1. E

    Protecting a Sheet

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet with macros that I wrote. I have to give it to some colleagues and need to protect the sheet. When I protect it normally it makes the code not work. Has anyone protected a macro enabled worksheet? Thanks
  2. W

    Protecting Macros

    How can I protect my macros from editing or even viewing?
  3. A

    Hiding columns in a foolproof manner

    Hey experts, I haven't been able to find any solution for hiding a few columns (with a password) in a workbook that I need to send to a large group. The columns have sensitive info that I can only share with a select few. If I try locking cells & then protecting sheet with password, then...
  4. D

    Can't find the password protect

    I have a spreadsheet that I locked down with a password so users couldn't accidentally do things to wreck it. My supervisor now wants to be able to edit it and I have tried to comment out all the sections of protecting the worksheets in the project and it still is protecting itself after I click...
  5. T

    Protecting cell ranges

    I have some cells with Formulae in and at times users need to use CLEAR to empty cell content but I dont want them to CLEAR cells with formulae in. Normal protection appears to lock the whole sheet and I just want to protect cell ranges.... Is there a way to do that?
  6. F

    sheet protection

    I am developing an application which in which the sheet acts as a list box to select Items (using either the "Enter" key or double click, and open a userform for editing, I have it set up to high light the entire row. Now my issue are that with out protecting the cells entries can still be...
  7. N

    Protecting a Workbook...

    Good Evening to All... Can a workbook be protected from being copied ??? Thank you.
  8. M

    Cells unlocking for no (apparent) reason

    Hello all, I am working on a program in Excel, and I don't want users accidentally changing the values on some cells. Therefore, I have written the following code on workbook open: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim MyMultipleRnage As Range For Each ws In Worksheets...
  9. W

    protectedsaving of file

    is there someway that i can ran a macro or a script or an object thast would not permit anyone to save my file unless they have a password other than protecting the file in wiondows? I wonder if that can be done from insiew the workbook.
  10. M

    VBA Code to stop insert and delete

    Hi can any one help please. Is there a way of stopping a user to insert or delete rows and columns by not protecting the sheets and keeping All other icons and functions still available on all ribbons thank you
  11. S

    Vb Sourcing/Macros Freezing formulas after input

    Hello, I've been trying to figure something out and currently I am required to use vb sourcing for a solution to my issue. My issue is trying to freeze a formula which is =IF(A3="","",IF(B3="",NOW(),B3)) after someone places the input into A3. I need it to freeze so if that user deletes what...
  12. S

    Password protected cells aren't working after using Sorting Filter

    Hi there, I recently had a problem whereby I couldn't sort my data within my worksheet due to my sheet being protected and also certain cells being password protected. However I have now sorted that issue whereby I have highlighted the cells I need to sort and password protecting it - So when...
  13. R

    Macro to protect sheet

    Hi guys I want to have a macro that protects the active sheet, but still allows other macros/vba to edit the sheet i.e. only the user is restricted in terms of protection. The ffg is the code I've written however, it fails when another macro/vba attempts to edit the sheet Sub ProtectSheet()...
  14. M

    Update protected cell calcs

    I want to protect all my hard work, but I also need the cells to update on change I have two dropdown boxes that ripple changes throughout a spreadsheet if i protect the sheet and then try to use the dropdown the excel tells me to bugger off Do i really have to write an on update macro that...
  15. G

    VBA Code - color changing cells

    Hello! I am trying to create a model that has a mixture of conditional formatting and data validation formulas within it, but have run into a problem in one area. Essentially, cell E10 is a Validation which pulls a drop down list of names. One of the options in this list is "Other". I want to...

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