe using the UserInterFaceOnly:=True method will allow this and i have it in my Workbook_Open macro. But a simple operation of copying a relative formula does not work. Setup code: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim ws As Worksheet...
  4. F

    Transfer from protected Workbook to another workbook

    hi Can anyone help me to transfer data from a password protected workbook to another? This code is working the problem is even if the password in wba, the excel always asks when I open the workbook. So I cancel and then I have to runsub manual to get what I want. Thanks in advance Nick Sub...
  5. P

    Prevent Popup Window when Opening Azure RMS Protected Files

    Hi all, I'm currently working on a project to run through a list of files on a network drive and report the SQL connections and VBA Modules within each file. I am running into an issue where a file is protected using Azure RMS and I do not have access to the file - I am presented with a popup...
  6. H

    Macros in a protected sheet

    I have a worksheet with a mixture of data entry cells and cells derived from formulas. I want to protect the formula derived cells so I have locked them and protected the worksheet (no password). I have various buttons running macros to perform bespoke filters. These are inoperative because...
  7. A

    skip the blank cells

    Hello Excel experts, I use a formula in Sheet2 from B10 to B100 cells. =IF(DATEDIF(Sheet1!C10,Sheet1!$F$9,"Y")>=59,Sheet1!B10,"") i want to skip the blank cells in Sheet. Sheet2 protected only B10 to B100 cells are not protected. Thanks in advance.
  8. K

    Macro to unprotect a password protected sheet

    My old computer had a macro, I unsuccessfully tried to re-create it on my new computer. My Excel worksheets are protected with a long password, I want to unprotect it with a simple macro that contains the password. When I record the macro, it doesn't capture the password. What am I doing...
  9. G

    VBA and protected sheets

    Hello, I have the following VBA code in a sheet that is giving me trouble when the sheet is protected: The original thread for this VBA and its purpose can be found at the bottom of this post. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim KyCell As Range If Target.CountLarge >...
  10. S

    Re-saving a Workbook to remove Protected Data

    Hi, I use a Workbook in work which I need to Filter a lot of the data in, I have been using Macros to do this very efficiently but the file has been updated and now has the sheet protected which prevents the Macros from running.(Run time error 1004 - You cannot use this command on a protected...
  11. R

    This should be easy (Filtering)

    Hello Mr. Excel Users! Scenario Excel sheet1 is protected with pw Row 2:2 is in autofilter before being protected below code isn't working: ActiveSheet.Range("$A$2:$L$3000").AutoFilter Field:=12, Criteria1:="FALSE" Can someone help me please. :)
  12. D

    Power Query behind a Password protected website

    I'm trying to get tables from a website which is password protected by username and password. It uses the classical web form with a "post" command to access to all the information so I cannot use Basic authentication. I've look in internet for a solution without success. Can anyone help me?
  13. S

    Copying data between worksheets dependent on drop menu selection

    Hi All, I am attempting to create a spreadsheet and would like to know if it is possible if somebody selects "yes" from a drop menu options of "yes/no" that the row is automatically copied from one worksheet to another that is password protected? I want the first sheet to accumulate the workflow...
  14. S

    Can you copy a row from one worksheet to another dependant on drop menu selection

    Hi All, I have a spreadsheet and would like to know if it is possible if somebody selects "yes" from adrop menu options of "yes/no" that the row is atomatically copied from one sheet to another that is password protected? I want the first sheet to accumulate the workflow coming into my team but...
  15. S

    Paste Only Values Locked Cells

    I am using the following code I found somewhere in a workbook to prevent traditional pasting to avoid wiping out cell formatting. I only want to allow paste values. Private Sub Workbook_SheetSelectionChange(ByVal sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range) If Sheet3.UnlockWorkbookCheckbox = False...
  16. T

    Protected worksheet - filter on one column only?

    Hello, I was pointed in this direction by a colleague who told me if I needed an answer to an Excel question, then this was the place to be. So here I am :) I have a spreadsheet (Office 365). One of the worksheets is 99% protected - there are a couple of cells that the users can enter...
  17. L

    Insert rows in table with protected/locked columns with formulae

    Hi all! I have a tablein Excel in which some columns need to be locked, and other columns need to beunlocked so people can enter data there. The columns that need to stay lockedhave formulae in each cell which use data that is entered in the unlockedcolumns. Peopleusing the table should be able...
  18. tlc53

    VBA Code - Hide / Unhide Sheets Macro in Protection Mode

    Hi there, I have the below macro assigned to a Check Box on sheet "G2". The Check Box is Unlocked. I would like both sheets "Beef" and "G2" to be protected. However, the below macro will not run if sheet "G2" is protected (it runs fine with sheet "Beef" protected and sheet "G2" unprotected). I...
  19. W

    macro to fix macro?

    There is a spreadsheet that is print protected[indented for third party input directly into the sheet - like a questionnaire]. It was print protected in the "Thisworkbook" so that the 3rd part would need to populate it and return it electronically. However we shot ourselves in the foot as WE...
  20. N

    A way to move a cell's value under or above another cell in a Protected Sheet

    So I got an excel file where within I got a list of Perks from a game. Now the problem is, when the sheet is Protected, the function to move a cell's value(the perk names in this case) under or above another perk in the list. Is there a way to enable the ability to use this feature somehow...

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