1. G

    Excel protection: allow specified people to use/modify macro, but prevent them to change protection

    This question is a bit complicated. My ultimate goal is to prevent other companies from using our macro-excel, but employees in my company can see/modify the macro. This includes preventing employees in my company to remove/change the protection system. So far I can allow specified people to...
  2. Y

    Merge/Unmerge Cells in a Protected Sheet

    Hello everyone, I have an excel sheet where I have some cells protected, unfortunately I can't merge/unmerge cells while the sheet is protected. So, I have written this VBA code Sub MergeCells() Application.ScreenUpdating = False ActiveSheet.Unprotect "Password" Selection.Merge...
  3. L

    Workbook protection activates after every change

    I realize this is a dumb question. I originally costumized this workbook so that people at my old job could use it without editing any of the structure behind it. Now I'm back to working on it, but everytime I launch a macro and the like, the workbook protection gets turned back on after I'd...
  4. Z

    Do I need any macro to set sheet veryhidden?

    Hi, I want to set one of my sheet to be non visible. I have set its properities to xlsheetveryhidden, but project protection by password does not work. It will be enough when I add any (even blank) sub inside?
  5. B

    Form Control Checkbox - Multiple Checkboxes

    Hello, I have a document that has a couple of sheets. Sheet 1 has 3 rate plans 1. Basic 2. Standard 3. Platinum Each rate plan has the inclusions documented on another sheet in the same workbook. What I would like to know is it possible for a rate plan to be selected and the inclusions on...
  6. H

    Macro to copy worksheet to new book, then turn on protection

    I have a spreadsheet that I want to send outside of my organization, so that people can fill it in them return the spreadsheet to me. I'll set up protection to prevent unwanted modifications to the SS. It would look something like this.... 1. I edit a worksheet and get it ready to go out to...
  7. V

    VBA script help needed to unlock a sheet to add a new line then protect again

    Hello there, I have a 47 (AA - AU) column table which has 8 Formulae which i need to protect from overwriting, however the table needs to have the ability to add new rows on a daily basis, I have used data validation to protect the cells, but much to my amusement you can still copy and paste...
  8. C

    Protection - One time usage only in Office 365

    When I protect/unprotect cells and then protect the worksheet I allow users to Sort / AutoFilter / Insert Rows. They are only able to perform these functions once and then that ability is removed and they can no longer perform those functions. Is there a way to override this and always allow...
  9. merlin_the_magician

    protection vs validation

    I make quite a few spreadsheets, intended to be filled out by others. To make them user-friendly (or idiot- proof, as you like…), I like to use data validation for input information, error messages and data limitations. Upon selecting a cell, users are presented with information the content...
  10. L

    TAB Order in Excel

    Hi, I have found various VB code to set the tab order in excel but this only works with sheet protection turned on. I am after something that will work with sheet protection turned off. The reason is I have some code for an activex combo box that doesn't respond, as it should, with the...
  11. M

    put Data.xlsx to website/cloud

    I want to put my data.xlsx to my website Now my PowerBI can get the data by web. However it does not have security. What is the protection I can implement ? It is not sensitive data but still I want some kind of elementary protection What can we do ? By the way, any chance for PowerBI to get...
  12. S

    Macro Protection

    Hi, I work on Excel 2013. For unknown reason, I can't password protect the vba project. I follow this steps - ALT F11 TOOLS --> VBAProject properties Protection click on "lock project for viewing" enter & confirm password save & exit visual basic save file as *.xlsm exit but after I open the...
  13. L

    VBA sheet protection

    Hi All, thanks in advance for looking, This might have been answered before but if it has I haven't found it. I think i might be asking the impossible but here goes. I would like to try and protect my workbook as much as possible from the zip extension hack. I have a workbook with around a...
  14. M

    Excel online sheet protection

    Hi Guys, I hope you guys can help me out with this problem. I want to share a file on Sharepoint with 9 different users that use Excel Online (So macro's wont work). Each user has his own sheet, but they must not be able to edit each-other's sheet. They are not able to re-apply sheet...
  15. N

    Not the Usual Timestamp Question

    I am trying to fix a timestamp issue as most have asked about in this forum; however, my question is a little different from the 75+ that have been previously asked. I have a userform that loops through and adds rows of data to a worksheet (SurvData). In worksheet SurvData, I have a cell that...
  16. H

    Cost-effective formula required

    Good afternoon, I'll come clean - I'm trying to work out a formula for item enchantment in Minecraft. I'm trying to find a formula to indicate whether it's more cost-effective at purchasing two items that are enchanted at a particular level over one item that is enchanted at the next level up...
  17. G

    COuntifs Then

    Hi, i have been trying to get the following to run, but keeps erroring, effectively if value in range (x,25) is contained in Range "i;I") i want "NA Protection" in (X,18), othereise blank FinalRow = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row For x = 2 To FinalRow cells(X,18)= If...
  18. M

    Protecting cells and total workbook

    I don't know if at all the following would be possible and if so what the best solution might be. For the weekly competition in our bridgeclub an Excel workbook/sheet is being used. The workbook is protected (not with a password, i.e. it is easy to unprotect it) Someone adds the results to the...
  19. M

    VBA Conditional Formatting and Cell Formatting and Cell Protection

    I have a fillFormula macro, but I want to include something in it to 1) apply a conditional formatting to Range("C7:C" & Lr) that will look for duplicate values and apply a red-bold format to each, and 2) to set column C to a text format so that it will stop dropping leading zeros. Also, I...
  20. P

    insert column prohibited by protection?

    I have a worksheet that i surmise has some sort of protection. I can't highlight a column to insert a new column. The cursor appears as a double-headed arrow when i hover over column. How can i check the different protections on this worksheet? Thanks.
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